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"I am a good man, but not exactly a good person. My interest in any woman does not last for more than a week."
—Xi Men to Xiao You[src]

Xi Men (Chinese: 西門; pinyin: Xīmén) was a member of the F4 with his best friends, Dao Ming Si, Mei Zuo, and Hua Ze Lei. Like his friends, he attended Ying De Academy and was the heir to a rich and powerful family. He was particularly noted for being a playboy. While helping Si's relationship with Dong Shan Cai, Xi Men developed a friendship with Xiao You.


Early life[]

Xi Men was born around 1979[2] to a wealthy family.[3] He met his best friends, Dao Ming Si, Mei Zuo, and Hua Ze Lei, during kindergarten. Around the same time, they met Teng Tang Jing who was three years older. She helped Lei when the boys were unable to due to their young age.[4] Xi Men's immediate family consisted of his parents and elder brother. His home life was strained, due to his father's infidelities. His brother later left the family.[5]

High school[]


Xiao Geng says goodbye to Xi Men

Xi Men: "Everyday I practice my motto "once in a lifetime.""
Xiao Geng: "What's "once in a lifetime"?"
Xi Men: "Didn't I explain it to you? The Japanese say that if you miss that "very moment", you may never have the chance to experience it again."
— Xi Men tells Xiao Geng about his motto[src]

In high school, Xi Men began "play[ing] around with girls whom [he] knew nothing but their names." Xiao Geng, his childhood friend, was the only girl that he treated as a friend. He began having feelings for her, but quickly suppressed them by sleeping with other girls. Xiao Geng asked him to meet her at a certain building. However, he did show up, hoping "nothing will change." The following morning, Xiao Geng met him at his house to say "goodbye". She later sent him a letter detailing her feelings. About a year later, Xi Men saw her from a distance with a guy.[5]


By the time Xi Men and his friends were in college, they were known as the F4, an abbreviation of "Flower 4." They controlled the school and were allowed to do as they pleased, due to their powerful fathers. Additionally, they issued red slips to those who opposed or annoyed them. Ah Shu, for example, stood up to the F4 and received a red slip. He was then bullied until he dropped out.[3]

Meeting Shan Cai[]


Xi Men meets Xiao You at Jing's birthday party

Xi Men: "Have we met before?"
Xiao You: "No, it's our first meeting."
Xi Men: "I wouldn't forget such an adorable girl."
— Xi Men flirts with Xiao You at Jing's party[src]

The F4 became acquainted with Dong Shan Cai, when she stood up to Si on behalf of her friend. She received a red slip shortly thereafter. Later, Xi Men was amused by Shan Cai "declaring war" on them. He also agreed with Mei Zuo that Si would be unable to "handle her." A couple days later, the guys were surprised when Shan Cai ran up and punched Si.[3] Some days later, Shan Cai was mad at Si and yelled at him that she was a virgin. He thought that she was interested in him, leading Xi Men to say "Aren't you reading too much into it?" A couple days after that, he and Mei Zuo talked about Jing with Shan Cai. Jing arrived back from France the following day. The F4 greeted her joyfully. A day later, Lei protected Shan Cai from bullies which then angered Si. Xi Men ran after him to try and calm him.[4]

For spring break, Si brought Xi Men and the others on a cruise around Taiwan. Soon bored, Xi Men wished that he had brought a girl along. They held a party that night. Xi Men danced with Shan Cai whom had tagged along with her friend, Chen Qing He. The following night, everyone was awoken by Si. He invited them to eat sashimi on deck. Back at school, Si asked him and Mei Zuo if they knew about Shan Cai and Lei meeting on the rooftop. He then became enraged when Qian Hui and Bai He showed him a video. Xi Men tried to calm him to no avail.[6] At Jing's birthday party, Xi Men attempted to flirt with Shan Cai's friend, Xiao You. He agreed to stay away from her at Shan Cai's insistence. Xi Men later said goodbye to Jing and Lei at the airport. Jing was returning to France, while Lei decided to follow her.[7]

Rift in the F4[]


The F4 say goodbye to Si at the airport

Xi Men: "I envy him. I, for one, can never love a woman so much."
Mei Zuo: "You can, but you're running away from it."
— Xi Men and Mei Zuo discuss Si's love for Shan Cai[src]

After photos of Si and Shan Cai were posted on the noticeboard, Xi Men and Mei Zuo teased him and then asked him about his night with her. He was impressed with Si's answers. The next day, the guys had lunch with Shan Cai. Xi Men commented on how "gentle" Si was with her. Later, photos of Shan Cai with a guy were posted. Xi Men and Mei Zuo attempted to comfort Si by drinking with him.[8] The incident was cleared up just before Lei's return from France. The F4 later went on vacation to Okinawa with Shan Cai and their dates. On the second day, Chen Qing He arrived with news of Jing's engagement. Xi Men asked Lei if was okay, but he only answered that it was "over" between him and Jing. Si suddenly went back to Taiwan the next day. He later informed Xi Men and Mei Zuo about Lei kissing Shan Cai.[9]

Si later replaced Lei with Qing He, which Xi Men and Mei Zuo were both unhappy about. He then attempted to expel Lei and Shan Cai from school until Dao Ming Zhuang stepped in and suggested a basketball match. Si ended the match before his team could win, much to Xi Men's annoyance. After the match, Si decided to leave for New York. The F4 went to say goodbye to him at the airport.[10] Si returned to Taiwan within a couple of days. The guys initially waited for him at his place, but were unable to see him until the next day at school. Later on, Xi Men and Mei Zuo teased Si when his date with Shan Cai had ended in them fighting again. Over the next several days, Xi Men and Mei Zuo continually urged Si to make up with Shan Cai after offending her a few more times.[11]

Supporting Si and Shan Cai[]


Xi Men, Lei, and Shan Cai at Si's birthday party

Mei Zuo: "Good idea. Continue to date the son to spite the mother. This is the most effective way to deal with her."
Xi Men: "That's right! Then have a baby with Si and seal your victory."
— Mei Zuo and Xi Men offer their help to Shan Cai[src]

Some days later, Xi Men and the others became worried after not having seen Si for a few days. He later heard from Qing He revealing that Shan Cai was missing too. After finding him, Si went to save Shan Cai while the guys waited. They subsequently visited the couple at the hospital, where the F3 played a joke on Shan Cai. Some days later, the F3 went to Shan Cai's house to take her to Si's birthday party. Xi Men suggested choosing an old dress of Zhuang's for Shan Cai to wear.[12] At the party, the F3 attempted in vain to help Shan Cai with Si's mother, Dao Ming Feng. They then allowed the couple to escape. Sometime later, Feng arranged for Si's engagement to the heiress, He Yuan Zi. Xi Men and Mei Zuo tried to help Si by taking Xiao Zi on a date. Their attempt to seduce her failed completely.[13]

Later, Xi Men was in disbelief about Si's decision to date Xiao Zi. He refused to elaborate on his sudden change. A few days later, the couple went their separate ways.[14] After hearing about Shan Cai's parents moving away, Xi Men came to check up on her with Mei Zuo and Lei. Feng made a surprise appearance just a few moments later. She accused Shan Cai of being behind Si's and Xiao Zi's engagement ending. Xi Men tried to say something but Feng silenced him. Shan Cai held her own against Feng, who eventually left. Xi Men and the others offered their support to Shan Cai, when she declared that she would not "concede defeat" to her. After Shan Cai started working at Si's home, Xi Men and Mei Zuo encouraged him to make a move. They later attempted to give him advice when they began dating.[15]

Helping Xiao You[]


Xi Men and Xiao You during their "date"

Xiao You: "No, I don't want to see him. Why do you want to look him up?"
Xi Men: "I can't put up with boys who bully girls. Since he thinks he's a ladykiller, we'll deflate his arrogance. Come with me, we'll show him what it is to be a real man."
— Xi Men decides to humiliate Zhong Ze[src]

Xi Men found Xiao You crying and took her to have coffee. She informed him that her boyfriend Zhong Ze had left her for another girl. Xi Men then took Xiao You to get revenge on him. At a club, Xi Men began flirting with Zhong Ze's girl and asked her who would she rather date. When she agreed to date him, Xi Men brought out Xiao You and said he was in love with her. Zhong Ze, realizing Xi Men's plan, tried to hit him, but ended up getting beat up. The following day, Xi Men visited Xiao You and asked her on a date. The date was actually a way to show Shan Cai and Si how couples should behave. His plan nearly worked, but Shan Cai caught them listening at the hotel room door. Later that night, the F4 gathered to talk about Si's mother, who just returned to Taipei.[16]

A few days later, Shan Cai went missing, but Si refused to tell his friends about it. They became worried, because it seemed Si was "back to his old self." Xi Men and Mei Zuo organized a gathering to cheer up Si. Him and Xi Men began arguing, which lead to an exchange of blows. The next day, Xi Men declared that he would "sever his friendship" with Si. Mei Zuo and Lei calmed him down, and they began discussing Shan Cai. They decided to "get to the bottom of [the] matter". After speaking with Xiao You, Xi Men surmised that Feng was the root cause of Shan Cai's disappearance.[17] Qing He and Lei later retrieved Shan Cai. Lei then began pursuing her romantically. Si, seemingly alright with it, broke down crying in front of Xi Men and Mei Zuo.[18]

Xiao You pursuing him[]


Xiao You confesses her feelings to Xi Men

Xi Men: "What do you want me to do? Date you, kiss you, or bed you? If that's all, I can do them all."
Xiao You: "Sorry I slapped you. But you shouldn't have said all that."
Xi Men: "That's what I'm like. My interest in a woman would never last more than a week. What I just said is standard procedure. Xiao You, I don't deserve you. I can only be a one-week lover."
— Xi Men rejects Xiao You's confession[src]

Lei revealed to Xi Men and Mei Zuo that he was only pursuing Shan Cai to force Si to face his real feelings. He then left for Japan, after saying goodbye to his friends.[19] Sometime later, Xiao You met Xi Men at his school and confessed her feelings. He coldly rejected her on the spot. She persisted and gave him her number, requesting the "full package". Xi Men, initially at a lost for words, invited her to a hotel that night to scare her.[20] Xiao You revealed that she was going to move to Canada the following day. Xi Men held her in his arms, before leaving the hotel. He later went to Xiao You's former workplace and deleted several girls' numbers, while thinking of her.[21]

When Si went missing, Xi Men helped Mei Zuo search for him. At his house, Ms. Yu gave them an invitation to Si's and Xiao Zi's wedding. They regrouped at Shan Cai's home, where Lei joined the search. After receiving new details from Xiao Zi, the F3 decided to go rescue Si. They were aided by Yu Sao, but were unfortunately caught by Si's mother. The F3 called Si's sister to intervene in the situation.[21] Zhuang's words affected her mother deeply, leading to her finally leaving Si and Shan Cai alone. Sometime later, Xi Men receive a call from a girl and promised to meet her, a sign that he was back to his playboy nature.[22]

Xiao You's return[]


Xi Men hugs Xiao You

Xi Men: "Alright. Looks like you'll go on nagging me until I open up. I thought I'd keep it deep in my heart forever. I used to like a girl. When I was about to graduate from high school, that's probably the time I've truly loved a girl."
Xiao You: "Did you tell her?"
Xi Men: "When I realized everything, the spark was already gone. The only thing I regret is... I stood her up."
— Xi Men tells Xiao You about his first love[src]

Xiao You returned to Taiwan to see Xi Men. He was happy to see her, but became irritated when Mei Zuo suggested that he had feelings for her. That night, he and Xiao You had a fight about his playboy nature. Xiao You believed he was "hurting [him]self" by flirting with all those women. Prompted by the exchange, Xi Men began telling her about his first love, Xiao Geng. Xi Men expressed a deep regret about not seeing the thing Xiao Geng intended for him to see. Days later, Lei asked him about his feelings for Xiao You, though he dodged the question. Later that night, Xiao You found him and brought him to the top of a building. Xi Men saw a sign in the distance, reading "Xi Men, my love", which was the thing Xiao Geng wanted him to see.[5]


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Physical appearance[]

Like the rest of the F4, Xi Men was considered handsome. He himself was particularly confident about his good looks. He had thick, black hair landing just above his shirt collar. Xi Men had round, dark brown eyes, which were framed by his wire-rimmed glasses. He later stopped wearing glasses. He had a distinct style, often dressing in a preppy clothes which included khaki pants, sweater vests, button-down and polo shirts.

Personality and traits[]

Despite being a playboy, Xi Men was respectful and courteous toward women. He also believed violence towards women was wrong. Nevertheless, Xi Men dated many different women and never kept a steady girlfriend. His attitude about dating was influenced by his father's infidelities, causing Xi Men to lose faith in love. His relations with women sometimes caused him trouble, including dealing with angry boyfriends. Xi Men was able to handle them though, being skilled in fighting. He was also a good basketball player, but typically disliked physical exercise which he called "boring" and a "waste of energy."


Xi Men (西門) is called by his family name.[25] The two characters are the same as his manga counterpart's surname. Xi Men means "west" or "western" (西)[26] and "gate," "entrance," "way of doing something," etc. (門).[27] Similar to Xi Men, Mei Zuo was not given a last name.

Behind the scenes[]

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