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"Madam, I suppose Miss Shan Cai has a reason for rejecting the money. She might want to replace you as the sole mistress of the Dao Ming family."
—Yu Tian's suggestion to Feng[src]

Yu Tian (Chinese: 宇田; pinyin: Yǔtián) was the secretary of Dao Ming Feng, the co-president of Dao Ming Group. He was extremely loyal to his employer and followed all of her orders.


Adult life[]

Yu Tian began working as the secretary of Dao Ming Group co-president, Dao Ming Feng, at some point.[1] He presumably resided in New York City, where Feng was based most of the time.[2]

Si and Shan Cai[]

In 2001, Yu Tian came to Taipei with Feng for her to attend her son's, Dao Ming Si, birthday party. Afterwards, she ordered Yu Tian to gather information on Dong Shan Cai, whom Si had declared his feelings for. He later accompanied Feng to Shan Cai's house, where she spoke to her mother. Feng asked Shan Cai to "give up" Si in exchange for money, leading to Shan Cai's mother pouring flour on Feng's head. Yu Tian quickly pulled her away from his boss and tried to wipe off the flour. That night, Yu Tian visited Shan Cai at her job to bring her to Feng's hotel.[1] Later, Yu Tian began regularly reporting to Feng about Si and his new fiancée, He Yuan Zi.[3] After the engagement ended, Feng ordered Yu Tian to buy the land around Shan Cai's place. He then presumably went with Feng to London.[4]

He returned with his boss to Taiwan, where Feng discovered that Shan Cai had moved into the mansion. Yu Tian suggested to her that Shan Cai "might want to replace [her] as the sole mistress of the Dao Ming family." Feng immediately made plans to hurt Shan Cai's childhood friends by attacking them financially.[5] Yu Tian helped Feng carry out the plan.[6] After Feng's plan to have Ya Men seduce Shan Cai failed, Yu Tian reported that Si had been spotted at her house. Feng instigated a new plan to get Si away from Shan Cai at this point.[7]

Physical appearance[]

Yu Tian was likely in his early to mid-thirties. He had short and spiky black hair with a slight receding hairline. Yu Tian had an oval-shaped face with round cheeks. For his job, he typically wore a professional-looking suits.

Personality and traits[]

A typical employee, Yu Tian was shown following Feng's orders exactly how she wanted. He typically performed his tasks with a plastered-on smile. On occasion, Yu Tian exhibited some qualms with the harshness of Feng's plans. However, he never voiced any concerns to her.


Yu (宇) can mean "eaves," "house," "boundary, "universe," etc.[8] Tian (田) is the same as the second character in his manga counterpart's name. It means "farmland" or "field."[9]

Behind the scenes[]


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