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Xiao You: "I hope Shan Cai will find happiness, though I was frightened by what happened to my family. I believe I should support Shan Cai's relationship with Dao Ming Si."
Xi Men: "Your family might get hurt again."
Xiao You: "I'm sure my family, when united, can tide over any crisis."
— Xiao You and Xi Men[src]

Xiao You (Chinese: 小優; pinyin: Xiǎoyōu) was a college student and former part-time employee at Italian Tomato. Her best friend was Dong Shan Cai, whom she met in high school and worked with. She was previously in a relationship with Zhong Ze. Xiao You later developed feelings for F4 member, Xi Men. Her family ended up moving to Canada.


Early life[]

Xiao You was born around 1982[1] as the only daughter of her mother and father.[6] In high school, she became friends with Dong Shan Cai who protected her from bullies.[3]


After graduating high school, Xiao You began attending a regular college while Shan Cai went to Ying De Academy. They still saw each other regularly since they worked at a bakery together.[3]

Shan Cai and the F4[]


Xiao You and Shan Cai dressed for Jing's party

"Shan Cai, you've changed a lot since you got into Ying De. I remember when we first met in high school. Someone bullied me... I've forgotten his name. You stood up for me and made him apologize to me. For the next three years, you were so kind and helpful to us all. What caused this big change in you? You're no longer the Shan Cai I once knew."
—Xiao You comments on how Shan Cai has changed[src]

One day, Shan Cai was telling Xiao You about F4. She was fascinated since she thought the boys at her school were all "nerds." Shan Cai commented that she would just "steer clear" of them. Xiao You then said that Shan Cai had "changed a lot" since high school. A couple days later, Shan Cai told her that she had stood up to F4. Xiao You exclaimed "The Shan Cai I once knew is back again!"[3] Sometime later, Shan Cai told Xiao You about being invited to a party. She encouraged her to go, but Shan Cai was hesitant. Mei Zuo and Hua Ze Lei, members of the F4, then walked in. After they left, Xiao You teased Shan Cai about Lei.[7] Several days later, Xiao You came over to Shan Cai's house. She told her about about Dao Ming Si suddenly becoming violent with her. Shan Cai then asked her to come with her to Teng Tang Jing's birthday party.[8]

As the girls had nothing to wear, Shan Cai's mother lent them her old pageant dresses. They were escorted to the party by Shan Cai's old friend, Chen Qing He. Another F4 member Xi Men flirted with Xiao You, but Shan Cai advised her to stay away from him. Later on, while Shan Cai went to find a spot, Xiao You tracked down Qing He and made him stop asking the celebrities for autographs.[9] Sometime later, Shan Cai told Xiao You about Si leaving for New York. Xiao You expressed sympathy for Si, whom she speculated probably left due to heartache over Shan Cai and Lei. Shan Cai responded that she was only focusing on work now. The F3 then showed up shortly to come help. By offering kisses, they were able to sell out quickly. Xiao You attempted to get in line. Afterwards, their boss gave her and Shan Cai a raise.[10]

Supporting Shan Cai[]


Xiao You helps Shan Cai with Si's present

Xiao You: "Shan Cai, it was a great blow to you, eh? Because Dao Ming Si has a fiancée."
Shan Cai: "How can that be? Why must I be upset? I wanted to end our relationship once and for all. This is a perfect ending."
Xiao You: "But you look very angry..."
— Xiao You talks with Shan Cai about Si having a fiancée[src]

Some days after Si returned, Shan Cai told Xiao You that she needed a second job. A modelling scout overheard them and gave his card to Shan Cai. Xiao You encouraged her to try it out. On their way home, the girls came across an old woman who told Shan Cai's fortune. Xiao You told Shan Cai to "ignore" her.[11] A few days later, Qing He came to bakery looking for Shan Cai. He informed Xiao You that she had received another red slip and had gone missing. She asked Qing He if he loved Shan Cai and he revealed that he was, but had chosen not to reveal his feelings. Xiao You thought his words were "touching." Sometime after the situation had been settled, Shan Cai talked to Xiao You about needing a gift Si's birthday party. Xiao You suggested she bake cookies and helped her practice until they turned out right.[12]

A few days later, Shan Cai talked about Si's mother's attempt to bribe into leaving her son alone. Xiao You was amazed by the amount of money she offered. Si's mother's secretary then came to fetch Shan Cai. When she returned to work, Shan Cai was incensed by Si returning off with his new fiancée. Xiao You attempted to calm her down. Later, Si's fiancée came to bakery with Xi Men and Mei Zuo, whom failed to seduce her. The guys offered the gifts they bought for her to Xiao You.[13] Sometime later, Qing He visited the bakery to talk to Xiao You about Shan Cai's parents moving away. He then started talking about his feelings for Shan Cai. Xiao You seemed to want to say something else, but instead called him a "very sweet guy." Qing He assumed from this that Xiao You liked him, leaving her exasperated.[14]

Crush on Xi Men[]


Xiao You with Xi Men on her last night in Taiwan

Xi Men: "Don't force yourself to adapt to my lifestyle. You're different from other girls. Those girls, even their names, don't mean a thing to me."
Xiao You: "I don't mind being a girl whose name is unimportant to you, so long as I leave a trace on your life."
— Xiao You tries to convey her feelings to Xi Men[src]

Xiao You later began dating Zhong Ze, whom attended the same college as her. When she learned from Qing He that Shan Cai and Si had started dating, she called her to propose a double date. That Sunday, the four of them met at an amusement park. The two couples separated for a few hours before meeting back up. The date ended suddenly when Si punched Zhong Ze. After the date, Zhong Ze began ignoring Xiao You's calls.[15] She later saw him with another girl, before running away. She was found by Xi Men, who comforted her. He helped her get revenge on Zhong Ze by embarrassing and threatening him to never hurt Xiao You again. Xiao You later agreed to go on a date with Xi Men as a ruse to show Shan Cai and Si what couples act like. The plan nearly worked, but Shan Cai found them listening at the hotel room door.[6]

Her father was later transferred to a different factory, despite being in line for a promotion. Xiao You's mother called it a "dismissal in disguise." Unknown to Xiao You, Si's mother Dao Ming Feng had arranged her father's transfer in order to hurt Shan Cai. Shan Cai was able to make a deal with Feng to restore Xiao You's father's position, before leaving Taipei.[16] Xiao You and Qing He worried for several days about Shan Cai. Once Shan Cai returned, Xiao You was given a few days off work from the bakery.[17]

After the incident, Xiao You's father still felt "disheartened". He subsequently made plans to emigrate himself and his family to Canada. Xiao You, because of the move, began to pursue Xi Men aggressively. He did not take her initial confession seriously. When he said "[do you want me to] date you, kiss you, or bed you?", Xiao You slapped him. She later visited him at his house and apologized. Xiao You then asked for the "full package", meaning what he said earlier. Xi Men invited her to hotel, but admitted he only did it "scare" her. Xiao You, upset, revealed that she would be moving the following day. She and Xi Men spent the night holding each other. In the morning, Xiao You called Shan Cai to say goodbye.[18][4]

Return to Taiwan[]


Xiao You finds the right building

"Aunt, I won't be a disgrace to you and my parents. Please believe me, it's the most important time of my life. So I beg you not to interfere. Just stand by me."
—Xiao You expresses her wish to help Xi Men[src]

Xiao You returned to Taiwan to see Xi Men again. He appeared excited to see her at first, but later acted aloof. They subsequently had a fight, which lead to Xi Men telling her about his first love, Xiao Geng. After finishing his story, Xi Men expressed that he regretted "[standing] her up." Xiao You was moved by it and began searching different buildings every night for the thing Xiao Geng wanted him to see. Several days later, she finally found the right building. She spent the following day finding Xi Men with the help of Si and Mei Zuo. Just barely on time, Xiao You brought him to the building. In the distance, a sign read "Xi Men, my love". Realizing Xiao Geng's feelings, Xi Men began crying, before hugging Xiao You.[5]

Physical appearance[]

Xiao You was generally regarded as a cute girl by others. Xi Men once described her as an "adorable girl with a petite figure and round eyes." She had light brown hair styled in a bob cut and her bangs covered her eyebrows. Xiao You grew her hair to about shoulder-length later on. She would occasionally put her hair into a ponytail or pigtails. Her wardrobe consisted of skirts, simple t-shirts, and button-down shirts, all mostly in light colors.

Personality and traits[]

Xiao You was shown to be an innocent and naive young girl. She was generally happy with her life, despite finding her school boring. Xiao You was a kind and loyal friend to Shan Cai and later on Qing He. She was always willing to lend a listening ear to their problems. Xiao You was inexperienced with romantic relationships, which possibly led to her disastrous first boyfriend, Zhong Ze. She was upset that she had "wasted [her] love" on him, when he unceremoniously broke up with her. After the incident, Xi Men helped Xiao You gain self-confidence. She gradually transformed into a self-assured and brave person.


Her given name, Xiao You (小優), contains two characters. The first means "small," "little"[20] and the second "generous," "excellent."[21] Additionally, the second character comes from the first kanji of her manga counterpart's given name.

Behind the scenes[]

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