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Ye Sha (Chinese: 葉莎; pinyin: Yèshā) was a member of the royal family of Bhutan. She ran away to Barcelona, Spain, where she stayed with her friend Sha Ge. There Ye Sha met Dao Ming Si and went with him to Taipei, Taiwan to help him recover his memories. She eventually fell in love with Si while also befriending Dong Shan Cai.


Early life[]

Ye Sha, born Elsa,[1] was the daughter of Prince Zuo Meng of Bhutan. Her father's brother was the king of Bhutan. A princess, Ye Sha was raised under strict royal protocols.[4]


As an adult, Ye Sha ran away from Bhutan. She settled in Barcelona, Spain with her good friend Sha Ge, to whom she divulged her royal heritage. He operated a vineyard right outside his home, where Ye Sha also stayed.[5][4]

Meeting Si[]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Ye Sha has garnered comparisons to Umi Nakajima from the "Amnesia Arc" of the manga. However, Ye Sha cannot be considered an exact counterpart as her personality and background are completely different from Umi's.
  • The character was extremely unpopular among the audience while Meteor Garden II was airing.[7]



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