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Tsukushi: "You idiot! Why didn't you fight them back? You could have easily clobbered five of them!"
Tsukasa: "Are you stupid? If I fought back, I would have lost. I couldn't protect you like that."
Tsukasa sacrifices himself to protect Tsukushi

"Tsukasa Won't Come...?" (道明寺は・・・来ない? (どみょうじは  こない ) Dōmyōji wa Konai?) is the thirty-second entry in the Boys Over Flowers anime based on the manga of the same name. It aired on April 20, 1997 in Japan. The episode was followed by "Someday We'll Laugh..." on April 27.

Tsukushi Makino is abducted by Junpei Oribe and his goons. He reveals that he wants revenge on Tsukasa Domyoji for hurting his brother. When Tsukasa arrives, he allows the guys to beat him up in order to protect Tsukushi.


Tsukushi Makino is tied up in the storage room of the old gymnasium. Four strangers dressed in Eitoku Academy uniform hover menacingly around her. One of them tells her "Yell all you want but no one will come," while another guy cuts off a chunk of her hair. At that moment, another guy walks into the room. Tsukushi's eyes open wide as she realizes who it is. Meanwhile, Sojiro Nishikado, Akira Mimasaka, and Rui Hanazawa search for Tsukasa Domyoji at his house. They find him grilling fish outside. When they ask him where he was, Tsukasa simply says "I took the cruiser out for a spin." A surprised Sojiro shouts "Listen, what are you planning to do about Makino?" He looks confused by the question.

Junpei Oribe says "I'm sorry, Makino," confessing that he has been "using" her. He takes responsibility for his actions, including giving her a red card. Junpei then yells at the others "You guys have to stop straying from the plan." One admits to thinking he he could possibly "double cross" them. Junpei grabs him by the collar, saying "Whose plan got us this far, anyway?" Seeing Junpei this way, Tsukushi asks herself whether this is really him. He asks his partners to leave him alone with her. Junpei takes the tape off of Tsukushi's mouth and she begins yelling at him. Calmly, Junpei tells her about his brother whom stood up to the F4 and was nearly killed. He then reveals "I'm using you to lure Domyoji out here."

The other inform Tsukasa about Tsukushi receiving a red card which he has no idea about. Rui says "I figured it wasn't you." A housekeeper runs up to Tsukasa carrying the lock of Tsukushi's hair and a message from Junpei's partner for Tsukasa to "come alone." Meanwhile, Tsukushi is upset at Junpei whom she thought was like her. She tells him "I know what Domyoji did was unforgivable, but what about you?!" Tsukushi then calls him a "coward" for not facing Tsukasa head on. Angry, Junpei attempts to kiss her, but she bites his lip. Tsukushi remembers the last thing she said to Tsukasa and declares "Domyoji won't come." She admonishes herself for not believing in Tsukasa and silently says sorry to him.

Junpei's partners walk back into the room. They notice the blood on Junpei's and Tsukushi's lips, from when he attempted to kiss her. One grabs her chin, leading Tsukushi to say "Keep your dirty hands off me." Another guy talks about getting back at Tsukasa for punching him. Tsukushi starts laughing, saying "You've got to do something this cowardly just to show him up?" Her laughter angers the guy until he hits her. He then drags by her hair and threatens "We can do anything we like with you. Get the message?" Tsukushi tells him "[Tsukasa] won't come." The guy nearly punches her again but Junpei holds him back. At that moment, the guys' attention turns to the door as Tsukasa finally makes his appearance.

Entering the room, Tsukasa says "Let's get this over with. What do you want me to do?" Tsukushi shouts and a guy puts a pair of scissors to her neck, threatening Tsukasa not to make "any stupid moves." Before they start beating him up, Tsukasa tells her to close her eyes. She watches the scene with tears in her eyes, thinking "He's never been hit by anyone before..." He manages to withstand it all. Junpei tries to hit him with a chair, but Tsukushi throws herself in front of Tsukasa. He finally declares "That's enough" and leaves with his accomplices. Tsukushi asks "Why didn't you fight them back?" He touches her cheek and says "If I fought back, I would have lost. I couldn't protect you like that." Tsukasa then passes out.

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Akira Mimasaka Yuta Mochizuki
Junpei Oribe Hiroki Takahashi
Sojiro Nishikado Yoshihiko Akaida
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida


Additional voices


  • Script: Yumi Kageyama
  • Director: Yasuo Yamayoshi
  • Animation director: Yoshihiko Umakoshi
  • Art directors: Shinzo Yuki, Tadaumi Shimokawa


Chapters covered:
Arc: Junpei
91, 92, 93


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