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"For an instant, Domyoji took an interest in a pauper like you. Be thankful you got that much."
—Yuriko to Tsukushi[src]

Yuriko Asai (浅井 百合子 (あさい ゆりこ) Asai Yuriko) was the de facto leader of the Lilies. She attended Eitoku Academy with her friends Minako Yamano and Erika Ayuhara. They were best known for bullying Tsukushi Makino, whom they were continuously jealous of. They occasionally pretended to be her friend, though these attempts never lasted long.


High school[]

Yuriko went to Eitoku Academy located in Tokyo. There she was in the same homeroom as her best friends, Erika Ayuhara and Minako Yamano, as well as Tsukushi Makino.[1]

Bullying Tsukushi[]


Yuriko and her friends confront Tsukushi

"We can't stand having them stolen away from us by weeds like you! By the way, you seem to like Hanazawa. It's no use, because he's had his eyes on someone else for ages! Why would he waste time on an average girl like you?"
—Yuriko before throwing a drink in Tsukushi's face[src]

Jealous of Tsukushi's interactions with the F4, Yuriko and her friends wrote rumors of her being a delinquent and having a child on their classroom's blackboard. They later rubbed it off, making sure Tsukushi saw them do it. The girls then pretended to sympathize with her and invited her to a party.[1] First, Yuriko embarrassed Tsukushi by making fun of her outfit. When two guys approached Tsukushi, Yuriko told them she was a delinquent with a child. Yuriko had seemingly won the fight until Tsukushi announced to the party their true intentions. She then poured a drink on Yuriko's head. The next day, the girls confronted Tsukushi. They showed her a magazine about Shizuka Todo and then berated her. Tsukasa Domyoji showed up and ordered them to leave Tsukushi alone or he would give them red cards.[2]

Later, Tsukushi became a bullying target again after her friend, Kazuya Aoike, was given a red card. The girls discovered the pair hiding in the courtyard. Yuriko told her "Domyoji saved you on a whim" and Erika then proceeded to announce their location.[3] During summer vacation, she and other Eitoku students went on Tsukasa's yacht to Atami. Yuriko was annoyed to see Tsukushi there. She attempted to talk Shizuka out of inviting her to that night's party. Yuriko was further irritated when Shizuka lent Tsukushi a dress. That night, she asked Tsukasa to dance and he accepted.[4] The next morning, it was revealed that Tsukushi and Tsukasa had kissed the previous night. Yuriko said "What a little hick!" upon hearing it. The girls then laughed at Tsukushi's attempt to explain it Rui Hanazawa.[5]

Fall term[]


Yuriko and her friends bully Sakurako

"Tsukushi is in love with Rui. We saw her following him around like a puppy. We warned her that he's already got Shizuka, and she got all weepy and ran away! If she can't have Hanazawa, she'll settle for you! Isn't that awful?"
—Yuriko lies to Tsukasa about Tsukushi[src]

During the trip, Yuriko had secretly taped Tsukushi and Rui. Back at school, she decided to show it Tsukasa after overhearing him saying Tsukushi liked him. The girls waited for the perfect moment to show him. Yuriko pretended to be sympathetic, saying "We couldn't stand seeing her string both of you along." Once Tsukasa smashed the video recorder, Yuriko tried to touch his arm. He slapped her hard. Minako and Erika rushed to her side.[6] Several days later, Yuriko was discussing Shizuka's decision to give up her family name. She was surprised, questioning "What does she have to complain about?"[7] After Rui left Japan, Yuriko made fun of Tsukushi by calling her "pathetic." Minako and Erika agreed with her. Tsukasa then walked in and spoke to Tsukushi. The girls were curious about what he said, but were unable to hear him.[8]

A few days later, a notice was posted on the bulletin board that Tsukushi and Tsukasa were dating. Yuriko and her friends tried to befriend Tsukushi, even giving her the nickname "Tsuki." They later found Tsukushi talking to Sakurako Sanjo, whom Yuriko instantly disliked. The girls ignored her and then invited Tsukushi clubbing. They became annoyed when a handsome guy asked Tsukushi to dance, instead of them.[9] The next day, Yuriko and her friends told Tsukushi about seeing Sakurako at a club previously. Yuriko stated "Be careful. You never know what's hiding behind that pretty face," but Tsukushi did not believe them and ran off.[10] The girls continued being friendly with Tsukushi until a photo of her and a guy was posted around school. They immediately began bullying her again.[11]

The next day, Yuriko announced "Time to take out the trash!" when the school collectively attacked Tsukushi. While Tsukushi was tied to a car, Yuriko and Erika held back Makiko Endo to stop her from interfering.[12] The following morning, the girls watched Tsukasa punish a number of male students for hurting Tsukushi.[13] Later that day, Yuriko showed off a yearbook from elementary school, in which she found an old photo of Sakurako. News of Sakurako having had plastic surgery done was quickly spread around school. The girls later made fun of her, saying things like "You're wearing a mask under all that?" Tsukushi defended Sakurako, "What's so wrong about buying beauty?" Yuriko was about to rebuke but stopped when Tsukushi threatened to have her punished like the students from earlier.[14]

Canada trip[]


Yuriko angry while watching Tsukushi and Tsukasa

Erika: "Thanks to us, you got up close and personal with Domyoji."
Minako: "You should be thanking us."
Tsukushi: "How can you say that?! I almost died because of you!"
Yuriko: "Yeah! You should have died there."
— Yuriko and her friends have no remorse[src]

A few days later, Yuriko accused Tsukushi of deceiving Rui, whom had been kicked out of the F4. Rui interrupted and told her "Sounds like the pots are calling the kettle black."[15] Tsukasa then entered and announced he would have Tsukushi and Rui expelled. The next day, the girls talked happily about the prospect of Tsukushi leaving. Tsubaki Domyoji entered the school sometime later. Yuriko was disgusted by Tsukushi not knowing of Tsubaki's "legend" status at Eitoku. To their surprise, Tsubaki dragged Tsukushi away seconds later.[16] Yuriko and her friends, along with Sakurako, were cheerleaders at the basketball match deciding Tsukushi's and Rui's fates. They cheered loudly for Tsukasa's team. She was disappointed when Tsukasa called off the match with ten seconds on the clock.[17]

Yuriko later heard about Tsukasa's promise to lend Tsukushi one million yen if she came to Canada to get him. She and her friends boarded the same flight and claimed that they were invited by Tsukushi. Yuriko later watched Tsukushi and Tsukasa chatting happily which infuriated her. That night, Tsukushi was looking for her friend when Yuki lied and said "She went out a while ago for another run." Rui later confronted her, though she continued to feign innocence.[18] Tsukasa went out to find Tsukushi and returned with her safely in the morning. He threw the contents of a flower vase at Yuriko and her friends and ordered them to leave. Tsukushi said "It's okay," reducing the girls to tears. Sakurako then ordered them to cook breakfast for Tsukushi and Tsukasa, which was also the first time Yuriko had cooked.[19]

After returning to school, Yuriko revealed that she was not sorry about her actions. When Tsukushi told her "I almost died because of you," Yuriko responded "You should have died there." Tsukushi then tried to walk past the girls, but Yuriko tripped her down the stairs. As they were laughing books came falling down upon them. The girls loudly complained to the person responsible who promptly apologized.[20] Some days later, Yuriko went to find the latest copy of Treasures. On it was her favorite model Jun with Tsukushi. The girls were livid about it, glaring openly at Tsukushi during school. Sometime later, they saw Jun at school walking with Tsukushi.[21] After Tsukushi received another red card, Yuriko found out that the F4 had not really sent it. The girls then saw Tsukushi's new haircut and burst out laughing.[22]

Tsukasa's fiancée[]


Yuriko speculates about Tsukushi cheating on the exam

Yuriko: "Domyoji is engaged to Shigeru Okawahara and she's even transferred to this school. Maybe ordinary people like you have thicker skins?"
Minako: "You ought to know that there's no place for you at this school."
— Yuriko returns to bullying Tsukushi[src]

Some days later, Yuriko and Minako witnessed Tsukushi stabbing her notebook with a pencil. Minako whispered to her that she "snapped" because Tsukushi had started dating someone else. Yuriko then said aloud "Domyoji was just toying with her from the start." Tsukushi threatened the two with a broken pencil, causing them to run away.[23] Some days later, Tsukasa's fiancée Shigeru Okawahara transferred to Eitoku. Yuriko declared that she was the "perfect match" for him and suddenly got an idea to "get back at Tsukushi." The girls cornered her and took turns saying hurtful things. They were interrupted by Shigeru, who threatened to have them expelled if they bullied her again.[24] Later, Yuriko and her friends decided to enter the exchange student program.[25]

When the exam results came out, Yuriko was surprised that Tsukushi passed. She openly questioned whether she cheated. Kazuya took up for Tsukushi, but Sakurako stopped him and said "You'll catch their rottenness." Yuriko became angry until her attention was turned to the F4's arrival.[26] The next day, Tsukushi passed by the girls who said to her "If it isn't our special exchange student." It shocked them when she responded "I gave that up" with a smile.[27] Soon, Tsukasa and Shigeru were pulled from school. Yuriko and her friends attention drifted away from Tsukushi to a new target. She later heard news of Tsukasa and Shigeru's wedding, reporting all the details to her friends. They joined the rest of the school in seeing off the couple at the pier. Shocked, they also witnessed Tsukushi scale the ship.[28]

Physical appearance[]

Yuriko had long, dark brown hair which she usually wore down at school. Half of her bangs were always teased up while the other strands were down. She had a similar oval-shaped face as her friend Minako. Yuriko's eyes were dark brown and olive-shaped. She also had thin eyebrows and a small nose. Her wardrobe was mostly name-brand clothes.

Personality and traits[]

She was generally a vindictive and mean-spirited person who held an animosity towards Tsukushi Makino out of jealousy over her closeness to the F4. Additionally, she was bias against Tsukushi's financial status. Yuriko felt she was better than her because she had money and her hatred for Tsukushi continued for as long as Tsukasa was focused on her. Once he stopped going to school, Yuriko grew bored of her and started bullying a different girl.


Yuriko (百合子; ゆりこ) is made up of three kanji. The first two together mean "lily" together.[29] Separately, they mean "hundred" (百)[30] and "fit," "suit," and "join" (合).[31] The third kanji means "child" and is a commonly used at the end of female names.[32]Asai (浅井; あさい) contains two kanji. The first means "shallow," "superficial"[33] and the second "well," "community," and "town."[34]

Behind the scenes[]

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Yuriko in the film

  • Shimizu also voices her in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997).[36] In it, Yuriko is dancer living in New York City. She likes Tsukasa and wants to play the lead actress, which is why she hates Sakurako. Yuriko is also rude to Tsukushi though not as antagonistic as in the series.



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