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Zhou Cai Na (Chinese: 周彩娜; pinyin: Zhōu Cǎinà) was the daughter of a real estate tycoon. She competed in Chinese Cuisine Culinary Competition to impress her fiancé Tian Ye. After the engagement was broken, she began dating Feng Mei Zuo until Ye Ming Chuan came back into her life.


Early life[]

Her father founded the Double-X Real Estate Group. She was a childhood friend of Tian Ye and the two later became engaged.[2]

Adult life[]

Cai Na graduated from the University of California. She was also a finalist in Le Cordon Bleu Girls Competition.[2]

Cooking competition[]

She entered Chinese Cuisine Culinary Competition to impress Tian Ye, who had aspirations to become a chef.[2]

Dating Mei Zuo[]

Physical appearance[]

Cai Na was described as "pretty" and "elegant" by Tian Ye, which was also the general consensus among others. She had long brown hair and light brown eyes. Her go-to hairstyle was a half-up bun. She wore a minimal amount of makeup. Cai Na had a large wardrobe, consisting of a large variety of clothes.

Personality and traits[]

Behind the scenes[]

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