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Zhou Yu Min (Chinese: 周渝民; pinyin: Zhōu Yùmín, born June 9, 1981 in Luodong, Taiwan), also known by his English name Vic Chou, is an actor and musician. He was a member of the idol group, F4. Chou is best known for his roles in Meteor Garden, Mars, Black & White, and Home.

Chou played Hua Ze Lei in Meteor Garden, Meteor Rain, and Meteor Garden II.


Early life[]

Chou was born on June 9, 1981 in Luodong located in Yilan County, Taiwan. His birth name (周育民) is pronounced the same as his stage name.[1] He has one elder brother. Chou's parents divorced when he was around six-years-old.[2] He is part Atayal descent.[3]


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Chou was studying to be a mechanical engineer when he accompanied a friend to the Meteor Garden auditions. He was chosen to play Hua Ze Lei and rose to prominence overnight.[4] He reprised his role in the sequels, Meteor Rain (2001) and Meteor Garden II (2002). After the success of Meteor Garden, Chou, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu formed the boyband, F4. Following the release of their debut album Meteor Rain, Chou released a solo album, titled Make a Wish in 2002. Chou had his first lead role as the title character in Poor Prince (2001). In 2003, he and Ken Chu costarred with Vivian Hsu and Beatrice Hsu in Love Storm. Chou starred opposite Barbie Hsu in 2004's Mars, which was produced by Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai.

He collaborated with Chai in Silence (2006), Sweet Relationship (2007), and Wish to See You Again (2008). In 2007, he released his third solo album, I'm Not F4. He starred in two films, Linger with Li Bingbing and Tea Fight with Erika Toda, in 2008. In 2009, Chou starred in the award-winning series Black & White, and the historical drama Memoirs of Madam Jin. He reunited with Vivian Hsu for the film, Sleepless Fashion, in 2011. Chou returned to television in 2012 for the war drama, Home. He won a Golden Bell Award for his performance in Home. Also in 2012, he starred opposite Ella Chen in the film, New Perfect Two.

In 2013, Chou appeared in three films, Saving General Yang, Day of Redemption, and A Moment of Love. The following year, he was in the romantic-comedy film, Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 with Louis Koo and Miriam Yeung. Chou starred with Ariel Lin in 2015's Go Lala Go 2, a sequel to the 2011 film. In 2016, he collaborated with Louis Koo again in action film, S Storm. Chou appeared in the Chinese-Hong Kong romantic-comedy film, Two Wrongs Make a Right, in 2017. He starred in Beauties in the Closet and The Flame's Daughter the following year.

Personal life[]


Chou and Reen Yu announcing their marriage in 2015

Chou became close friends with the late actress Beatrice Hsu during the filming of Love Storm (2003).[5] They began dating after Hsu broke up with her then boyfriend Lee Wei.[6] Chou and Hsu broke up sometime in 2005.[7] The same year, he started dating Meteor Garden co-star Barbie Hsu who played his love interest in Mars. They broke up in January 2008.[8][9] Chou began dating actress Reen Yu in 2011, after meeting on the set of Black & White. The couple registered their marriage on November 10, 2015.[10] On August 2, 2016, Yu gave birth to a daughter.[11]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden Hua Ze Lei
Poor Prince Tai Lang
Meteor Rain Hua Ze Lei
2002 Come to My Place Zhang Zhong Yuan
Meteor Garden II Hua Ze Lei
2003 Love Storm Lu Ying Feng
2004 Mars Chen Ling / Chen Sheng
2006 Silence Qi Wei Yi
2007 Sweet Relationship Fang Zhi Tian
2008 Wish to See You Again Xu Yue
2009 Black & White Chen Zai Tian
Memoirs of Madam Jin Sheng Yue Ru
2012 Home Su Tai Ying
2018 Beauties in the Closet Li Han
The Flame's Daughter Yin Xue
2021 Palace of Devotion Zhao Heng
Danger Zone Liang Yan Dong


Year Title Role Notes
2008 Linger Lin Xu Dong
Tea Fight Yang
2010 Love You 10,000 Years Wu Qi Feng
2011 Sleepless Fashion Zhou Xiao Hui
2012 New Perfect Two Ah B
2013 Saving General Yang Yang San Lang
Day of Redemption Gu Bin
A Moment of Love Xu Nian Zu
2014 Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 Cheng Zi Jian
2015 Detective Gui Ah Zhe
Go Lala Go 2 Wang Wei
2016 S Storm Song Ren Xin
2017 Two Wrongs Make a Right Qin Rui


  • Due to schedule at the time, Chou does not have his own episode in the spin-off Meteor Rain (2001).
  • In October 2020, F4 had an "unconventional" reunion on Jiangsu TV. Chou's, Jerry Yan's, and Ken Chu's performances were prerecorded and projected onto the stage likely due to COVID-19 restrictions. Vanness Wu was the only one who was there live.[12]

  • Chou has been nicknamed Zai Zai (仔仔) by his fans.

  • He starred in Poor Prince (2001) with Ken Chu and Edward Ou.
  • Chu, Jerry Yan, and Vanness Wu all starred in Come to My Place (2002) with Chou.
  • He and Chu starred in Love Storm (2003) with Beatrice Hsu, whom Chou later dated.
  • In 2004, he and Barbie Hsu played love interests in Mars, in which Megan Lai also appeared. Chou and Hsu began dating the following year.
  • He also appeared in Silence (2006) and Sweet Relationship (2007) with Lai.
  • Chou and Chu starred in Wish to See You Again (2008). Wu had a supporting role in the drama and Lai made a cameo appearance.

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