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"Ever since my dad's company went under, she's been depressed. I'm just happy that she's finally going to try to get a job, so I want to have dinner waiting for her."
Oto talks about her mother to Haruto[src]

Yukie Edogawa (江戸川 由紀恵 (えどがわ ゆきえ) Edogawa Yukie) was the wife of Makoto and mother of Oto. Her best friend was Miyoko Hase, the late mother of Tenma. Yukie was deeply affected by her friend's death. Following her family's bankruptcy, she lived in a small apartment with her daughter. She had a hard time adjusting to her new life at first.


Early life[]

Yukie grew up with her elder sister, Taeko, whose personality was considerably different.[2] She attended an all-girls school from elementary to high school.[3] During college, Yukie met her best friend, Miyoko.[4]

Adult life[]

Yukie married her husband, Makoto, shortly after graduating college. It was against her family's wishes. She became a housewife and never considered working.[1][5] Together they had one daughter, Oto. Makoto started a successful cosmetics company.[6] His success allowed the family to live in Paris for a brief time.[7] As adults, Yukie and Miyoko regularly met once a month with their children, Oto and Tenma Hase. They hoped that their children would marry in the future. An informal engagement between them was arranged. When Miyoko passed away, the loss greatly affected Yukie.[4][8]

Later, Makoto's company went under, causing all of the family's things to be repossessed.[4] Yukie's husband left to work in Kyushu for a relative to pay off his debts.[9]

Oto at Eitoku[]


Yukie reminisces about the past

"You enrolling in Eitoku was a dream of mine. Sure, it was important to measure up to the Hases, but I've admired Eitoku Academy since I was a child. I went to the same all-girls school from grade school to high school. So I decided that if I ever had a child they would go to Eitoku."
—Yukie's reason for refusing Oto's want to transfer[src]

Around a year later, Yukie and Oto had for the most part settled into their new life, living in a small apartment in Tokyo. Yukie placed great importance on Oto continuing to attend Eitoku Academy. She expressed distress when Oto suggested that she wanted to quit.[10] Yukie also sometimes missed their old lifestyle and looked for small ways to replicate it, such as cooking fancy food. Unfortunately, she was unaware that they could barely afford it.[7] A few days later, Oto came home early and found her mother looking through old photo albums. Yukie began talking about Miyoko and about her last wish, which was to see Oto and Tenma marry. She then began crying.[4] Several days later, Oto had a fever while Yukie went to a job interview for a supermarket position. It was her first time going for an interview ever, which made her nervous.[5]

The same day, Yukie was given the job and taught how to work the register. She returned home that night and ran into Haruto Kaguragi dropping off Oto. He introduced himself and she found him very polite. Once he left, she jokingly asked her daughter if she was "two-timing Tenma."[11] The next day, Yukie was nervous about going to work and took medicine to help her palpitations.[12] Later that day, she bought a kimono sash from a door-to-door salesman, thinking "it may come in handy in the future." When Yukie showed it to Oto, she became angry and yelled "We can't afford these kind of luxuries right now!" Oto then ran out of the apartment in tears.[13] Yukie went outside to look for Oto, whom she eventually found with Tenma. After saying goodbye to him, Oto apologized to her mother for yelling at her.[14]

Some days later, Oto was late arriving home which worried her mother. She insisted that Oto call next time she was going to be late.[15] A couple days later, Oto came to Yukie's work to walk her home. She told her mother about Tenma wanting her to quit Eitoku and transfer to Momonozono Academy. Yukie simply told her "No." When pressed for reasons, she explained her admiration for Eitoku and that she always wanted her child to go there.[3] The next day, it was chilly outside so Yukie offered her old name-brand scarf to Oto. She refused it, feeling it was too fancy for a school uniform.[16] That December, Tenma was injured in Kyoto and Oto stayed to look after him. Oto occasionally called her mother to check in. Yukie assured her "Of course you should stay by his side. I'll be fine by myself."[17]

Start of Oto's third year[]


A misunderstanding occurs between Yukie and Haruto

Oto: "Sorry, mom for not telling you about Tenma."
Yukie: "It's okay, Oto. Your engagement was just a verbal promise between Miyoko and myself. I have no right to dictate your life. Or Tenma's either for that matter."
— Yukie learns about the end of Oto and Tenma's engagement[src]

Six months later, Oto returned home after Tenma finished recovering in Kyoto. Yukie was happy that her daughter was able to start her third year at Eitoku "despite missing so much school."[18] That summer, she went on a hot springs trip with her coworkers while Oto was away for Eitoku's summer school trip. She left a note in case Oto returned home early.[9] When Yukie came home, she found that Oto had indeed returned early. They sat down to eat manju together, which Yukie had brought home as a souvenir.[19] A couple days later, Oto asked her mother if she could go to America with a friend.[20] She explained to Yukie about her break-up with Tenma. Her mother cried but was understanding, saying "I have no right to dictate your life." She gave Oto permission to go on the trip, hoping it would lift her spirits.[21]

The next day, Yukie contacted the Hase family about breaking the engagement. Tenma's father was "very disappointed" and requested a meeting. Oto arrived home later, deciding not to go to America after all.[22] Yukie caught a cold before the meeting and was unable to go. Oto then went by herself.[23] While Oto was out, the Kaguragis' butler delivered a yukata. Yukie apologized for not going, when Oto returned home.[24] A few days later, Oto suddenly left the apartment. Haruto explained to her mother that Tenma was going away. He then made a mistake by mentioning that he had previously spent the night alone with Oto. Yukie became angry and kicked him out. When Oto returned, she accused Haruto of "hinder[ing] Tenma somehow." Oto yelled at her and she went into the wardrobe, only coming out for meals.[25]

A week later, Yukie was still not speaking to Oto. An employee of Airi Maya's came to tell him that Oto was spending the night with her. To herself, Yukie said "We should end this fight soon."[26] She went to Airi's house to bring Oto home, feeling they should "learn to live together in harmony."[27] Thus, she was livid when she learned that Oto was not with Airi. She forced her to take her to Oto. They found her and Haruto in a compromising position. Without letting anyone explain anything, Yukie dragged Oto into the car. She then revealed that she had contacted her father and asked him to return to Tokyo soon.[28] Several days later, she informed Oto that Makoto was returning home that night. She also said that he wanted to meet Haruto the following weekend to find out "whether he's worth jilting Tenma over."[29]

Makoto's return[]


Yukie cries while Oto says goodbye at the train station

"You were always such an innocent. But I've been the cause of that furrow in your brow. I've saddled you with all the household decisions. I promised your stepfather that I would make you happy. We married over your family's objections, but I still haven't made you happy. But I haven't given up yet."
Makoto to Yukie[src]

On the day of, Yukie made Makoto wear a suit, telling him he must not "be taken advantage of." She then began arguing with Oto about Haruto, even claiming "[Haruto] screwed with [Oto's] mind." Yukie and Oto stopped fighting once Makoto told them to stop. The Edogawas then sat down to wait for Haruto. They ended up waiting for four hours, while Haruto was taking care of his friend at the hospital.[30] When he finally arrived, Yukie was livid about the whole situation. She confronted Haruto about making them wait "while [he] attended to someone other than Oto." Yukie obstinately advised her daughter to break up with him, insisting "Right now, I'm thinking of you." Makoto interrupted and took Haruto outside to talk it out. He returned without Haruto, causing Oto to rush outside. Yukie called after her.[31]

The next day, Oto went to Los Angeles to visit Tenma. Yukie and Makoto were later visited by Amei Hanawa, who explained why Haruto was late the other day. Once she left, Makoto told Yukie about starting up a company with relatives in Kyushu. He then asked her if she would come with him.[1] When Oto returned home, they found her with Haruto and two strangers. Yukie had evidently accepted Haruto finally, asking him politely if he had been in Los Angeles with Oto. Makoto then revealed that they would be moving to Kyushu.[32] The couple objected. Makoto then told them about arranging to have Oto stay at Yukie's sister's apartment building. Despite setting up the plan earlier, Yukie cried saying "I don't like this one bit!"[33] She cried again when Oto saw them off at the train station. Makoto had to calm her down.[34]

Physical appearance[]

Her most noticeable trait were her eyes, which seemed to always be shut. On occasions when she was mad, her eyes opened terrifying others. Yukie wore her hair in a short-bob that curled on the ends toward her face. Her bangs were parted to the left. She dressed nicely, despite her tight budget. Her wardrobe consisted of nice skirts, blouses, and sweaters with accessories. As she became use to new life, she began dressing more casual.

Personality and traits[]

Yukie was generally high-strung and nervous. She suffered from heart palpitations when she was around others. Her sister described her as "straitlaced," which was likely a cause of her sheltered life. Yukie was slow to adapt to her new life after her husband's company went bankrupt. She had previously enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and missed many things about it. Yukie slowly accepted it after getting a part-time job. She was also prone to dwelling on the past, since she missed her late best friend among other reasons.

At times, she was oblivious to Oto's feelings. An example being Oto's engagement to Tenma, who Yukie loved like a son. Once Oto told her it was over, Yukie cried but accepted her decision, having grown as a person. Later, she became stubborn about disliking Haruto, whom Oto began dating. She only changed her mind once her husband intervened. His calm and collected personality was a good match to his wife's.


Yukie's given name (由紀恵; ゆきえ) is made up of three kanji. The first means "reason" and "cause",[35] the second "chronicle" and "account,"[36] and the third "blessing," "grace," etc.[37] Her surname Edogawa (江戸川; えどが) translates to "Edo River;" Edo being an old name for Tokyo. Edogawa is also one of the special wards of Tokyo.[38] Separately, the kanji mean "bay," "inlet" (江),[39] "door" (戸),[40] and "river" (川).[41]

Behind the scenes[]

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