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"A friend once said if people can't be honest with one another, they can never get real freedom. If you can't break away from your own misgivings, you can never experience honesty or freedom."
—Xiao Shun to Shan Cai[src]

Xiao Shun (Chinese: 小順; pinyin: Xiǎo Shùn) was a part-time employee at a fast food restaurant and occasional model. He had a rough upbringing and had attempted to commit suicide before being saved by a friend. After his friend was injured by Dao Ming Si, Xiao Shun vowed to get revenge. He befriended Dong Shan Cai as part of his plans.


Early life[]

"I grew up in an orphanage. Nobody wanted me because I was an illegitimate child. My father abandoned me. So did my mother. My birth was a mistake from the start."
—Xiao Shun describes his early life[src]

Xiao Shun was the son of a married man and his mistress. He was abandoned by both of his parents and spent his childhood in an orphanage. Upset with his life at the time, Xiao Shun attempted to commit suicide by drowning himself in the sea. He was saved by someone, whom he described as his "savior." They became close and he helped Xiao Shun "get back on [his] feet." The friend, who was a student at Ying De Academy, later angered Dao Ming Si. He beat up Xiao Shun's friend to the point that his organs ruptured. Xiao Shun decided to avenge him someday. His friend later transferred to a school in the south of Taiwan.[1]

Befriending Shan Cai[]


Xiao Shun explains his motives to Shan Cai

"Just because my friend made a mistake and offended Dao Ming Si, he was kicked and punched until his spleen ruptured. I decided to avenge him. I must get even with Dao Ming Si on his behalf!"
—Xiao Shun to Shan Cai[src]

One day, Xiao Shun met a group of guys whom also held grudges against Si. He saw his chance for revenge after noticing Si's affection for Dong Shan Cai. Xiao Shun orchestrated their meeting by having an associate give her a card for a modelling agency. Under guise as a delivery boy, he then pretended to save her from the photographer. Afterwards, Xiao Shun listened to her problems and secured her a job at the fast food restaurant where he worked. After work, Xiao Shun was cleaning with Shan Cai when a jealous Si suddenly attacked him. He had to wear neck brace, but still came into work the next day. Xiao Shun later invited to participate in a magazine shoot with his friend. After seeing the photos, Si became angry at Shan Cai. and Xiao Shun then goaded Si until hurting him and encouraged Shan Cai to reject Si.[2][1]

A few days later, Xiao Shun carried out the final part to his plan. A red slip was placed in Shan Cai's locker and she was subsequently kidnapped during the ensuing chaos. Shan Cai was brought to a warehouse, where Xiao Shun finally made his presence known. After sending one of his accomplices to Si's home, Xiao Shun spoke to Shan Cai about his motivations. Si then called and Xiao Shun ordered him to come alone. Once Si arrived, the other guys started to beat him. Xiao Shun tried to hit Si with a chair, but was surprised when Shan Cai took the blow instead. After that, Xiao Shun called off the attack. Xiao Shun later visited Shan Cai and Si at the hospital. He felt no need to apologize to Si, but expressed remorse for hurting Shan Cai. She told him that his apology was "too late" and he left.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Xiao Shun was likely considered good-looking as he was able to get work as a model. He had short brown hair, which he parted to the right. Xiao Shun also had dark brown eyes and thick eyebrows. He typically wore casual clothing when he was not working.

Personality and traits[]

His personality was shaped by the circumstances of his birth and his friendship with his "savior." Xiao Shun He had a strong sense of loyalty. After his close friend was injured by Si, he decided to seek revenge but waited until the perfect time. Xiao Shun was manipulative, which was demonstrated through his behavior with Shan Cai. However, after fulfilling his revenge, Xiao Shun felt guilty for the way he treated her. It was also hinted that he might have romantic feelings towards Shan Cai.


The character, Xiao (小), means "small," "little," or "young" among other things.[3] Shun (順), the second character in his name, is borrowed from the first character of his manga counterpart's given name. It can mean "to follow" or "to obey."[4]

Behind the scenes[]


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Character notes

  • Xiao Shun is a combination of Junpei Oribe and Seinosuke Amakusa. He shares similarities with each, but he resembles Junpei the most.
  • In episode eleven, he is briefly mentioned by Shan Cai. He also appears via archival footage when a flashback from episode nine is shown.
  • He appears in one episode of Meteor Rain (2002) via archival footage from episode nine of the first series. In the Meteor Rain episode, it is insinuated that the person Si hurts is Xiao Shun's friend.



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