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"I might not be of much help, but you can lean on me when you feel like you can't take it."
—Yuki to Tsukushi[src]

Yuki Matsuoka (松岡 優紀 (まつおか ゆうき) Matsuoka Yūki) was the best friend of Tsukushi Makino. They first met during junior high school. Yuki went on to attend different schools, though they remained close. She and Tsukushi worked together at a confectionary, Wagashi Sengoku. Yuki was always there to lend a listening ear to Tsukushi's troubles.


Early life[]

Yuki had an older sister.[3] She first met Tsukushi Makino while attending the same junior high school. The two became best friends.[4]

High school[]

She enrolled at Metropolitan High School[2] after graduating junior high. Yuki and Tsukushi still remained best friends. They often saw one another after school while working part-time at Sengoku-ya.[4]

Supporting Tsukushi[]


Yuki is flirted with by Sojiro

Tsukushi: "I wish I hadn't done it. I was doing my best not to stand out."
Yuki: "You were never so timid, when you were in junior high school. You were always ready to jump in and help when there was trouble."
— Yuki reminds Tsukushi of how she used to be[src]

During their second year, Tsukushi confided in Yuki about her problems at Eitoku Academy and revealed to her that she had stood up to the F4. Yuki wondered why she regretted her actions since she did such things easily in junior high. She gave Tsukushi a toy to cheer her up, just before they went to work.[4] A couple days later, Tsukushi was telling her about being invited to a party, when Yuki spotted Sojiro Nishikado and Rui Hanazawa outside. They then walked into the store. Yuki found the pair attractive and stared at them for several seconds, before introducing herself.[5] That fall, Tsukushi visited Yuki's house to tell her about her ordeal with Tsukasa Domyoji. She then asked Yuki to go with her to Shizuka Todo's party. Yuki's sister offered to lend the girls clothes, though the outfits did not suit their taste.[3]

Yuki and Tsukushi were escorted to Shizuka's birthday party by Kazuya Aoike. Sojiro recognized Yuki and flirted with her, saying "Never forget a pretty face." He suggested going somewhere after the party, causing her to feel faint. Tsukushi interrupted and yelled at him to leave her alone. She then turned around and told Yuki "He'll chew you up and spit you out!" As the party wore on, Yuki and Tsukushi began to feel out-of-place at the ritzy affair.[6] Several days later, Tsukushi suddenly showed up at Yuki's house in a "gloomy" mood. Just as Yuki was about ask her what happened, her sister suddenly burst into the room and invited the two to them to go clubbing. They borrowed outfits from her sister. Yuki and Tsukushi felt overwhelmed by the club's atmosphere, saying "This is too much."[7]

Canada trip[]


Yuki and Tsukushi on the plane to Canada

Yuki: "Those three harpies. What's with Eitoku Academy anyway?"
Tsukushi: "That's what I'd like to know!"
Yuki: "But the F4 are much nicer than you made them out to be."
— Yuki discusses the trip with Tsukushi[src]

Some weeks later, Tsukushi invited Yuki to go with her to Canada. She was excited since it was her first trip abroad. That night at Tsukasa's villa, Yuki played a card game with Sojiro after her bath. Rui walked in and, apparently noticing her for the first time, asked "Did you, by any chance, come with Makino?" which she confirmed. It was soon revealed that some classmates of Tsukushi had tricked her into going out during a blizzard by saying they saw Yuki go outside. Yuki cried, worried about Tsukushi's safety.[8] Tsukasa went after Tsukushi and returned with her in the morning. Yuki promptly hugged her, saying "I'm so glad." After breakfast, Yuki pointed out that Tsukushi and Tsukasa were staring at each other. Embarrassed, he nearly walked into a closet. Yuki then said "It's hard to hate someone like Domyoji, isn't it?"[9]

After returning from Canada, Yuki and Tsukushi were leaving work when the former began talking about Eitoku. She also brought up the F4, describing them as "much nicer than [Tsukushi] made them out to be." Tsukushi covered her ears when Yuki said Tsukasa's name.[10] A few days later, Tsukushi talked to her about Tsukasa planning to introduce her to his mother at his birthday party. Yuki said "It's like you're his fiancée!" Denying this, Tsukushi asked for her advice on presents. Yuki suggested for her to bake something.[11] A couple days later, Tsukushi told Yuki about Tsukasa's mother attempting to bribe her to stop seeing Tsukasa. Yuki sympathized with Tsukushi and voiced her worries, saying "I don't think you'd fit into that world." Tsukushi left when Tsukasa's mother's secretary arrived with a letter.[12]

Continued support[]


Yuki helps redecorate Tsukushi's apartment

Yuki: "Um, Tsukushi... Are you sure you're not just in shock? To find out that he had a fiancée?"
Tsukushi: "Of course not! Why should I be in shock!? I went to settle things. Now they're settle."
— Yuki talks to Tsukushi about Tsukasa's fiancée[src]

When Tsukushi came back from meeting with Tsukasa's mother, she and Yuki went to a fast food restaurant. She told her about Tsukasa running out with a girl, whom was supposedly his fiancée. Yuki tried to reason with her that it was probably a "mistake." Tsukushi insisted that it was not. Yuki then asked "Are you sure you're not just in shock?" Still angry, Tsukushi said "I went to settle things. Now they're settled."[13] Several days later, Yuki noticed that Tsukushi was distracted while they were working. She asked if she was okay. Tsukushi said she was and apologized. A moment later, she suddenly ran out of the shop and promised to be right back. Yuki was a little irritated.[14] Some days later, Yuki and Tsukushi were exhausted after a long, busy shift. Yuki hurried home in order to study for a test she had the next day.[15]

The following night, while they were working, Tsukushi informed Yuki about having to live on her own. She asked "Will you be okay living alone?" Tsukushi said that she was accepting it. Yuki then told her to "lean on [her]" if she needed to.[16] The next day, Yuki noticed that Tsukushi was distracted and voiced worries about her being "lonely." She assured her "I'll get use to it." Later, Yuki came over to her apartment with Kazuya and Makiko Endo to help redecorate. Their efforts greatly cheered up Tsukushi.[17] Some days later, Tsukushi called Yuki to talk about going to study abroad. She teased her about possibly getting an American boyfriend.[18] Ultimately, Tsukushi decided to remain in Japan. She and Yuki continued working together at Sengoku-ya, where they were given a fifty-yen raise. Yuki called it a "miracle."[19]

Physical appearance[]

She was considered cute and described as "pretty" by Sojiro. Yuki had a round face and bright, brown eyes. Her short, wavy brown hair was usually styled down. Yuki was often seen wearing colorful, casual clothing outside of school and work, which she had uniforms for.

Personality and traits[]

Yuki was generally cheerful and upbeat. She was always willing to lend a ear to Tsukushi's problems. Her straightforward personality often helped Tsukushi resolve her problems. Not experienced with people, Yuki was a bit naive which caused Tsukushi to feel that she had to protect her. Yuki gained a new outlook on people through Tsukushi's dealings with her classmates and Tsukasa's mother. In turn, she became protective of Tsukushi and was often worried about her.


Yuki's given name (優紀; ゆうき) is made up of two kanji. The first kanji translates to "kind," "good," or "tenderness"[20] and the second "rule," "era."[21] Matsuoka (松岡; まつおか) also has two kanji. The surname means "pine tree" (松)[22] and "hill" (岡).[23]

Behind the scenes[]

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Yuki in the film

  • Tobimatsu also voices Yuki in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997),[25] which is set in a different universe. She is an aspiring journalist who works part-time for a publishing company. Yuki promises to do an article on Tsukushi for her first performance. She is shown to be more mature in the film than she is in the series.

Character notes

  • Yuki wears a uniform to her school, while in the manga she wears casual clothing to her school.



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