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The voicel (ボイセル () boiseru) was a toy that acts as a voice recorder. It was gifted to Tsukushi Makino by Makiko Endo. The two used it to secretly messaged each other, when Tsukushi was ostracized by the rest of the school. Tsukushi occasionally used it for personal messages.


After standing up for Makiko Endo, Tsukushi Makino was bullied instead. Feeling guilty, Makiko later returned Tsukushi's desk and then gave her the voicel, containing the message "I'm sorry, Tsukushi."[1] The next morning, Makiko approached Tsukushi, who motioned for her not to speak. She then placed the voice recorder in Makiko's pocket. It said "Don't worry about me." Later that day, she returned it to Tsukushi with the message, "Good luck."[2] A few days later, Tsukushi used it to record a message to herself, when he was trying to forget about Rui Hanazawa.[3] The next day, Tsukushi accidentally left the voice recorder at school. Makiko found it and dropped it off at her house the following night. She recorded a new message on it, saying "Get well soon!" since Tsukushi had been absent that day due to a cold.[4]

During summer vacation, Tsukushi recorded calling herself "Cinderella for a night." Later that night, she dropped shortly after accidentally kissing Tsukasa Domyoji. It played the recording, causing Tsukushi to feel "stupid" for thinking that.[5] The following fall, Tsukushi whispered "I love Rui Hanazawa" into the recorder. She left it by mistake at the emergency exit. Tsukasa found it there, before she came to retrieve it. He pinned her to the wall, after having it repeat what she said. Tsukushi later wondered if the reason he attacked was because of what he had heard on the voice recorder.[6] Several days later, Tsukushi went to the airport to see off Shizuka Todo. She encouraged Rui to go after her, which he did. While watching his plane take off, Tsukushi whispered "Bye-bye, Rui Hanazawa" into the voicel.[7]

Several weeks later, Rui asked Tsukushi if he could borrow the voicel. He recorded "Nothing happened between Makino and me" on it, before throwing it to Tsukasa at the airport. Tsukasa listened it on the plane and tried to be let off, but was denied.[8] Tsukasa returned it to Tsukushi later. Several days later, she was holding it while thinking about Tsukasa, who had confessed his feelings to her earlier that day.[9] After learning about Tsukasa dating Shigeru Okawahara, she picked up the toy as if to use it but instead put her head in her hands.[10] Some days later, Tsukushi was thinking about Rui asking why she could not be honest. She said into the voicel "How can I be honest with myself?"[11] Tsukushi later dropped it again at the emergency exit. She picked it up while eavesdropping on Rui and Shizuka.[12]

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