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Wire art (ハリガネアート () Harigane Āto) was a type of sculpture that Matsutaro Yoshimatsu primarily worked with. He created one sculpture, which he dubbed Lady on a Horse while he was living in a fishing village.


An artist, Matsutaro Yoshimatsu worked mostly with wire. For one sculpture that he named Lady on a Horse, he made it entirely with wire hangers from a dry cleaners. Matsutaro showed it to Tsukushi Makino after finishing it. She was unable to give an opinion on it, admitting "To be honest, I don't understand it." Tsukushi added that she was "impressed" by Matsutaro, saying "You do have something you like to do."[1] Matsutaro continued to work with wire when he went to study abroad in Italy.[2]

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Wire art in Meteor Garden

  • The art piece appears in episode fifteen of Meteor Garden (2001). Ah Song (Matsutaro) shows it to Shan Cai (Tsukushi), who does not understand it though she expresses admiration for him. Instead of just wire, Ah Song also uses a log and a hanger in the art piece.



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