"You'd better live true to yourself, so you won't have any regrets."
—Yuki to Tsukushi[src]

Yuki Matsuoka (松岡 優紀 (まつおか ゆうき) Matsuoka Yūki) was the best friend of Tsukushi Makino, whom she met during middle school. During high school, she was a part-time employee at Sengoku Sweets along with Tsukushi. Yuki dated her classmate Nakatsuka for a short-time, before developing a crush on F4 member Sojiro Nishikado.


Early life

She was born into an average, middle-class family. Her father worked at AC Electronics, while her mother was a housewife.[3][4] Yuki was the second of two daughters, her sister being a few years older.[5]

Yuki attended N Middle School, where she met her best friend Tsukushi Makino. In their third year, Tsukushi forced a boy to apologize to Yuki when he made her cry.[6] Yuki and their friends cried when they learned that Tsukushi would be attending a different high school from them. They were worried about how she would fare at Eitoku Academy, but hoped she would make friends.[7]

High school

After middle school, Yuki enrolled in Metropolitan High School, a public school. At some point, she began working part-time at Sengoku Sweets with Tsukushi.[6]

Tsukushi and the F4

Yuki points out some famous people at Shizuka's party

Tsukushi: "Well, I'm not getting involved with anything at this school. I've got nothing in common with these people anyway."
Yuki: "Is this you talking? Tsukushi, you were always ready to jump in and help when there was trouble. Like that time in ninth grade, when I was teased by a boy and cried. You fought for me. You even made him apologize. It's like the kids at Eitoku have never seen your good side."
— Yuki tells Tsukushi how she has changed since entering Eitoku[src]

When Tsukushi began attending the posh Eitoku, Yuki was always ready to listen to her problems while they were working. She was especially interested in hearing about the F4 since the guys at her own school were "lame." Through their talks, Yuki noticed that Tsukushi had changed from a person that was "always ready to jump in and help" people to someone who did not want to get involved. She felt disappointed that Tsukushi's classmates "[had] never seen [her] good side."[6] Several days later at work, Tsukushi talked to Yuki about her classmates inviting her to a party. Yuki was impressed that high school students were going to a party in Roppongi. F4 members Sojiro Nishikado and Rui Hanazawa then walked into the store. Yuki was very excited about meeting them. She guessed that Tsukushi liked Rui based on the way she was looking at him.[8]

Several days later, Tsukushi visited Yuki to tell her about an incident regarding Tsukasa Domyoji. She then asked Yuki to attend Shizuka Todo's birthday party with her. They were at a lost about what to wear until Yuki's sister, who frequented night clubs, offered her help. Her style was not exactly to their taste, though they went along with it. Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike then picked them up and escorted them to the party.[5] There Sojiro flirted with Yuki, which made her feel dizzy. Tsukushi then dragged her away, warning her "If you get taken in by him, you'll end up pregnant." Seeing a number of celebrities, the girls felt that they "stick[ed] out like sore thumbs."[9] After Shizuka announced she was renouncing her family name, she and Kazuya ran up to Tsukushi discussing the event excitedly. Yuki called Shizuka cutting her hair a "waste," but still thought she was "wonderful."[10]

Tsukushi made a surprise visit to Yuki's house several days later. Yuki noticed she was "gloomy" and asked her what happened, just as her sister entered the room. She then invited Tsukushi to go clubbing to cheer her up. Yuki excitedly agreed to the idea.[11] At Joliana, Yuki's sister challenged another girl for the best spot on the platform. When the girl knocked her off, Yuki rushed to her side.[12] Several weeks later, Tsukushi was talking to Yuki about Tsukasa and Seinosuke Amakusa. Yuki said "Tsukasa really loves you, doesn't he?" but Tsukushi denied it. She then asked Tsukushi about her feelings towards Seinosuke. Tsukushi replied "I think it was better when I thought we were both poor," but then blushed. Yuki told her "You'd better live true to yourself, so you won't have any regrets." Tsukushi then asked her to attend Seinosuke's party with her, but Yuki declined.[13]

Canada trip

The F4 surprise Yuki and Tsukushi with an invite to Canada

Tsukushi: "Don't take it personally. They're just being themselves"
Yuki: "How could she say, 'Too bad you didn't die'?! That was awful! I mean... How can you not take that personally?!"
— Yuki is upset by Yuriko's lack of remorse[src]

The day after Christmas, Yuki was working with Tsukushi when she noticed Sojiro, Rui, and Akira Mimasaka. Sojiro offered to help them sell product. Yuki and Tsukushi were confused about what was happening. The store was sold out within a few minutes. Their boss gave them their five percent commission, which was 500,000 yen.[14] The guys then invited them on a trip to Canada. Tsukushi was unsure about accepting, despite Yuki's enthusiasm. After work, Tsukushi told her about borrowing a million yen from Tsukasa and that she felt she still owed him. Sometime later, she informed Yuki that they could go after all.[2] When they boarded the plane with the F4, they were joined by several of Tsukushi's classmates who Yuki thought were "classy and mature." At Tsukasa's villa, Yuki met him for the first time. She described him as "intense" and "good-looking."[15]

The following night, Yuki had a bath after being out on the slopes. Rui, whom apparently had not noticed her earlier, asked "Did you come here with Tsukushi?" It eventually was revealed that Tsukushi's classmate, Yuriko Asai, had tricked her into going out during a blizzard by telling her that she saw Yuki go outside.[16] Tsukasa left shortly to go found her. Sojiro and Akira Mimasaka comforted a crying Yuki, assuring her "Tsukushi and Tsukasa are both fighters."[17] The next morning, the two returned to the house. Tsukushi was fine except for a sprained ankle. Yuki pointed out that she and Tsukasa were both blushing, which caused them to blush harder. After he left, Yuriko and her friends revealed that they were not sorry for their actions. Tsukushi told Yuki not to take their words "personally." She started to cry again, saying "How could she say, 'Too bad you didn't die'?!"[18]

A few days after the trip, Yuki and Tsukushi visited the shrine together. She wore a kimono borrowed from her sister. They met an old woman who gave Tsukushi a foreboding fortune. Yuki called her a "fake," but Tsukushi seemed to believe her. Switching the subject, she told Tsukushi about a gathering for their middle school friends. They met up with everyone the following day. It was cut short when Tsukasa, who happened to be there, ended up attacking Tsukushi's and Yuki's old classmate Shingo Oribe.[19] Tsukushi began arguing with Tsukasa, who reminded about saving her with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She started to rub her lips hard and Yuki had to stop her. Tsukushi eventually ran out of the restaurant and Yuki followed her. She then told her "How can I face everybody after this?" Yuki assured her that their friends would understand.[20]

Supporting Tsukushi

Yuki helps Tsukushi decorate her apartment

"I don't think you'd fit into their world, Tsukushi. And after everything you've suffered at Eitoku, I want you to be happy. You'll probably have nothing but heartache if you keep seeing Tsukasa."
—Yuki shows her concern for Tsukushi[src]

Some days later at work, Tsukushi told Yuki about Tsukasa's birthday party and him wanting to introduce her to his mother. She told her "Just like you're his fiancée." Tsukushi was more concerned about his present. Yuki then suggested something homemade.[21] The day after the party, Tsukushi told Yuki about Kaede attempting to bribe her. She asked her if she intended on still seeing Tsukasa. Tsukushi admitted "I can't enter their world." Yuki sympathized with her, saying "You'll probably have nothing but heartache if you keep seeing Tsukasa." Tsukasa's mother's secretary then entered the store with a message for Tsukushi.[22] Yuki waited for her to come back. When she did, they went out to a fast food restaurant. Tsukushi complained about Tsukasa running off with his newly revealed fiancée. Yuki told it "must have been a mistake," but Tsukushi remained incredibly angry.[23]

Several days later, the girls had a busy shift, leaving both of them exhausted. They said to goodbye to each other and Tsukushi wished Yuki good luck on her test.[24] Sometime later, Tsukushi revealed to Yuki that she was going to living her on own since her family was moving away. Worried, Yuki told her "I might not be of much help, but you can lean on me when you feel overwhelmed."[25] She later came over to Tsukushi's place to help paint and re-paper the doors. After they were done, Yuki asked Tsukushi about Tsukasa and his fiancée breaking up. She dodged her questions.[26] A couple days later, Tsukushi told Yuki about standing up to Tsukasa's mother and deciding to fight her. Yuki told her "There's no justice in this fight. It's reckless." Tsukushi agreed but remained determined. Yuki then voiced worries about Tsukushi being able to afford her daily expenses.[27]

Dating Nakatsuka

Yuki and her boyfriend Nakatsuka greet Tsukushi

"He's a boy in one of my classes who I exchanged pager numbers with a ways back. I didn't think anything of him at first. He was just one of the guys. Remember, I never cared for the long-haired street kid kind of guys? He seemed like the playboy type so I was leery about having him for a boyfriend, but as I talked to him, I found he was pretty down-to-earth."
—Yuki describes Nakatsuka to Tsukushi[src]

Yuki later began dating a classmate of hers, Nakatsuka. She was not initially interested in him, thinking he seemed like a "playboy." Her opinion of him changed during their first date, during which she had her first kiss. Sometime later, Yuki received a call from Tsukushi, whom she had not heard from. She told Tsukushi all about Nakatsuka, before Tsukushi had a chance to tell her about her circumstances.[28] The next day, Tsukushi visited Yuki and told her about being a live-in maid at Tsukasa's house and that she was dating him on a trial. Yuki was surprised about it all. Tsukushi asked for her advice on things to do with Tsukasa, but felt he would not do any of her suggestions. Yuki told her that the relationship "would [not] last" if Tsukasa could not compromise. She then suggested that Tsukushi and Tsukasa go on a "poor man's date" with her and her boyfriend.[29]

That weekend, Yuki and Nakatsuka met up with Tsukushi, who told them that Tsukasa was not coming. However, he arrived seconds later. They all went to go eat. Nakatsuka made some comments to Tsukasa, leading Yuki to tell him "Don't be so rude."[30] The two girls soon became uncomfortable due to the tension between their boyfriends. They went to an amusement park once Nakatsuka presented some tickets. There they split up and met up later. Yuki told Tsukushi that she felt Nakatsuka was not "trying to be mean" to Tsukasa. A few minutes later, the girls discovered Tsukasa punching Nakatsuka.[31] After Tsukasa stormed off, Nakatsuka told Tsukushi "You probably let him get away with a lot." He then left as well. Yuki was unable to contact him. The next day, she confessed to Tsukushi that "maybe [she] was putting up with a lot from him."[32]

Sojiro's help

Sojiro helps Yuki get back at Nakatsuka

Yuki: "I am mad. I'm mad at myself for being so happy about going out with a guy like him."
Sojiro: "Right? So let's go, then. Otherwise you'll spend the rest of your life feeling the same way. Let's get things off your chest. And after that, you should have a great love affair and forget everything."
— Sojiro offers to help Yuki after Nakatsuka cheats on her[src]

Yuki and Tsukushi happened to overhear Nakatsuka tell another girl that he and Yuki were "over." He said some other rude things, such as calling her "boring." When he finally noticed Yuki, he acted as if he did not know her. She then ran off and burst into tears by the side of the road, where she was found by Sojiro. He brought her to his house. Yuki told him about what happened. He prepared her some tea and compared its bitterness to love, saying "A difficult and bitter love relationship helps a person to mature." Yuki felt better afterwards.[33] Then Sojiro decided that he would help her get back at Nakatsuka. She was hesitant, but went along with it. At a night club, Yuki watched Sojiro embarrass Nakatsuka by convincing his girl to dump him. He then grabbed Yuki from a corner. Sojiro asked "Do you know this guy?," to which she answered that she did not.[34]

Tsukushi and Tsukasa arrived in the midst of this confrontation. They all left after Tsukasa knocked out Nakatsuka. Yuki admitted to Sojiro "I feel completely over him." They then went to a restaurant, where Yuki apologized to Tsukushi and Tsukasa for everything. Sojiro walked her home after.[35] That weekend, Yuki went on a date with Sojiro. It was his idea to show Tsukushi and Tsukasa a real date. As predicted, the two followed them to a restaurant. Sojiro and Yuki started talking about the other two. He told her that Tsukasa "[took] good care" of Tsukushi. Yuki then asked "Don't you take good care of the girl you like?" Sojiro replied "I may be good-looking, but I'm not a good guy."[36] They then went to a hotel, where they waited with Rui and Akira. Tsukushi and Tsukasa eventually showed up at their room. Yuki apologized to her.[37]

Bankruptcy scare

An upset Yuki when Tsukushi disappears

"You're not yourself, Tsukushi! You think I haven't noticed?! Your smiles don't reach your eyes anymore. I'd made up my mind to wait until you were ready to talk to me. But inside, a part of me was worried about what would happen to my family if you loved Tsukasa. To think, I can't even be there for my best friend when she has problems of the heart."
—Yuki breaks down to Tsukushi[src]

Still at the hotel, Tsukasa revealed that he and Tsukushi saw his mother in the hallway. Yuki was surprised by the way the F4 spoke of her and asked "Is she really such a scary person?" She became worried for Tsukushi and suggested for her to stay at her house.[38] Tsukushi ended up not going to Yuki's house that night. The next day, Yuki was asked to come home by her mother. She left immediately and ran into Tsukushi on the way. Her distraught mother told her that they had to start packing due to her father's sudden transfer. Tsukushi then ran off after saying "Please hold off on packing up."[3] The situation with Yuki's father stopped some time after Tsukushi left. Yuki was unable to get ahold of her. She later talked to Kazuya about Tsukushi, but he had not heard from her either. Yuki was upset that Tsukushi took on the problem by herself "without consulting anyone else."[39]

Some days later, Tsukushi returned to Tokyo and Yuki went to see her with several other people. She and Kazuya immediately started crying and apologized to her. That night, Yuki spent the night with Tsukushi, Sakurako Sanjo, and Shigeru Okawahara. After the other girls had fallen asleep, Yuki told Tsukushi that she had good friends.[40] Yuki, Sakurako, and Shigeru left around dawn to prepare for school. They all met later at a cafe. Sakurako and Shigeru surprised the other two by setting up a group date. Yuki was nervous, but went along with it.[41] One of the guys, named Kiyonaga, shocked the girls because of his resemblance to Tsukasa. They tried to carry on with the group date, but Tsukushi was unable to act normally with him. The girls left after the guy poured his drink on Tsukushi. Outside, Yuki and the others lost track of her.[42]

A few days later, Yuki was surprised when Tsukushi revealed she was dating Amon Kunisawa, who had posed as Tsukasa's cousin Kiyonaga. She insisted that their relationship was "platonic," but Yuki felt dubious about the whole thing. Yuki then asked "You've given up on Tsukasa?," to which Tsukushi claimed that was "never anything between [them]."[43] Two days later, Yuki and Tsukushi were discussing their sleepover plans when Amon walked in. She was taken aback by his and Tsukushi's conversation and asked "What did you mean by 'Don't touch me'?" once he left. Tsukushi avoided the question, leading Yuki to snap. She eventually broke down and cried, saying "To think I can't even be there for my best friend when she has problems of the heart."[44] Tsukushi spent the night at Yuki's house. In the morning, they departed together and went their separate ways for school.[45]

Crush on Sojiro

A couple days later, Yuki was visited by Sojiro at the store. He bought everything so that Yuki would be let off work early. At a café, he asked her if it would be a "problem" should things "go well" between Tsukushi and Tsukasa. Yuki told him that she wanted Tsukushi to "find happiness" and that her family would weather any problems that came their way. Sojiro commented that Yuki had become "strong." She credited her new strength to Sojiro. His date then came to meet him and he left. Now by herself, Yuki whispered "I feel like an idiot."[46] The next day at work, she confessed to Tsukushi that she had fallen in love with Sojiro. She reminded her that he was a "playboy." Yuki felt that it was too late to stop herself, despite feeling that she would be hurt.[47]

Physical appearance

She was generally considered cute though not particularly beautiful, much like her friend Tsukushi. Yuki had short, curly hair which she usually wore down. She had soft, brown eyes. Her wardrobe usually consisted of casual wear, especially since she did not wear a uniform to school.

Personality and traits

Yuki was generally a normal girl from an average family. She was considered naive for her age, especially with men. Her best friend Tsukushi was particularly protective of Yuki because of her naivete. She even followed Yuki on her date with Sojiro, though it actually was not a date. Yuki hated conflict of any kind, saying it gave her a stomachache.[34] However, after several trials, she was able to handle conflict on her own. She first began gaining strength and maturity through Sojiro, whom she developed feelings for. Yuki and Sojiro had a special bond, which ultimately helped her become a confident person.

Kind and loyal, Yuki was thought of as a good friend. She often gave Tsukushi advice, which Yuki always thought out logically. After Tsukasa's mother hurt Yuki's family, she was scared of Tsukushi and Tsukasa getting back together. She ultimately wanted her friend to be happy and supported her.

Financial strength
Queen attitude

Behind the scenes

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Character notes


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Ai Sasamine as Yuki

  • She is played by Ai Sasamine in the film Hana Yori Dango (1995).[49] Yuki and Tsukushi attended the same high school. She is a bit disappointed in her "third-rate" college, but content with her life. Despite attending different universities, the two still regularly see each other at their part-time job. Tsukushi often confides her troubles to Yuki. As such, she is very perceptive of Tsukushi's feelings. Yuki correctly guesses that Tsukushi loves Tsukasa and encourages her to go after him.

Yuki in the anime


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