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"In your whole life, you've got many so-called "very moments." But for me, it came along that day on the roof the morning I was waiting for you. Do you know that, Xi Men? The sun was dazzling that morning at 5."
—Xiao Geng's letter to Xi Men[src]

Xiao Geng (Chinese: 小更; pinyin: Xiǎogèng) was a childhood friend of Xi Men, whom she had feelings for. They were good friends until the end of high school. Their friendship ended after certain circumstances.


Early life

She and Xi Men first met when they were children. Her mother was a friend of his and often brought Xiao Geng along to visit. The two became good friends.[1]

High school

By the end of high school, Xiao Geng had developed a crush on Xi Men though he continued to treat her platonically. One night, Xiao Geng went out with friends and missed the last bus home. They convinced her to climb to the roof of a building to await the next bus. As the sun rose that morning, Xiao Geng spotted a sign in the distance bearing the words, "Xi Men, my love." She later left a voicemail asking Xi Men to meet her at that building. Xi Men never showed up. The next morning, Xiao Geng waited outside his home to goodbye. She later sent him a letter detailing her feelings. A year later, Xi Men happened to see her on the street with a guy.[1]

Physical appearance

Xiao Geng was petite with a youthful vibe around her. She had a round face complimented by her brown eyes and small mouth. Her light brown hair was a little shorter than shoulder-length, while her bangs fell just above her eyebrows. She opted for a simple, casual style, consisting of plain shirts, jeans, and skirts.

Personality and traits

She was a sweet and innocent young girl. Xiao Geng had a tendency to barge into Xi Men's room unannounced, sometimes interrupting private moments. She was perceptive about Xi Men's emotions though she never pried, instead choosing to cheer him up with her smile. Xiao Geng also loved snacks and would often bring new snacks for Xi Men to try.

Behind the scenes

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