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"You should just bury the things that you forgot about. Think of it as starting a whole new life. It might be that the things you can't remember probably aren't all that important. If you desperately try to remember too hard, you might falsely mistake them for something that's important."
—Umi to Tsukasa[src]

Umi Nakajima (中島 海 (なかじま うみ) Nakajima Umi) was a patient at a hospital, where she met Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji. She later developed feelings for Tsukasa, despite offering her help to Tsukushi.


Umi was hospitalized for a leg-related injury. She became acquainted with Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji. After being released, Umi returned to the hospital to visit Tsukasa. Umi eventually learned that Tsukasa had forgotten Tsukushi. She promised her that she would help him regain his memory.[1] After Tsukasa was released from the hospital, Umi went with him to Tokyo, where she confessed her love. She then tagged along on a skiing trip. Tsukasa figured out that Umi was not the person he had forgot. Later, Umi told Tsukushi that Yuki had gone outside during a blizzard. Tsukushi then went to find her and was saved by Tsukasa. She felt remorse for putting Tsukushi in danger. Several days later, Umi helped push the Makinos car out of the mud. She apologized as they drove away.[2]

Physical appearances[]

Umi was a young girl, who Tsukushi described as wearing "a big smile like the sun." Her always being cheerful significantly contributed to her attractiveness. She had long brown hair and short bangs. Her wardrobe consisted of casual, sporty clothing.

Personality and traits[]

She was an extremely cheerful person with a knack for getting people to open up to her. Umi talked to every person she came across, which allowed her to easily make friends. She was always helping others, though it was actually for her own benefit. This was the case when she attempted to help Tsukasa, who she was romantically attached to. Umi felt remorse for hurting Tsukushi.


Her given name, Umi (海; うみ), means "sea" or "ocean."[3] Nakajima (中島; なかじま) can translate to "island in a pond or river."[4] It is a relatively common surname and is also the name of several locations in Japan.[5] By themselves, the kanji mean "inside" or "middle" (中)[6] and "island" (島).[7]

Behind the scenes[]

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