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"Your boyfriend is Dao Ming Si, right? He's a funny guy. He punched me when I suggested introducing a girl to him. Is he mad or something? You'd better stay away from him. I'm better than him. If you're bored after breaking up with him, come to me."
—Zhong Ze to Shan Cai[src]

Zhong Ze (Chinese: 中澤; pinyin: Zhōngzé) was a college student and the ex-boyfriend of Xiao You. He and Xiao You went on a double date with Dong Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si. Zhong Ze and Xiao You broke up when she saw him with Mei Jia. He was later publicly embarrassed by Xi Men. A year later, he kidnapped Si with plans to ransom him.



Zhong Ze attended the same college as Xiao You. He was Xiao You's first relationship. Their dates consisted of going to the library or skating and cycling together.[1][2]

Double date[]


Zhong Ze being confronted by Xi Men

"We men should enjoy ourselves to the fullest. For me, I wouldn't give up better chances just for Xiao You. Don't you agree? Though you're dating Shan Cai now, you still feel bored at times, right?"
—Zhong Ze before being punched by Si[src]

Xiao You later brought Zhong Ze on a double date to amusement park with her friend Dong Shan Cai and her boyfriend Dao Ming Si. Zhong Ze acted rudely towards Si, which culminated in Si punching him after he suggested for him to cheat on Shan Cai. As Si left, Zhong Ze lied to Xiao You and Shan Cai about what happened. Afterwards, he began ignoring Xiao You's phone calls.[1] Some days later, Zhong Ze was on a date with Mei Jia which Xiao You and Shan Cai saw. He pretended to not recognize Xiao You, who then ran away. Shan Cai punched him. That night at a club, Xi Men began flirting with Mei Jia before declaring his love for Xiao You. She pretends not to know Zhong Ze. He attempts to hit Xi Men after realizing what was happening. Xi Men proceeded to beat him up while issuing him a threat to never hurt Xiao You again.[2]

Kidnapping Si[]

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Physical appearance[]

Shan Cai described Zhong Ze as "good-looking" but was surprised that he was not "decent" looking. He had short, black hair, which he styled using hair gel. Zhong Ze often wore sunglasses and necklaces. He was only shown wearing casual clothing.

Personality and traits[]

Zhong Ze normally put on a façade of kindness and civility, usually to women who were pulled in by his charms. Shan Cai, however, was not impressed by him as she expressed surprise that he was not the "decent and honest-looking type" that she thought Xiao You liked. Zhong Ze was shown to be a rude individual, having deliberately provoked Si with his pointed comments and offhand remarks. Zhong Ze had no moral qualms about cheating, saying as much to Si. He later cheated on Xiao You by going on a date with another woman, though he claimed that he had broken up with her to the woman.


Zhong (中) has a variety of meanings, including "middle," "medium," "within," etc.[3] It is also the same character as his manga counterpart's name. Ze (澤) means "pool," "pond," or "moist."[4]

Behind the scenes[]

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