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Xin Xin (Chinese: 欣欣; pinyin: Xīnxīn) was the adoptive daughter of Ah Yuan. She refused to speak after a traumatic event. Xin Xin lived with her father by the beach, where she found Dao Ming Si one day.


Early life[]

She was the only child of her parents. Xin Xin's father was an ill-tempered man, who would often beat his wife and later his daughter. After her mother left, Xin Xin refused to speak and her father began beating her daily. When her neighbor Ah Yuan was going to move away, she grabbed his arm. He then decided to bring her with him.[2]

Meeting Si[]

Xin Xin and Ah Yuan settled in a small seaside village. She usually spent the day at her clubhouse or at the beach, while Ah Yuan was working. One day, Xin Xin found Dao Ming Si unconscious at the beach. She became attached to Si, after hearing him mutter about his mother in his sleep. He woke up two days later. Xin Xin asked him to stay longer using her chalkboard and Ah Yuan insisted that he stayed. Si then spent several more days with her and her father, becoming quite close to them.[3] Much later, Ah Yuan attempted to get her to speak, which nearly got him drown. He yelled at her, causing her to hide in her playhouse. She later forgave him. That night, Ah Yuan woke her up so they could avoid a run-in with the police. The cops tracked the pair down later that month. When they took Xin Xin out of Ah Yuan's arms, she called him "papa".[2]

Physical appearance[]

Xin Xin was of a normal height and build for a child her age. She had a small, round face matched with her equally small brown eyes, nose, and lips. Xin Xin had long black hair, which she would put up in a variety ways, including pigtails. Her clothing often matched her hair accessories.

Personality and traits[]

Despite some traumatic events, Xin Xin was mostly a normal, happy, and playful child who enjoyed drawing. Xin Xin refused to speak, which became her most noticeable trait. Others, such as Si, would ask if she was a mute, but she actually stopped speaking when her mother left. She was generally wary of strangers, except Si. Upon hearing Si call for his mother in his sleep, she felt an affinity toward him. Xin Xin missed her mother, who was one of the few kind adults she knew.


Xin Xin (欣欣) is a double-character given name. It means "happy," "joyous," or "delighted."[4]

Behind the scenes[]


Character notes

  • She is referred to as "Serena" in the English subtitles of YA Entertainment's release.
  • Her birthday is implied to be the same as Dao Ming Si's. However, the date of Si's birthday is contradictory throughout the franchise.



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