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Yoko Kamio is a mangaka (manga artist) best known for creating the shojo series, Boys Over Flowers in 1992. She has written and illustrated over seven series, such as Cat Street and Crown of Thorns, and several short stories, including "End of the Century" and "Night of the Crescent Moon". Kamio's most recent work is Boys Over Flowers Season 2, which was published online on Shonen Jump+.

Kamio penned several short stories and one series before Boys Over Flowers, including the five-volume Mary-san no Hijitsu in 1991. She followed her romantic-comedy Boys Over Flowers with the serious drama, Cat Street in 2004. Kamio is also the author of Matsuri Special, Tora to Okami, and Crown of Thorns.

Story collections

Before she graduated from college,[1] Yoko Kamio debuted in 1986 with the short story, "I'll Remain 20 While I Wait for You"[2] or "Waiting Until 20"[3] (はたちのままで待ってる () Hatachino Mamade Matteru)[4] in the nineteenth issue of The Margaret (ザ マーガレット () ).[5][6] Kamio followed her debut with a string of one-shots that were eventually collected into three story collections, Sayonara o Arigato (さよならをありがとう () ) and Ano Hi ni Aitai (あの日に逢いたい () ) in 1989, and Suki Suki Daisuki (スキスキ大好き () "I Really, Really Like You") in 1990. The three volumes were also reprinted in 1997.[6][7]


Mary-san no Hijitsu

Kamio began serializing her first series around 1991. The series, Mary-san no Hijitsu (めりーさんの羊 () "Mary's Lamb")[4] was published into five volumes by 1992. The story follows a young girl named Merii, who has grown up around women only and also attended an all-girls school. She transfers to a predominately male co-ed school, where she experiences love and heartbreak for the first time.[11] Kamio's friends described the series as "too provocative" and expressed disbelief that the shy Kamio authored it.[12]

Boys Over Flowers

Hana Yori Dango volume 1

Main article: Boys Over Flowers

In 1992, Yoko Kamio began publishing her hit manga Boys Over Flowers in the March issue of Margaret. The series centers around pauper, Tsukushi Makino at the prestigious Eitoku Academy. The school is controlled by four boys, Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka, known as the F4. Tsukushi stands up to the clique's leader, Tsukasa, who falls in love with her. The story ran for two-hundred and forty-one chapters, ending in 2003.[2] Kamio has followed up with the series with a number of one-shots.[18]

It won the 41st Shogakukan Manga Award for the shojo category in 1996.[19] The series is currently the best-selling shojo manga of all time, having sold over 53 million copies[20] with a total of 61 million copies in circulation.[21] Boys Over Flowers has also become one of the top-selling media franchises in Japan.[22]

Cat Street

Kamio followed Boys Over Flowers with Cat Street (キャットストリート () Kyatto Sutorīto), a self-described "serious manga."[2] The manga was published in Bessatsu Margaret from August 2004 to October 2007 and was collected into eight volumes. Cat Street shows the development of Keito Aoyama, a traumatized former child star, as she gradually returns back to the real world. She finds "El Liston", a school for outsiders like her and her newfound friends whom have issues of their own.

Kamio followed up the series in August 2008 with a side story titled, "It's Not the End of the World - Another Cat Street" (世界が終わるわけじゃない ~もうひとつのキャットストリート~ () ).[23][24] The series was reprinted into five volumes in bunkobon format in 2011. The fifth volume included the side story printed in 2008 and an afterword by Kamio.[25] Cat Street was adapted into a six-episode television drama in 2008.[26] It was also the basis for two light novels written by Kanae Shimokawa the same year.[27][28]

Matsuri Special

Matsuri Special (まつりスペシャル () Matsuri Supesharu) debuted in the December 2007 issue of the shonen magazine, Jump Square.[42] The series features Matsuri, who works as the masked wrestler "Honey Princess." In this romantic comedy, Matsuri tries her best to live a normal life, while simultaneously keeping her home life secret. Matsuri Special concluded in 2009 with four volumes.[43] Kamio also drew a side story "Matsuri Special SP," which was published in the July 2009 issue of Deluxe Margaret.[44][45]

Tora to Okami

Tora to Okami (虎と狼 (トラとオオカミ) Tora to Ōkami) began as a one-shot published in the December 2009 issue of Bessatsu Margaret.[50] Kamio launched the story as a series in the March 2010 issue. The series depicts a BL (Boys' Love) fanatic Mii Torisawa, who helps run her family's restaurant. One day two young college students, Tora and Okami, come to eat at the restaurant and end up turning her life upside down.[51] Tora to Okami concluded in the January 2012 issue of Bessatsu Margaret[52] and was collected into six volumes.[53]

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns volume 1

Main article: Crown of Thorns

Kamio began her manga, Crown of Thorns (Ibara no Kanmuri) in the May 2013 issue of Bessatsu Margaret.[59] The manga ended a year later in the April 2014 issue. The story follows Nobara Fukami, who has the ability to see strange things. One day, a man approaches her claiming to be a devil.[60]

Viz Media licensed the series for a digital release in North America. The first volume became available on December 8, 2015.[61] Crown of Thorns has also been translated into Chinese and Korean.

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Season 2 volume 1

Main article: Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Yoko Kamio launched her sequel to Boys Over Flowers, titled Boys Over Flowers Season 2 (Hana Nochi Hare), on February 15, 2015 on the online publication Shonen Jump+. The series was released biweekly on Sundays. It was also her first manga to be published simultaneously in Japan and America.[62][63] Kamio concluded the series in December 2019, collecting it into fifteen volumes.[64]

The story centers around Oto Edogawa as she tries to avoid being kicked out of Eitoku Academy for being a "peasant." Her life becomes entangled with Correct 5 leader Haruto Kaguragi, whom falls in love with her.

List of one-shots

Deluxe Margaret containing "Matsuri Special SP"





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