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"Memories are strange things. Someday, you might treasure even the most painful memories."
—Urara to Tsukushi[src]

Urara Aoi (葵 うらら (あおい うらら) Aoi Urara) was the health teacher at Eitoku Academy that she had attended as a child. She was noted for being one of the few teachers to stand up to the F4's leader, Tsukasa Domyoji, the younger brother of her childhood friend Tsubaki Domyoji. Urara was often shown giving advice to her student, Tsukushi Makino.


Early life[]


Urara during elementary school

While attending Eitoku Academy, Urara befriended Tsubaki Domyoji, who was a couple years younger than her. After elementary school, her father's job took the family overseas for several years.[1]

Adult life[]

Urara returned to Japan after graduating from a university in Great Britain. However, she "could [not] find anything [she] really wanted to do." She went overseas again, living in Cambodia and Africa. When her father passed away, Urara was "called back" to Japan.[1]

Working at Eitoku[]


For Shigeru's scheme, Urara hands Tsukushi a letter

Urara: "Before you know it, the clematis has wilted and died. But in death, it gains a new freedom. And it can leave this hill to bloom somewhere else."
Tsukushi: "But, maybe it loves this hill. It doesn't really want to leave, it just has to."
Urara: "Yes, a flower can't choose its own fate."
— Urara talks to Tsukushi about flowers[src]

Urara began working at Eitoku as a health teacher shortly after the F4 forced the previous teacher to quit. One day, she bumped into Tsukushi Makino and asked her if she had ate breakfast, noting that she was "a little pale." Urara walked off, after reminding her "A life without love isn't worth living."[2] The next day, Urara tripped one student who was among a large group bullying Tsukushi and Kazuya Aoike.[3] On the first day of the fall semester, she stopped Tsukasa Domyoji from hitting another student with a chair. He instead threw it into a window, which caused her cheek to be cut by glass. Once Tsukasa left, Urara asked the others for help in carrying the injured student to the infirmary.[4] Several days later, Urara met Tsukushi near the elementary school by chance. She gave Tsukushi some advice on memories.[5]

She happened to run into her old friend, Tsubaki, while she was walking through town. The two went to cafe, where Urara told her in great detail about what had happened to her since elementary school. She started talking about Tsukasa, commenting "I look forward to seeing how he grows up." Tsubaki agreed but then suddenly became sad, revealing "He may have reached a dead end." Urara looked at her friend with concern.[1] A few days later, Urara ran into Tsukushi standing in the school's garden. She made a comment about the clematis flowers, saying that they gained a new freedom in death since the wind could carry them to bloom somewhere else. Tsukushi wondered alouded if the flowers really wanted to leave but "just [had] to." Urara responded "Yes, a flower can't choose its own fate."[6]

Some days later, Urara watched Tsukushi running away after speaking to two of Tsukasa's friends.[7] A few days after that, Urara overheard Shigeru Okawahara beg Tsukushi to stay at Eitoku. She approached Shigeru, asking her why shewould want Tsukushi to stay since she was her "rival in love." Before Shigeru could answer, Urara told her "If you feel like talking, come to the nurse's office. I might be able to help you out." She then walked away.[8] Some three months later, Urara played her part in Shigeru's plan. Everyone gathered at the pier to say goodbye to Tsukasa and Shigeru after their "wedding." During this, Urara walked up to Tsukushi saying "I have something for you." She then handed her a letter and told her it was from Tsukasa. Urara walked away after saying "Well, I've done my part."[9]

Physical appearance[]

Urara had brown eyes and long, curly and brown hair. She pushed her hair back with the use of a thick, black headband. As a child, her hair was straight though she still styled it with a headband. Urara was mostly seen wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a white lab coat.

Personality and traits[]

When Urara was younger, she was shown to have a thirst for knowledge and was somewhat of a restless spirit. She was eventually able to settle down in Japan after her father's death. Unlike the other teachers, Urara was not scared of the F4. She was willing to stand up to Tsukasa, despite her job being on the line if she angered him. Urara genuinely cared about her students. The sentiment was obviously shared since most of her students fondly called her by her given name. She was also knowledgeable about flowers.


Urara (うらら)[10] is a female given name with a variety of spellings. As hers is written in hiragana, it does not have a particular meaning.[11] Her surname Aoi (葵; あおい) means "hollyhock."[12]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • She is an anime-only character, meaning she does not appear in the manga or any other adaptation.[10]
  • A promotional picture for Hana Yori Dango: The Movie suggests that she was originally intended to be included in the film, likely in a mentor capacity to Tsukushi's character.
  • Urara is one of two teachers that appear in the anime and the only one to be named.



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