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Zhong Ze (Chinese: 中澤; pinyin: Zhōngzé) was the ex-boyfriend of Xiao You. He broke-up with her for being too "innocent." Zhong Ze also went on one date with Mei Jia.



Dating Xiao You

Zhong Ze first met Xiao You while attending the same college. They had just started dating, when Xiao You invited Dong Shan Cai and her boyfriend on a double date. Zhong Ze and Xiao You met up with Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si at an amusement park. He acted increasingly annoying to Si on the date. Si finally punched him, after Zhong Ze insulted him and asked him if he had flings. Zhong Ze then lied about what Si was mad about and left. After the incident, he began ignoring Xiao You's phone calls.[1]

He broke up with Xiao You, but neglected to make this clear to her. She later saw him with another girl, Mei Jia. She ran away, but Shan Cai stayed behind in order to punch him. That night, he was at a club with Mei Jia, when Xi Men began flirting with her. Xi Men pretended to steal Mei Jia, before saying the one he loved was Xiao You. At that point, Zhong Ze realized what was happening and tried to punch Xi Men, who proceeded to beat him up. Xi Men then told him that he would "gut" him if he ever hurt Xiao You again.[2]

Kidnapping Si

Physical appearance

Shan Cai described Zhong Ze as "good-looking", but was surprised that he was not the "decent and honest-looking type" that Xiao You usually went for. He had short, black hair, which he styled using hair gel. Zhong Ze often wore sunglasses.

Personality and traits

Zhong Ze could put on a façade of kindness and civility, however, he was actually a rude and callous individual. He was irritating and made fun of Si, until he punched Zhong Ze. Additionally, he was a huge flirt and had no moral qualms about cheating. He also ended things with Xiao You without actually telling her face-to-face.

Behind the scenes


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