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Yoko Kamio (神尾 葉子 (かみお ようこ) Kamio Yōko, born June 29, 1966 in Tokyo, Japan) is the author and illustrator of Boys Over Flowers, which ran in Margaret from March 1992 to August 2003.[1] She began the sequel, Boys Over Flowers Season 2 in February 2015 for the online publication, Shonen Jump+.[2] Kamio ended the series in December 2019.[3]

Kamio debuted as a manga artist in 1986 with a one-shot.[1] She is best known for Boys Over Flowers, which currently has a total of 61 million copies in circulation.[4] She has published several series since, including Cat Street (2004), Matsuri Special (2008), Tora to Okami (2009), and Crown of Thorns (2013).


Early and personal life

Kamio was born on June 29,[5] 1966 in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University.[6][7] She wanted to be a waitress as a child and a secretary in college, before deciding on becoming a mangaka (manga artist).[8] Kamio worked as an assistant for several mangaka before her debut.[9] She has an older sister named Akiko.[10] Her father passed away in late 2018.[11]


Early works

An early self-portrait

In 1986, Kamio debuted in the nineteenth issue of The Margaret with the one-shot, "Waiting Until 20"[12] (or "I'll Remain 20 While I Wait for You";[1] Hatachino Mamade Matteiru).[13] The story was published before she had graduated from college.[8] Kamio went on to publish several one-shots in Margaret, which were later included in three story collections, Sayonara o Arigato (1989), Ano Hi ni Aitai (1989), and Suki Suki Daisuki (1990).[13][14] Her first series was Mary-san no Hijitsu ("Mary's Lamb"), which concluded with five volumes by 1992.[15] In January 1992, "End of the Century" was published in Margaret.[16]

1992 – 2007

Volume 1 of Boys Over Flowers

Kamio began Boys Over Flowers in March 1992 in Margaret. The series was a big hit in Japan, ending at thirty-six volumes in 2003. The series follows Tsukushi Makino, who stands up to a group of rich bullies called the F4.[1] Kamio returned to the series with three one-shots in 2006 and 2008, which lead to the release of the thirty-seventh volume.[17] The series won the 41st Shogakukan Manga Award in the shojo category in 1996.[18] Boys Over Flowers is also the best-selling shojo manga series in Japan having sold over 53 million copies.[19] As of 2018, it is also one of the best-selling franchises in Japan.[20] Boys Over Flowers remains Kamio's most popular work, having been adapted for film, anime, musicals, and numerous television dramas.

In August 2004, she began her series, Cat Street in Bessatsu Margaret. Kamio later referred to it as a "serious manga."[1] It follows a former child star, Keito Aoyama, as she adjusts to a normal life. The series ended in October 2007 after eight volumes. Kamio penned an additional chapter of the manga in 2008 to commemorate the release of the television drama adaptation.[21] The drama aired on NHK[22] and starred Mitsuki Tanimura as Keito and Ryo Katsuji as Koichi Mine.[23]

2007 – 2014

Volume 1 of Matsuri Special

Kamio broke into the shōnen genre with her next series, Matsuri Special in the November 2007 issue of Jump Square. It follows Matsuri Hanyu, who moonlights as a professional wrestler, despite only wanting to be a normal high-school student. Kamio drew a spin-off chapter for Deluxe Margaret in May 2009.[24] Matsuri Special ended in 2009 with four volumes.[25] The series was also adapted into a vomic ("voice comic"), an audio drama. It starred Maaya Sakamoto and ended at four episodes in November 2008.[26][27]

In November 2009, Kamio wrote a sixty-page one shot for Bessatsu Margaret. The one-shot was turned into a series titled Tora to Okami in February 2010. It depicts the life of a BL (boys' love) fanatic, Mii Torisawa.[28] Tora to Okami ended in January 2012.[29] Kamio published a one-shot, "Ringo Banana Gyunyu" (りんごバナナ牛乳 () ) in Margaret, after a six year absence from the magazine.[30] She began a supernatural manga, Crown of Thorns, on April 13, 2013 in Bessatsu Margaret.[31] The series ended a little over a year later in the April 2014 issue.[32]

2015 – present

Volume 1 of Season 2

On February 15, 2015, she launched a sequel to Boys Over Flowers, titled Boys Over Flowers Season 2 in English, online on Shonen Jump+. It was her only series to be published simultaneously in Japan and America.[2] The series follows a new generation of students at Eitoku Academy, mainly Oto Edogawa and Haruto Kaguragi. It was adapted into a television drama starring Hana Sugisaki and Sho Hirano in 2018.[33] The same year, she contributed a Boys Over Flowers story to celebrate Margaret's 2000th issue.[34] Kamio concluded Boys Over Flowers Season 2 on December 22, 2019 at fifteen volumes.[35]

Published works

Cat Street volume 1

Tora to Okami volume 1

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Story collections

Short stories

Books (illustrator)



Hobbies and interests


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