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"Please marry a rich man so I can have a bigger allowance!"
—Yasukichi's wish for Tsukushi to marry well[src]

Yasukichi Makino (牧野 泰吉 (まきの やすきち) Makino Yasukichi) was the father of Tsukushi and Susumu Makino. He was married to Chieko. Like his wife, he wanted Tsukushi to marry someone rich to help the family. Yasukichi held a steady job at a company until being laid off. He then had a hard time finding work in Tokyo, leading to the family's decision to move.


Early life[]

Yasukichi's family was extremely poor when he was young. Reportedly, he once had to make one pickled plum last three days. He was then hospitalized for anemia.[2]

Adult life[]

In his adulthood, Yasukichi married Chieko and had two children, Tsukushi and Susumu.[3]

Tsukushi's prospects[]


Yasukichi and his wife beg Tsukushi to go to Tsukasa's party

Tsukushi: "It's Hanazawa! Do you have a problem with that?"
Chieko: "Nope! Is he the only son of the president of Hanazawa Trading?"
Taikichi: "She'll be marrying into a fortune no matter who she picks!"
— Yasukichi and his wife excited about Tsukushi's date[src]

His wife insisted on Tsukushi attending Eitoku Academy for high school.[4] In her second year, Tsukushi often surprised her family with her strange behavior at mealtimes.[3] One day, Yasukichi asked for a raise in his allowance. She refused, unless he would be promoted to manager soon. Chieko then threatened to make his lunch only one pickled plum, taking it from a story he had just told about his childhood.[2] A couple days later, Tsukushi developed a high fever and stayed home from school. That night, they were visited by Tsukasa Domyoji. Yasukichi was initially rude to Tsukasa, even calling his hair "wormy." However, he and his wife recognized his name from the infamous Domyoji Group. They immediately changed their tune, apologizing and inviting him to stay for dinner.[5]

Later, he and Chieko joined Tsukushi for her trip to Atami with Kazuya Aoike. They went to a shrine, where Yasukichi prayed for his wife to raise his allowance. Next, they went to the beach. They were then greeted by Tsukasa and his yacht. Shizuka Todo invited Tsukushi to that night's party, which her parents promptly pushed her to attend.[6] The next morning, Kazuya informed Tsukushi's parents about Tsukasa kissing her at the party. They were very happy about it with Yasukichi declaring "Good job!" Tsukushi promptly rushed away from them.[7] The following fall, the family was concerned when Tsukushi returned home in a disheveled state. She reported that he had fell, leading Yasukichi to demonstrate how to fall "properly" as a joke. His wife, however, told him to stop. Tsukushi ignored her family and went to her room.[8]

Hard times[]


Yasukichi and his wife happy about Tsukushi and Rui

Yasukichi: "I was sure I would win. I was sure. Then we wouldn't have to worry about living expenses."
Chieko: "We're getting a divorce, dear. I can't stand to live like this anymore! In a place like this and a million yen in debt?!"
— Yasukichi makes a mistake that nearly tears the family apart[src]

Several days later, a load of furniture was delivered to their small apartment. Yasukichi stared at it all in shock. Tsukushi was angry at her parents, thinking they had bought it, until Chieko informed her Tsukasa had sent it. She later had him take it all back.[9] Yasukichi picked up the phone the following day when Tsukasa called. He asked for permission to take Tsukushi to his family's island. Yasukichi was "dancing with joy," according to Tsukasa.[10] A few days after Tsukushi's trip, he noticed that she was dressed up and asked if she was going on a date. When she said yes, Chieko interrupted by saying "With Domyoji?" Tsukushi told them that her date was with Rui Hanazawa. Her parents recognized him as the heir to Hanazawa Trading. Yasukichi shouted "She'll be marrying into a fortune no matter who she picks!"[11]

Chieko later balanced the family's checkbook and found that they were in the "red" again. She asked her husband why he had not gotten promoted. He sheepishly said "Times are hard."[12] A few days later, Yasukichi was laid off from his company, forcing the family to vacate their apartment. They moved into a cheaper apartment. Yasukichi was hopeful about finding a job, though he later borrowed one million yen from loan sharks. He lost it all betting at the race tracks. Yasukichi's family found out after the loan sharks came to the apartment. His wife threatened to get a divorce. Later, Tsukushi borrowed the money from Tsukasa to pay Yasukichi's debts.[13] Him and his wife were back on good terms since she went to him after Tsukushi suddenly yelled while Chieko was cutting her hair.[14]

Leaving Tokyo[]


Yasukichi working as a fisherman

"Tsukushi, you must have faith in me. A fisherman's life is wild and romantic. It's a treacherous life ruled by the sea and the weather. Besides, I always watch "Let's Go Fishing" on TV so I know exactly what to expect."
—Yasukichi's enthusiasm about being a fisherman[src]

A couple days later, Yasukichi was surprised to open the door to Kaede Domyoji and her secretary. He and Chieko woke up Tsukushi, before quickly getting dressed in their best clothes. Yasukichi was so nervous that he accidentally introduced himself to Kaede as "Tsukushi's mother." Kaede offered them fifty million yen for Tsukushi to "give Tsukasa up."[15] Chieko rejected the offer, while her husband stood stone still. After Kaede left, he collapsed in exhaustion from the stressful situation. Chieko then declared that she wanted to "snag the entire fortune," which made Tsukushi mad. She threw things and yelled at her parents.[16] Several days later, the Makino family began getting visits from Shigeru Okawahara, Tsukushi's friend. Yasukichi and Chieko invited her to join them for dinner, saying "We don't have anything much."[17]

The following day, Susumu learned that Yasukichi being fired from his latest job. He complained about the cost of his school trip, but Tsukushi assured him that they could afford it. Yasukichi did not say anything and kept eating instead.[18] An old friend of Chieko's later offered her and Yasukichi a live-in job. He was excited about the opportunity, declaring "A fisherman's life is wild and romantic." They soon began getting ready to move and informed Tsukushi at the last minute, breaking the news that they were leaving her in Tokyo. The next morning, they said goodbye to Tsukushi. Yasukichi was still enthusiastic, saying "Leave it to me! I'll send you 500,000 yen a month!" Tsukushi had her doubts but said "I'll look forward to it."[1] Yasukichi quickly adapted to his new life in the country, becoming a competent fisherman.[19]

Physical appearance[]

Yasukichi was a middle-aged man with an average appearance. He had dark almost black hair which he combed back. His grey colored were framed by his wire-rimmed glasses.

Personality and traits[]

He was known for his silly personality and was often making jokes to lighten up a situation. However, he was usually the only one laughing as no one else found his jokes funny. Yasukichi was a little disappointed when his jokes did not land, but he persisted anyway. Like his wife, he also had a desire for Tsukushi to marry rich since it would lift them out of poverty. Yasukichi often made unwise decisions, such as when he borrowed money from a loanshark to bet it at the horse races.


His given name, Yasukichi[20] (泰吉; やすきち), contains two kanji. The first means "peaceful" and "calm,"[21] while the second means "good luck," "joy," or "congratulations."[22] His surname, Makino (牧野; まきの) is a not uncommon surname in Japan. The two characters together mean "pasture land."[23] Separately, they mean "to herd" (牧)[24] and "field" or "wild" (野).[25]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • The original manga version of the character did not have a given name at the time, resulting in the anime giving him the name "Yasukichi."



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