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Yoshiko Shimizu (清水 よし子 (しみず よしこ) Shimizu Yoshiko, born June 29, 1958 in Osaka, Japan), also known by her married name Yoshiko Asada (浅田 美子 () ), is a Japanese actress and comedienne. She is best known for being part of the comedy duo, Pink Phone.

Shimizu voiced Yuriko Asai in the Boys Over Flowers anime and the movie.


Early life[]

Yoshiko Shimizu was born on June 29, 1958 in Osaka, Japan. She graduated from Osaka Shin-ai College.


She joined a theater troupe in 1984 and formed the comedy duo, "Pink Phone" (ピンクの電話 () ) with Miyako Takeuchi in 1986. In 1996, Shimizu voiced Yuriko Asai in the anime adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. She has had several small roles in television and film.

Selected filmography[]


Year Title Role Notes
1996 Boys Over Flowers Yuriko Asai
1997 Hana Yori Dango: The Movie
Yume no Crayon Oukoku Puuchi


  • Boys Over Flowers author Yoko Kamio was a huge fan of Shimizu prior to her participation in the anime. Kamio stated that she was very happy that Shimizu voiced Yuriko.[1]
  • Shimizu shares her birthday with Kamio and Nobuaki Suzuki, though she is eight years older than Kamio and two years older than Suzuki.


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