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Yoon Ji-hoo (Hangul: 윤지후) was a member of F4 with his friends Gu Jun-pyo, So Yi-jung, and Song Woo-bin.


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Early life[]

Ji-hoo was born into a wealthy and illustrious family. His grandfather, Yoon Seok-young, was notable for being the President of South Korea at one point. At the age of five, Ji-hoo was the sole survivor in a car accident that resulted in his parents' deaths.[2] After the accident, he developed symptoms of autism and had trouble getting along with others. It was Min Seo-hyun who "helped him out of his shell" and became his first love as well as a mother figure. Around the same time, during kindergarten, Ji-hoo became friends with Gu Jun-pyo, Song Woo-bin, and So Yi-jung.[3]

High school[]

By high school, Ji-hoo and his friends had become known as the F4. As a group, they essentially ruled Shinhwa School and did whatever they wanted. They gave red cards to students who stood up to them, resulting in said student being bullied and eventually dropping out. However, unlike his friends, Ji-hoo seemed uninterested in bullying the other students. He instead spent most of his time playing his violin in a secluded garden or finding a place to nap.[2]

Meeting Jan-di[]

Physical appearance[]

Ji-hoo was described as handsome numerous times, much like his friends who were named the F4 for their good looks. He had large, dark brown eyes and coppery-brown hair. His hair was long, reaching the collar of his shirt. Ji-hoo later cut his cut to a shorter style. His wardrobe consisted of blazers, polos, and cardigans along with casual clothing, such as jeans and sneakers. He occasionally wore glasses, earrings, and suits on special occasions.

Personality and traits[]

Unlike the other F4 members, Ji-hoo was an enigmatic person with a quiet and introverted nature. He had a seemingly cold and stoic front to most people, but was actually loyal and protective of his friends. Woo-bin described him as "four-dimensional" because of his unpredictable way of thinking. Nevertheless, Ji-hoo was highly intelligent.

Behind the scenes[]

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