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Shigeru: "What are you saying? Why are you apologizing?! This isn't funny! You make me so mad! Say what you mean! Tsukasa!"
Tsukasa: "You're not the one."
Tsukasa reveals his true feelings to Shigeru

"You're Not the One" (おまえじゃダメだ! () Omaeja Dameda!) is the forty-fourth episode of the anime adaptation of Yoko Kamio's manga, Boys Over Flowers. The episode originally aired in Japan on July 13, 1997. It was followed by "Open Up Your Heart" on July 20.

Tsukasa Domyoji reveals to Shigeru Okawahara that he still has feelings for Tsukushi Makino. Shigeru then throws a chair through a window. Alerted by the noise, Tsukushi goes to check and finds the pair in a compromising position.


Unable to sleep, Tsukushi Makino asks Rui Hanazawa if he is still awake. When he says "Not yet," Tsukushi asks him if he will hold her hand. Holding hands under the covers, she thanks him leading him to ask "For what?" To herself, Tsukushi thinks "For being here" but says "For saving me in the bath." He then recounts just finishing his bath when Shigeru Okawahara ran passed him shouting for help. Rui chuckles, saying "That girl is really something." Tsukushi agrees, describing Shigeru as not like the rich girls she knows. She concludes "I find I can't dislike her." Rui compares her to Tsukasa Domyoji, which makes Tsukushi laugh. He is happy to hear her laugh again, pointing out that she has been a "grouch" lately.

Laughing with Rui, Tsukushi realizes that she always finds comfort in him during times of pain. She remembers their time together, reflecting "Even if my feelings for him aren't romantic anymore, I think I'll always love Rui Hanazawa." Meanwhile, Tsukasa orders Shigeru to put her robe back on. Becoming distressed, she asserts that she is serious and shouts "Don't you feel anything?" He answers "No, I don't." Shigeru puts her robe on, saying "I guess guys prefer to get sexy glimpses instead." Tsukasa tells her that he has something to say. Shigeru covers her ears until he says "I'm sorry." Angry, she starts shouting as she picks up a chair. Tsukasa tells her "You're not the one," leading her to throw it out a window.

Tsukushi and Rui hear the sound of the chair crashing. She becomes worried for Shigeru, saying "Domyoji might be forcing himself on her." Rui considers it likely to be "the other way around." Tsukushi runs off to check on the pair anyway. Tsukasa, meanwhile, has revealed to Shigeru that he has been unable to stop thinking of Tsukushi all night. She tells him "She feels nothing for you!," to which he remains silent. Shigeru starts shaking him and pushes him to the floor. Tsukushi opens the door to find Shigeru on top of him. She hurriedly apologizes, before running away. Tsukasa tells Shigeru to hit him if she needs to. She cries instead, saying "I loved you. How could you?" Tsukasa comforts her and apologizes again.

The following morning, a sleepy Rui wakes up and glances at the empty the spot next to him. He then falls back asleep. Tsukushi sits next to the koi pond, going over the events of the previous night. She curses herself and wonders "Why'd I have to go and see that?!" Tsukasa walks up from behind her and sits down after saying "Yo." Feeling awkward, Tsukushi thinks "It's hard to believe we used to fight and yell at each other." She then realizes "I couldn't possibly sleep holding hands with Domyoji." Tsukushi stands up to leave, but Tsukasa stops her briefly to ask her to tell Rui that he is going home. It starts to rain after Tsukushi walks away. Tsukasa continues sitting there, staring absentmindedly at the koi.

Later, Tsukushi stops by Shigeru's room to say goodbye. Shigeru informs her that she is planning to stay longer. Tsukushi mentions Tsukasa leaving. In response, Shigeru says "I guess he's a little embarrassed. After all, he was so passionate last night." Tsukushi says a quick goodbye. After she leaves, Shigeru starts crying remembering what really happened. In the car, Rui plays with Tsukushi's hair. Not noticing, she says "It's awful to see someone having sex, isn't it?" He points out that she is mostly bothered because it was Tsukasa. Tsukushi insists "It would be the same, whoever it was!" He then laughs at her hair. Now annoyed, Tsukushi stares out the window, realizing what she is feeling but refusing to admit it.

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Rui Hanazawa Koji Yamamoto
Shigeru Okawahara Emika Sato
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida


  • Script: Yumi Kageyama
  • Director: Akinori Yabe
  • Animation director: Yasuhiro Namatame


Chapters covered:
Arc: Tsukasa's Fiancée, Shigeru
111, 112


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