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"I am confident. I'm confident I can fill the gap left by the memories you've lost. I love you."
—Umi to Tsukasa[src]

Umi Nakajima (中島 海 (なかじま うみ) Nakajima Umi) was a high school student at M Academy. She befriended Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji, while he and Umi were being treated at the same hospital. Umi promised to help Tsukushi with Tsukasa's memory loss. She ended up developing romantic feelings towards him, but was rejected by him.


Early life[]

As a child, Umi was "sickly" and spent a lot of time in hospitals.[2]

High school[]

Umi was a third year at M Academy, where she made several friends including Risako.[3] However, she was also known to "steal" other girls' boyfriends. According to one friend, Umi was not trying to steal them but that "it just happen[ed]."[4]

Meeting Tsukasa[]


Umi meets Tsukasa

"It's okay. You don't have to force yourself to remember. You have a lot of friends around you. You can just fill in the blanks as you go. Just think of it as hitting the reset button on your life. It might not have been anything important. When you try to remember something that you've forgotten, it tends to feel like it was something important."
—Umi to Tsukasa about his amnesia[src]

Umi injured her foot, which led to her staying at the hospital for some time. There she befriended numerous patients and hospital staff.[5] One day, she bumped into Tsukushi Makino and fell. Tsukushi helped her stand back up. Umi then noticed Rui Hanazawa and asked whether he was Tsukushi's boyfriend. She said that her boyfriend was actually a patient there. They agreed to chat if they ran into each other again.[6] The girls met the following day and introduced themselves. They helped Kobayashi to his room and Umi introduced her to some of the patients she had befriended. After leaving the room, Tsukushi asked Umi advice on what to do about "people that are tough to deal with." Umi said "nothing special," before seeing Tsukasa Domyoji walking nearby. She cheerfully introduced herself.[5]

Tsukasa attempted to ignore Umi and called her a "pauper." She fired back "In a hospital, all of the patients are equal!" When Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro Nishikado walked up, Tsukasa left. Umi pointedly ignored their attempts to flirt with her. The next day, Umi met Tsukasa again. He was rude until she helped him from falling.[7] Tsukushi walked up and Umi suggested that they go up to the roof. There Tsukasa revealed that he had amnesia. Umi told him "You don't have to force yourself to remember." They were shortly joined by several of Tsukasa's friends. Rui asked Tsukasa if he remembered Tsukushi. Umi interrupted, leading Rui to tell her to "butt out."[3] She attempted to apologize for meddling, earning an icy glare from him. Before Tsukushi left, Umi asked her if Tsukasa was her boyfriend which she confirmed.[4]

Pursuing Tsukasa[]


Umi confesses her feelings to Tsukasa

Umi: "Tsukushi, you made that lunch, didn't you? I'm so sorry. I was jealous of you. Everyone seemed to need you. I'm sorry. I'll really try to... Will you agree to see me then?"
Tsukushi: "Of course. See you again someday"
— Umi apologizes to Tsukushi[src]

After being released from the hospital, Umi came by to visit Tsukasa everyday. Akira and Sojiro spoke to her about coming too often. She replied that Tsukushi was okay with it. Umi came again the next day when Tsukasa found a bento.[2] After Tsukasa was released, Umi continued to visit him at his home. When Tsukushi came by, Umi took her aside and said "I wish you wouldn't come here anymore," suggesting that Tsukasa would remember faster if she was not there. Back in the room, Tsukasa asked Umi to make him a bento again. Tsukushi began to cry and then left.[8] The next day, Sakurako Sanjo and Shigeru Okawahara confronted Umi at her school about not thinking of Tsukushi. Umi went to Tsukasa's after school. He started talking about Tsukushi, which upset Umi. She then confessed her feelings.[9]

That night, Umi visited Tsukushi. She told her that she loved Tsukasa and that he felt the same way. The following day, Umi came to Tsukasa's with a bento. He ate one bite and realized she did not make the previous one.[10] Umi admitted to not making it before, but tried to garner sympathy. He saw through her. Umi became afraid of his demeanor. She met Akira, Sojiro, and Rui on her way out and tried to get sympathy from them. They only smiled and said "It's over now."[11] The following day, Umi asked Tsukushi to meet her. They were interrupted when Miya came and slapped Umi. She accused her of talking to her boyfriend. Their mutual friend offered Umi some advice before leaving. Umi became defensive, but Tsukushi told her to think more on her advice. As Tsukushi walked away, Umi apologized to her.[12]

Physical appearances[]

Umi had light brown, almost blonde hair with golden brown eyes. Her hair was long, reaching way past her shoulders, and her bangs were short. Tsukushi commented that Umi had a "good figure," which was slim and thin. During her stay in the hospital, she was seen in mostly loose, comfortable clothing. After her recovery, Umi wore her school uniform most of the time. She was also seen once in casual clothing, which was a dress paired with jeans and a frilly sweater.

Personality and traits[]

Umi was a bubbly teenager who made friends with people of all ages easily. People tended to warm up to her helpful nature very quickly. However, Umi sometimes aimed her good intentions in wrong direction, such as when she messaged Miya's boyfriend instead of Miya herself. When she received backlash for her actions, Umi was wont to view herself as completely innocent. She questioned why anyone would treat her in such a way since she was only trying to be helpful. In actuality, Umi was capable of being manipulative and her actions were not wholly for the other person's benefit. Her manipulative behavior was particularly seen in her interference with Tsukasa and Tsukushi.

Financial strength
Queen attitude


Umi (海; うみ), a female given name, means "sea" or "ocean."[14] Her surname, Nakajima (中島; なかじま) translates to "island in a pond or river."[15] It is a relatively common surname and is the name of several locations in Japan.[16] Separately, the kanji mean "inside" or "middle" (中)[17] and "island" (島).[18]

Behind the scenes[]

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