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  • Jun 22, 2020: I'm done with the anime articles now (finally!) Now I'm moving back to the manga articles and soon the Meteor Garden pages (which need a major clean-up).
  • Mar 12, 2020: I'm currently going back and forth between the manga and anime articles.
  • Jan 5, 2020: I've completed the Season 2 articles for the most part. Someday I'll want to proofread the volume and chapter articles, but I'm putting that off for now.
  • I've recently decided to watch the adaptations in order of release (i.e. just watched the '95 film and now on to the anime), so I'll be working on the articles in that order. As such, it will be quite a while before I work on the Korean drama and MG 2018 articles.
  • I was watching the Korean drama and Meteor Garden II but I'm putting them on hold for now.


I founded this wiki on October 6, 2012. Back then I was creating wikis left and right. I was quite surprised that no one had started one for this series yet. I didn't actually start contributing consistently until August 2015. Since then I've taken a few breaks from the wiki, but I always come back cause I love this series.

I discovered Hana Yori Dango around 2007 when I watched the anime for the first time. The anime naturally lead me to the Japanese drama, which I completely fell in love with. Later, I began reading the manga and watched the first sixteen episodes of the Korean drama (though I can't remember why I stopped). I didn't finish the manga until I found the volumes at my local library (around 2012?). A few years later, I re-read the manga and remembered the wiki I founded. A musical version of Hanadan was just being released and I started contributing like crazy. I then gradually collected all of the volumes of the manga.

In 2017, I finally watched Meteor Garden (2001) after a long break from the wiki. It rekindled my passion for the wiki. Then 2018 happened which was such a good year for Hanadan! I absolutely loved the Hana Nochi Hare drama and the Meteor Garden remake. I'm always happy about new adaptations of the manga, because I honestly never get tired of this story! Now in 2020, I'm looking forward to the Thai version and cannot wait! I'm also hoping for a second season of Hanahare.


  • All thirty-six volumes and Jewelry Box (Viz edition) - super hard to collect nowadays, because they're all out of print. Though you can get the eBook versions I prefer the actual book. It might be cheaper to buy the whole set on eBay or something.
  • All twenty volumes of the Perfect edition - a birthday present. Someday I hope to scan the color pictures in the books and post them online. I now have five extra volumes I don't know what to do with lol.
  • Anime Album and Illustrations - purchased for an okay price, but worth it cause they're a little hard to find. Beautiful photos in each book. I recommend Illustrations if you can't read Japanese, Anime Album focuses more on information (though it's not complete since it was published before the anime was over).
  • Final Photo Book - I love this photo book! Mostly because I love Final and now I can look at pictures from it whenever I want.
  • Hana Yori Dango FF - great color illustrations and lots of information on the manga.
  • Hana Yori Dango 37.5, a promotional booklet that I was lucky to snatch up on eBay.


  • Hana Yori Dango Final DVD - released by Discotek Media (wish they would release the TV series' too), lots of bonus features that I haven't seen all of yet. The director's cut was definitely worth watching for a die-hard fan like me.
  • Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II DVD - from Malaysia, the English subtitles are pretty good, despite a few typos and the characters names are spelled weird. I bought this specifically for the wiki, so I would know where the episodes are suppose to end (I believe the 19 episode version in it is correct).
  • Anime box-set - I pre-ordered the Discotek Media version in October 2016. Reasonable price, the dub is the same as the Viz version (but I don't watch the dub), plus the anime movie is included with subtitles only.
  • Meteor Rain DVD - released by YA Entertainment for the US. It's out of print now, but I bought it used so I got a decent price for it. For some reason, they changed the character names to the manga names (e.g. calling Dao Ming Si "Tsukasa").
  • Hana Yori Dango and Returns DVD - the original Japanese boxsets. I really like these since they have a lot of bonus features. I also own a bootleg Taiwan(?) version.
  • Boys Over Flowers DVD - YA Entertainment version with lots of fun bonus features.
  • Hana Yori Dango bluray - bought this cause this was the only way I was going to see it. I've seen about half of it and it's sooo good. Definitely recommend if you can afford it (p.s. no subtitles).


  • Koi Seyo Otome - I've played a few snippets of it. It seems kinda hard for otome game tbh.
  • Tsukushi and Rui plushies, some furoku, and magazines

  • Manga: I've read Hanadan around three or four times. The manga is one of my all-time favorites and I never get tired of it.
  • Anime: honestly nearly the best version of Hanadan. If only it was made after 2003 so it could have covered the whole manga.
  • One of my guilty pleasures is the 1995 film lol. It's so ridiculous it's good (You gotta see Tsukasa's wardrobe).
  • Favorite Hanadan dramas: I love all these dramas, though I like the Japanese version the best. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Hana Yori Dango - my first Asian drama
    Strength: It has the best cast in my opinion. They all have great chemistry, especially Jun and Mao.
    Weakness: The manga is too long, making a lot of the events in the drama squashed together and out-of-order. Returns kind of makes up for this though.
  2. Meteor Garden
    Strength: Follows the manga so well! I'll admit I'm a stickler for following the book manga. Excepting a few arcs, Meteor Garden nearly covers the whole manga (well, up to 2001).
    Weakness: Production values. The series was made on a shoe-string budget really. Being the first of its kind, they weren't sure how profitable it would be. The film, the look, and the clothes all serve to date the series.
  3. Meteor Garden (2018)
    Strength: Money $$ This version had such a huge budget, allowing for an overall great look of the series. (Also, it follows the manga! and has Dee Hsu!!)
    Weakness: Acting and product placements. The actors were all newcomers (which is also nice since they are close in age to the original characters), so their acting wasn't always on point. And the ads were funny though more often distracting.
  4. Boys Over Flowers (haven't seen all of it yet)
    Strength: Like Meteor Garden (2018), this series had a great budget. It definitely had the best production values of a Hanadan production at the time.
    Weakness: Wooden acting and badly planned scenes often lead to unintentionally comical moments.
  • Random note: several Hanadan books have been published on my birthday (July 25)!: volume 17 (1997; my actual birthday which makes me feel old and young at the same time), volume 25 (2003), Complete Edition volumes 5 and 6 (2005).

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