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"I love you so much, it's messing with my mind. I want only you. Makino, I don't give up easily. If you run, I'll come after you. I'll go to hell or anywhere, if that's what it takes. I'll run after you and catch you!"
—Tsukasa to Tsukushi[src]

Tsukasa Domyoji (道明寺 司 (どうみょうじ つかさ) Dōmyōji Tsukasa) was the son of Kaede Domyoji. He was in line to inherit Domyoji Group. Tsukasa was the leader of the F4, consisting of him and his childhood friends, Rui Hanazawa, Akira Mimasaka, and Sojiro Nishikado. He met Tsukushi Makino while attending Eitoku Academy and fell in love with her.


Early life[]


Tsukasa and Akira in elementary school

Tsukasa was born the heir of Domyoji Group. He rarely saw his mother and father since they lived in New York City.[4] Tsukasa had an older sister, Tsubaki, whom he was close to. He later became friends with Rui Hanazawa, Akira Mimasaka, and Sojiro Nishikado, while attending Eitoku Academy's elementary division.[5] The four boys were also befriended by Shizuka Todo around the same time.[6] Later in elementary school, Tsukasa wanted a teddy bear owned by Rui. He refused to give it to Tsukasa, leading to a scuffle and the bear was torn. Tsukasa blamed the whole thing on Rui. The next morning, he thought Rui would be mad but he smiled at him instead.[7]

In middle school, Tsukasa was known for being particularly violent. A student stood up to him, which angered Tsukasa. He ended up kicking the student so hard that his intestines ruptured. The student's family wanted to take Tsukasa to court over it. However, his father used money to "cover it up."[8]

High school[]

Tsukasa and his friends were known as the F4 by the time entered into high school. Being from Eitoku's richest families, they were given free reign of the school. As the group's leader, Tsukasa instigated most of the bullying activities. He would often issue red cards to those who upset him thus signaling the other students to bully the individual. Said individual would often end up leaving the school.[9] His sister married and moved to Beverly Hills during his second year.[6]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Tsukasa angry after Makiko fell on him

Tsukasa: "You're such an airhead. I'm saying I'll make a big concession to you and allow you to hang out with me. Of course, you'll never be a replacement for my sister. I'll still ignore you at school, as always. But when no one's around, you can talk to me. Well, aren't you happy?"
Tsukushi: "Did that kick to the head scramble your brains? Did you really expect me to be happy?"
— Tsukasa's attempt to buy Tsukushi fails[src]

During his third year, Tsukasa met Tsukushi Makino, a lower-class student a year below him. Tsukushi's friend accidentally tripped down a flight of stairs and landed on Tsukasa. He was angry and told her "You know what to expect." Tsukushi asked him to forgive her friend, leading him to say "Is this an example of cheap, middle-class friendship?" She began yelling at him, ending with "You've never worked for your money. So quit mouthing off!" The next day, she was issued a red card instead of her friend, who avoided Tsukushi. Tsukasa then said "That's the way it goes with cheap friendships." Later, a group of students attacked Tsukushi, reportedly on orders from Tsukasa. The following day, Tsukushi kicked Tsukasa in the face which reminded him of his sister. She then declared war on him with her own red card.[9]

The following afternoon, Tsukasa ordered his men to capture Tsukushi, essentially kidnapping her from school. As they were dragging her toward the car, he told her "You're going to pay for what you did." Tsukasa had her brought to his house, where she was given a lavish makeover and spa treatment in order to impress her. He made her an offer to "allow [her] to hang out with [him]," though they could not speak at school. Tsukushi rejected his offer. Tsukasa, confused and angry, stated "I'm name-brand from head to toe, what about you?" Tsukushi replied "I'm no brand" and then left. Tsukasa was once again reminded strongly of his sister. The next day, Tsukushi ran up to Tsukasa and yelled "I'm still a virgin!" In his roundabout way, Tsukasa thought that was her way of saying she liked him.[5]

Tsukasa interrupted Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara bullying Tsukushi the next day. He declared "The only one allowed to bully her is me!" and then threatened them with red cards. Tsukasa then told Tsukushi "Don't cry, it's not like you" and reached his hand toward her. She pushed him away, saying "Whose fault is it that I'm being treated like this?!" Irritated, Tsukasa asked her what she did not like about him. She then began listing several points, including his hair style. Tsukushi punched him, before rushing off. The next day, Tsukasa went to school with his hair straightened. He insisted to Tsukushi that he did not do it because of what she said. She complimented him on it. However, it soon began curling again. Akira and Sojiro then ran up to Tsukasa and told him that Shizuka had just arrived.[10]

Atami trip[]


Tsukasa after arriving at Atami

Rui: "Tsukasa, back off, okay?"
Tsukasa: "Rui, don't tell me... You like this little hick? Well?! I hope you know what this means. You'll be the school reject! And you can forget about being in the F4!"
— Tsukasa becomes angry with Rui when he protects Tsukushi[src]

After greeting Shizuka, the F4 brought her to a restaurant. Akira teased Tsukasa about Tsukushi being similar to his sister. He denied it, saying "As if I'd give that pauper girl the time of day!" Next, Sojiro made a remark about Rui being "glum." Tsukasa then said "He always gets moody when he's happy," which Rui denied. The next morning, Tsukasa made fun of Tsukushi when she wore her hair in pigtails. Instead of getting a rise out of her, she ignored him. Later on, he saw her speaking happily with Kazuya Aoike. He became jealous and sent Kazuya a red card without asking the others. Tsukushi confronted Tsukasa for targeting Kazuya. He refused to tell her the real reason, only stating "Because you don't understand a thing!" Tsukasa slapped her when she said Kazuya was better than him. Tsukushi punched him in retaliation.[6]

Later the same day, Rui protected Tsukushi from bullies. Tsukasa was angered, saying "You realize what you're doing, right?" Rui refused to back down. He then tried to grab Tsukushi out of Rui's arms. She eventually screamed at them both to drop her. Tsukasa declared "Our friendship is over." The following day, Tsukasa's anger at Rui had not yet waned. After school, Tsukasa went to see Tsukushi, whom had a cold, at her house. There he impressed her parents with his family name, earning him an invitation to dinner. Tsukushi was forced by her mother to walk him partway home. He was going to offer to pay her way to Hawaii for the school trip. She informed him she was going to Atami with Kazuya instead. The next day, Tsukasa announced to Sojiro and Akira that they were going to Atami.[11]

That summer, Tsukasa arrived in Atami on his family yacht, along with his friends and several Eitoku classmates. Shizuka and the others brought Rui along without informing him. He encountered Tsukushi on the beach with Kazuya and her parents. Tsukasa proceeded to brag about the yacht, causing her parents to faint. Shizuka and Rui then invited Tsukushi to that night's party. Tsukasa was peeved, having planned to invite her himself, and had to held back by Akira. Tsukasa later had his hairstylist straighten his hair for the party. That night, he was amazed by Tsukushi's makeover given to her by Shizuka. He was unable to give her a proper compliment. made to ask her to dance, but was pulled away by Yuriko. Later, the lights were turned off for a game. Tsukasa was kissed accidentally by Tsukushi during that time.[12]

Start of fall term[]


Tsukasa forcefully kisses Tsukushi

"Don't tell me you never kissed anyone before? You're a lucky girl, to have me for your first kiss. You should be thankful. But you need to work on your style. That was a little too aggressive."
—Tsukasa is oblivious that Tsukushi is upset about the kiss[src]

Tsukasa followed Tsukushi after she ran out of the room. He asked "Don't tell me, you never kissed anyone before?" He continued to ramble until she started to cry. The next day, Tsukasa met Tsukushi on the beach. Akira teased them for staring at each other, before Sojiro announced that he saw them kissing the previous night. Tsukasa claimed "I couldn't stop her" and that she had "jumped" him. Later that day, Kazuya confronted Tsukasa and challenged him to catching squid. While fishing, Kazuya talked about how Tsukushi used to be. Guessing Kazuya's feelings for her, Tsukasa told him "Sorry to disappoint you, but she loves me." After Tsukasa only managed to catch one octopus, they returned to the yacht where they found Tsukushi. Tsukasa went from room to room inviting everyone to eat squid.[13]

On the first day of the fall term, Tsukasa woke up early in a good mood. He went to pick up Akira and Sojiro early for school. There he got ready for his pranks. First, he filled Tsukushi's locker with trash and then waited for her to walk up the stairs in order to wave a toy caterpillar in her face. Tsukushi was startled and called him a "jerk," before running off. Tsukasa then claimed to Akira and Sojiro that she was "crazy" about him. Later, he went searching for Rui and found him with Tsukushi at the emergency exit. When Tsukasa asked Akira and Sojiro about it, Yuriko walked up with her friends. She showed him a video of her and Rui during the Atami trip. Angry, Tsukasa smashed the camcorder and hit Yuriko, when she attempted to approach him. He then told Akira and Sojiro, "Nobody has ever made a fool of me like this."[14]

A few minutes later, a male student bumped into Tsukasa. He grabbed him by his shirt collar. Tsukasa repeatedly kicked him, despite him apologizing. Akira and Sojiro tried to stop him, but he had gone past the point of rational thought. Tsukasa then threatened another student with a chair. Teacher Urara Aoi stepped in and refused to move. Tsukasa threw the chair out the window in frustration. Later, he returned to the emergency exit where he found Tsukushi's voice recorder. When she returned for her things, he pinned her to the wall. She distracted him, allowing her to run. Tsukasa caught up with her when she tripped. He held her arms and began kissing her. Tsukasa stopped once she started crying. Finally snapping out of it, he clumsily comforted her by saying "I won't do anything. Don't cry."[15]

Rui's departure[]


Tsukasa asks Tsukushi on a date

Tsukushi: "Plus, you have your pick of the girls. "I'll call you next time." What a playboy!"
Tsukasa: "Stupid! Those girls are social climbers. They just want my money. It's written all over their faces. I don't interest them half as much as my title. Do you think I'd give girls like that the time of day?"
— Tsukasa becomes indignant at Tsukushi's insinuation[src]

At Shizuka's birthday party, Tsukasa tried to ignore Tsukushi at first. However, he smirked at her when he noticed her staring while he was surrounded by women. After Tsukushi pummeled a producer, Akira compared her violent tendencies to Tsukasa's. The two exclaimed "Don't lump us together!" at the same time. On stage, Shizuka announced her intentions to return to France. Sometime later, Tsukasa was approached by a business rival of his father's. He brushed him off and then noticed Tsukushi watching him. Tsukasa became indignant when she brought up the women from earlier. The two apologized to each other, though they fought again when Tsukushi asked for an apology for the other day also. Tsukasa refused. She then became sick and threw up on Tsukasa's suit, leading him to taking her home that night.[16]

The following morning, Tsukasa asked Tsukushi "Don't you have something to say to me?" She called him several names, before he reminded her of the previous night. Their bickering was interrupted by a group of girls loudly declaring "Here's our big chance!," referring to Rui. Tsukasa compared Tsukushi to those girls and wondered what will happen to Rui when Shizuka leaves. Tsukushi ran off. Some days later, Tsukasa and the others gathered at the airport to see off Shizuka. There Tsukushi asked him if it was okay to "repress your feelings." He replied "It's like there wasn't a relationship to begin with." Once Shizuka left, Rui finally showed up and revealed he was going after her. While watching Rui's plane take off, Tsukasa told Tsukushi "Let's go on a date." He failed to realize that she had not heard him, before walking off.[17]

Pretend dating[]


Tsukasa almost kisses Tsukushi in the elevator

Tsukasa: "I haven't seen my parents in two years. Dad's job keeps them in New York all the time."
Tsukushi: "So you're all alone in that mansion? You must get lonely there."
Tsukasa: "Lonely? Don't be silly."
Tsukushi: "I'm sorry about today. I'll even let you get me back."
— Tsukasa opens up to Tsukushi while they are stuck in an elevator[src]

Sojiro and Akira learned about Tsukasa's date the next day. They gave him advice, though he ignored it. He visited Tsukushi's classroom to tell her the time and place. That Sunday, Tsukasa waited for four hours in the snow. When Tsukushi finally showed up, he was very angry with her and the two bickered for several minutes. She asked him "Why did you wait so long," to which he replied "I thought you were in an accident or something." Tsukushi then offered to treat him to tea. They reached their destination and shortly after entering the elevator, it broke down. Tsukasa, meanwhile, had developed a fever. Tsukushi eventually realized the problem and quickly took actions to bring his fever down. After some time, he leaned in to kiss her just before the doors opened. Tsukushi walked him to a cab, before parting ways.[4]

After getting over his cold, Tsukasa returned to school. He was greeted by Sojiro and Akira, whom had heard about his date with Tsukushi. They asked him "How was it?" He was not sure what they meant and told them several random details, all of which they misconstrued. Tsukasa remained confused. Tsukushi coincidentally walked up at that moment. Tsukasa only managed to say "How are you?" to her. Akira called him a "kid" for being so nervous around her. Meanwhile, everyone at school began to think Tsukasa and Tsukushi were dating. He did not correct the mistake and neither did she, though for different reasons. The next day, Tsukasa waited for Tsukushi at the gate when she was late for school. However, he denied that he was waiting when she asked. Tsukasa then treated her to lunch in the cafeteria.[18]

The next day, Tsukushi introduced the guys to Sakurako Sanjo. Sojiro and Akira were taken by her looks, though she called herself ugly. Sojiro said "If you're ugly, what does that make Makino?," to which Tsukasa said that Tsukushi was cute. That afternoon, Tsukasa asked Tsukushi if she wanted to hang out with them. She backed out at the last second. The next day, a bee flew near Sakurako during lunch. She clung to Tsukasa, who then swatted it away.[19] The next day, Tsukasa became annoyed with Sakurako for asking personal questions. He told her to be quiet, and asked Sojiro and Akira "What's she doing hovering around us?" Sakurako started to cry, leading the others to defend her. Tsukushi even called him "trash." Sakurako surprised everyone by yelling at Tsukushi for criticizing Tsukasa.[20]

Sakurako incident[]


Tsukasa embraces Tsukushi

Tsukushi: "Don't tell me you're jealous... Yeah, right!"
Tsukasa: "I am jealous. I'm crazy jealous. Enough that I'd happily kill that guy. I love you."
— Tsukasa confesses his feelings to Tsukushi[src]

A couple days later, Tsukasa arrived at school to find Tsukushi being attacked. He immediately ordered them to stop and started to walk towards Tsukushi. Sakurako then ran up to him and showed him a photo of Tsukushi in bed with a blonde guy. Tsukushi told Tsukasa that Sakurako was a liar and pleaded "I don't care if no one else believes me as long as you do!" Sakurako then showed him several more photos, which sent him into a state of shock. He walked away, followed by Sakurako. Tsukasa ended up at her house, not realizing that he drove her home. There Sakurako and Tsukasa talked about their parents in turn. She confessed her feelings for him, but mentioned Tsukushi in the process. He suddenly remembered that he left her and made to leave. Sakurako tried to get him to stay, but he rejected her advances.[21]

Tsukasa saved Tsukushi, apologizing and telling her "If you say it didn't happen, I believe you." He then held her in his arms. Tsukasa brought her to his house and called her mother to inform her that Tsukushi would be spending the night. After her bath, Tsukasa helped dress her wounds and promised to "take responsibility" if she had a scar. He then asked her about the guy, leading her to say "Don't tell me you're jealous." Tsukasa admitted that he was jealous and calmly told her that he loved her. He then kissed her. As she left the room, he told her "I'm serious. Don't brush this off." The next morning, Tsukasa woke up early and headed to school. There he had the male students who hurt Tsukushi the previous day hung from the roof by their ankles. He only agreed to let them down, after Tsukushi arrived and asked him to.[22]

Rui later surprised everyone with his return. Tsukasa was happy, but became annoyed when he saw Tsukushi staring at Rui. Tsukasa put his arm around her shoulders, telling Rui "Makino and I are dating." Rui seemed to accept it, which pacified Tsukasa. Sojiro then suggested that they cut their afternoon classes to hang out together. The next day, news that Sakurako having had plastic surgery became a hot topic. Tsukasa called her a "real freak show," though he added "But I think her original face had more character." He then gave a pager to Tsukushi, whom was passing by. He informed her to come whenever he paged her. Later that day, Tsukasa sent over furniture to her house. He paged and told her to come meet him at a club. Once there, she yelled at him to take all the furniture back before leaving.[23]

Rui's return[]


Tsukasa hurt after Tsukushi and Rui betray him

"Let me tell you something. Don't get me wrong. I told you how I feel about you, but you haven't told me how you feel. I don't want to sleep with a girl who doesn't love me. Well, I am a guy. And if I told you I didn't want to, it'd be a lie. Makino, hurry up and decide. I'm getting tired of waiting."
—Tsukasa to Tsukushi[src]

The next day after school, Tsukasa picked up Tsukushi and informed her that they were going to his family's villa. Tsukushi told him she was not going, citing her parents as the reason. He then said that he got permission from her father. They arrived at his plane, already containing the F3 and their guests. During takeoff, Tsukushi was scared and clung to Tsukasa's neck. He complained though he blushed fiercely. They shortly arrived at his family's private island. Tsukasa showed Tsukushi here room, where he hugged her and said "This will be our room." That night, she told Tsukasa she was tired and went off to bed. He followed not long after and informed her that he was going to sleep on the couch. He said "I don't want to sleep with a girl who doesn't love me," before asking her to give an answer soon.[24]

In the middle of the night, Tsukasa woke up and discovered Tsukushi was gone. He barged into Sojiro's and Akira's room yelling that Tsukushi was missing. Tsukasa paged her, asking her to return to the villa. When she did so, he yelled "Where the hell were you?!" She said "I went for a walk by myself." The following morning, the F4 and Tsukushi were playing volleyball when her pager fell out of Rui's pocket. He then handed it to Tsukasa, asking him to return it. Tsukasa realized that she lied earlier. A volleyball then hit him in the head, causing him to fall over. He later tested Tsukushi by asking her about the pager. She lied again, claiming it was back in the room. A few seconds later, Kazuya and Sakurako arrived at the island, much to Tsukasa's annoyance. That night, he laid awake as he listened to Tsukushi leaving the room.[25]

Tsukasa followed Tsukushi to the beach, where he found her in Rui's arms. He said "So that's how it is" to Rui and then punched him in the face. Tsukasa turned to leave, but Tsukushi asked him to wait. He told her "What's left to say after all this?" Tsukasa went on to say "I gave all my heart to you. But, you just smashed it into a thousand pieces." He left after saying "Don't ever talk to me again." By morning, Tsukasa had departed the island accompanied by Sakurako. Once Sojiro and Akira returned home, he revealed what happened with Rui. They later confronted him at school. Tsukasa declared "Rui, you're not one of us anymore!" and stormed off. He then walked by Tsukushi without acknowledging her. When Akira and Sojiro asked why he did not confront her as well, Tsukasa answered "Don't ever mention her name again."[26]

Rift in the F4[]


Tsukasa declares he will have Tsukushi and Rui expelled

"I can't forgive him, especially because he's Rui. Do you think he really loves Makino? The only girl he loves, to this day, is Shizuka. Shizuka's about to get married. Rui's just using Makino to try to forget everything."
—Tsukasa to Akira and Sojiro[src]

That weekend, Tsukasa was being followed around by Sakurako. He yelled her, leading her to say "I started wondering how you were doing, and I just couldn't sit still." Tsukasa then criticized for "acting so girly," adding "Don't think you can fool a guy with an act like that!" She told him that she would act like Tsukushi if he preferred girls like that. Tsukasa went silent before saying "If you ever mention her name in front of me again, I'll fix it so no amount of plastic surgery will help you." Later that day, Sakurako was still following him so he told her to "go home." She instead responded with a long story about how she had loved him since childhood and even admitted to wanting revenge on him previously. Tsukasa told her "When I look at you, I feel like I'm looking at myself." He then encouraged her to be her "natural" self.[27]

Tsukasa found himself laughing with Sakurako, leading him to invite her to his house for tea. Shortly later, Tsubaki surprised him with her arrival. He whispered "Did your husband kick you ou..." Tsubaki punched him for not greeting her properly. She joined the two for tea. After saying goodbye to Sakurako, Tsukasa happened to walk into a room where Tsukushi was hiding. His shock quickly turned to anger when she mentioned "coming back from Rui's." He then approached her saying "Do you know what you are doing?" When he grabbed her arm, he told her "Do you enjoy playing with other people's hearts?" At this point, Tsubaki came in and kicked him. Afterwards, Tsukasa sulked in the shower and refused to come down to dinner. His sister later asked him to carry an asleep Tsukushi to bed, which he did grudgingly.[28]

The next morning, Tsukasa announced that he would have Tsukushi and Rui expelled. She questioned him saying "What gives you the right to do this?" Tsukasa gave her one look before walking away. That night, Sojiro and Akira argued with him about his decision. They also disapproved of replacing Rui with Kazuya. Tsukasa told them "I can't forgive him, especially because he's Rui." The next day, Tsukasa went to the principal and threatened to stop his family's donations if he did not expel Tsukushi and Rui. Tsubaki arrived shortly and started arguing with him. Tsukushi interrupted and said she would quit on her own. Tsukasa began to sway in his decision until Rui showed up. Eventually Tsubaki stopped everyone and made a suggestion. A game of basketball was decided to determine Tsukushi's and Rui's fates.[29]

Leaving Japan[]


Tsukasa begs Tsukushi to say she loves him

Tsukasa: "I thought I'd never be the man he was. He probably doesn't remember it, but someday I've got to make up for what I did."
Tsubaki: "You're not talking about Tsukushi, are you? Is that why you're going to New York?"
Tsukasa: "No, I'd made up my mind, even before the basketball game. I'd decided, win or lose, to got to New York to study."
— Tsukasa explains his reasons for leaving to Tsubaki[src]

That night, Tsukasa waited for Tsukushi near her house. He hugged her and said "If you'd just say you love me, I'll cancel tomorrow's showdown." Tsukasa attempted to kiss her but she resisted, which he took as a rejection. Heartbroken, he then stated "You hate me that much?" Now composed, he declared "I'm not pulling any punches tomorrow," to which she replied "That's fine with me." Tsukasa smiled and said "Just what I expect" as he walked away. The following day, Tsukasa's team dominated for most of the match. At three minutes left, Rui told him "I'll do anything to protect Makino," distracting Tsukasa. Rui then kissed Tsukushi on the forehead, causing Tsukasa to act out in jealously. Rui's team ended up nearly tying the game, before Tsukasa declared "I quit." Before leaving, he told Tsukushi "Do what you like."[30]

Directly following the match, Tsukasa wandered around the city in a daze. Three guys attempted to rob him though he did not even notice until they said several words that sounded like "Rui." He came out of his stupor and let off his frustration by beating the guys up. As he was about to hit the last guy, Tsukasa remembered Tsukushi and stopped himself. He continued wandering around for much of the night while thinking of Tsukushi. Tsukasa returned home late that night. He overheard his sister, Akira, and Sojiro talking about Tsukushi and Rui, whom they locked in a bedroom. The guys were afraid he was going to be angry, but Tsubaki explained it to him calmly. Tsukasa then sat down and said "Well, good for Rui." Tsukasa stayed up the rest of night, delving further into his memories of Tsukushi.[31]

The next morning, Tsukasa told his friends that he was going to study abroad in New York. They were concerned about his ability to survive there. Tsukushi accused him of leaving because he was unable to expel her and Rui. He told her "This has nothing to do with you." That afternoon, he explained his reasons for leaving to Tsubaki. He revealed that he had made up his mind to go prior to the match. A couple days later, his sister and friends saw him off at the airport. Rui gave him a voice recorder as a gift from Tsukushi. On the plane, he listened to the message. It was Rui saying "Nothing happened between Makino and me." Tsukasa tried to get off the plane, but it was too late. He called Tsukushi from the airport in Vancouver, telling her to come get him. She yelled at him about her family's financial problems.[7]

Canada trip[]


Tsukasa carries Tsukushi the morning after the storm

Tsukasa: "Hurry up and take off your clothes, too. You'll never warm up if you keep that wet sweater on."
Tsukushi: "I-I'm fine!"
Tsukasa: "This is no time to be embarrassed. Look at your feet. They're nearly frostbitten."
— Tsukasa to Tsukushi during the blizzard[src]

Tsukasa promised to lend Tsukushi the one million yen her father lost if she came to Vancouver. He waited by himself at his family's villa for about a day. When she and his friends finally arrived, he was annoyed to see some others had tagged along, including Yuriko and Sakurako. He ignored them, instead greeting Tsukushi with "How do you like your first overseas trip?" She responded "It's the pits!" Tsukushi then called him "weak-willed" for deciding to return to Japan and a "big fool" for ending up in Canada by accident. Tsukasa did not respond to the last insult since Sojiro stepped in. Later, everyone went out snowboarding. Seeing Tsukushi struggling, Tsukasa showed her a toy that spelled out "lousy fool." She chased him down the slope and eventually grabbed the toy, which he gave to her. He and Tsukushi then began talking normally.[32]

That night, Tsukasa found out that Tsukushi had ran out into a blizzard after Yuriko had tricked her. Rui attempted to stop Tsukasa from going outside, but he was determined to save her. Tsukasa searched for her on a snowmobile until it broke down. He found her buried under snow. He had to use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to wake her. Tsukasa then carried her to a cabin. There he told her to undress since her legs were nearly frostbitten. She told him "Don't get any ideas, okay?" which caused him to shout "Is this really the time for that?!" They laid next to each other by the fire for the rest of the night. The next morning, they returned to the villa. Tsukasa later said "Let's settle things" to Tsukushi. She thought he was talking about the loan. He then tried to say "I love you" twice but she did not hear him both times.[33]

After returning from Canada, Tsukasa was walking through school with the rest of the F4. He blushed upon seeing Tsukushi again. Sojiro teased "Say hello to your lady love" and pushed Tsukasa closer to her. He then sheepishly said "Yo" without looking at her. Noticing them both blushing, Akira brought up the night in Canada. Tsukushi yelled that she did not want to about that, putting emphasis on "Especially because of him!" Tsukasa became annoyed, saying "How can you say that?!" They nearly had an argument which the guys broke up. Later that day, Tsukasa was in a daze. Sojiro joked that he was dreaming about Tsukushi. Irritated, Tsukasa shouted "Why would I want to think about that dog?" followed by more insults. Sojiro and Akira concurred. Someone then called them "idiots" but they never found the culprit.[34]

Junpei incident[]


Tsukasa and Tsukushi at the hospital

Tsukasa: "I love you so much, it's messing with my mind. I want only you."
Junpei: "Haven't you said enough, Domyoji?"
Tsukasa: "Makino, I don't give up easily. If you run, I'll come after you. I'll go to hell or anywhere, if that's what it takes. I'll run after you and catch you!"
— Tsukasa confesses his feelings to Tsukushi again[src]

Sometime later, Tsukasa saw Tsukushi on the cover of Treasures with a male model. He confronted her about it and found her with a stranger, Junpei Oribe. Tsukasa asked her "What's up with this guy?" to which she did not give a clear answer. Junpei suggested that he was "jealous," angering Tsukasa who then threatened to hit him. Next, Junpei asked Tsukushi "Do you like this guy?" and used words like "immature" and "jerk" to describe Tsukasa. He proceeded to beat up Junpei until Tsukushi told him to stop. She sobbed as she told him "When I'm with you, I feel like I'm suffocating" and that she wanted to get away from him and the F4. Just before she left with Junpei, Tsukasa said "I love you so much, it's messing with my mind." He then confessed that he would pursue her anywhere, including hell.[35]

Tsukasa left Tokyo for several days without telling anyone, including his friends. He was on his family's yacht. When he returned home, the F4 found him grilling fish outside. Sojiro asked him "What are you planning to do about Makino?" and revealed that Tsukushi had received a red card. Tsukasa had no idea about it. A housekeeper then arrived with a lock of Tsukushi's hair and a message for Tsukasa to go alone to the old gymnasium. When he arrived, Junpei's partners began beating him up. Tsukasa did not fight back in order to protect Tsukushi. Junpei nearly hit with a chair, but Tsukushi threw herself in front of Tsukasa and was hit instead. After their attackers finally left, she yelled at him "Why didn't you fight them back?" He touched her cheek and said "If I fought back, I would have lost," before passing out.[8]

After both being found unconscious, Tsukasa and Tsukushi were taken to the hospital. There he and the guys played a trick on Tsukushi by pretending he had died. While they found it funny, Tsukushi did not and nearly throttled Tsukasa. The others left after Tsukasa gave them a detailed list on his attackers. Tsukushi stayed mad for a while, before crying and admitting how scared she was of him really dying. Tsukasa found her reaction cute and comforted her. Then they were visited by Junpei, who revealed that Tsukasa almost killed his brother during middle school. Junpei did not regret his actions, but felt that Tsukasa was not "the same person anymore." Later, the others put pressure on Tsukushi to start dating Tsukasa. She compared him to a pet dog, which shocked him so much that he collapsed.[36]

His birthday party[]


Tsukasa kisses Tsukushi after getting his present

Tsukushi: "Why me? I haven't got status, or prestige, or beauty. There are a lot of girls at Eitoku who have all three. I just can't figure out why it's me. The only explanation I can think of is that you're crazy."
Tsukasa: "Maybe I am. I wonder why myself, but this is something you just can't reason out. Besides, I've got the status, prestige, and beauty so you can stay as you are."
— Tsukasa and Tsukushi while on the yacht[src]

Tsukasa was still annoyed by the dog comparison after being released from the hospital some days later. Despite planning to take a day off, he went to school since he was bored at home. He found Tsukushi with Rui at the emergency exit. Tsukasa seemed annoyed until she assured him that Rui was only cutting her hair. After Rui left, Tsukasa told Tsukushi about his birthday party. He revealed that his mother and sister would be there, but his father was too busy. That Sunday, Tsukasa got ready for the party under the critical eye of his mother. He kept his eye on the entrance, waiting for Tsukushi to arrive. Once she did, Tsukasa wanted to introduce her to his mother but she was opposed to it. His mother approached them soon, asking for an introduction. Tsukasa told her "This is the most important woman in my life."[2]

Kaede asked Tsukasa "You do know what it means for you to call her that?," to which he said "Yes." She attempted to test Tsukushi by having her play the piano. Tsukasa did not do anything, only smirking when Tsukushi banged the keys. His mother confronted him. Tsukasa said "What can I do? I love her." She slapped him. Next, Tsubaki yelled at Tsukasa to leave and promised to handle everything. He quickly ran out of the party with Tsukushi. He brought her to his family's yacht and carried her aboard since she had fallen asleep in the taxi. After he woke her up, Tsukasa made her some tea and started telling her about his parents. He told Tsukushi "Don't worry about my mother. I'll decide my own life." Tsukushi did not take him seriously, leading Tsukasa to stare at him for several seconds to convey his determination.[37]

Still on the yacht, Tsukasa declared "I'm hungry!" He then stubbornly refused when Tsukushi suggested they go home. Tsukasa decided to try fishing. Meanwhile, Tsukushi asked him "What makes you think I love you?" He felt confident that she did, but then asked "How do you feel about me?" in order to "settle" things. Tsukushi answered "I'm not sure" and asked "Why me?" He did not have a concrete answer, saying "This is something you just can't reason out." Next, Tsukushi gave him his birthday present, homemade cookies. Tsukasa was so happy about it that he kissed her. The next morning, he dropped her off at her home. As the taxi drove off, he used a toy to spell it "I love you." Tsukasa went to Rui's house, where he boasted about the cookies. Rui took a bite of one, which made Tsukasa angry.[38]

Enter Shigeru[]


Tsukasa realizes he has grabbed Shigeru by mistake

Tsukasa: "You saw everything. Do you really think I knew about it? My old lady did it all herself."
Tsukushi: "Is that so? Is that why you two love-birds left hand-in-hand?"
Tsukasa: "That was a mistake!"
— Tsukasa tries to explain everything to Tsukushi[src]

Tsukasa went with Rui to meet the other guys at Sojiro's house. He was happily showing them the cookies, when Sojiro and Akira asked him if he had slept with Tsukushi. He told them "I didn't do anything," leading the two guys to call him "embarrassing" for still being a virgin. Annoyed, he hit both guys and yelled "I don't want to force her into doing it." Sojiro shouted back "It'll be 50 years before she feels ready." Later that day, Tsukasa was approached by his mother's bodyguards, who asked him to come with him. He had to be dragged by the bodyguards to his mother's hotel, where he was forced to wear traditional Japanese garb and brought into a room. He was surprised to see Tsukushi and yelled at his mother, asking "What are you scheming?" She then introduced him to his fiancée, Shigeru Okawahara.[39]

After being introduced to his fiancée, Tsukasa immediately began shouting at his mother, saying "Think I'll let you determine my life?!" She did not listen to him, much to his annoyance. Eventually, he fought off his mother's bodyguards and went to grab Tsukushi's hand, before running off. It took Tsukasa a long time to realize that he had actually grabbed Shigeru. He then tried to lose her. She jumped on his back and bit his ear. He promptly threw her off and stormed off blushing. That night, he tried to call Tsukushi but she never picked up the phone. Tsukasa tried to explain everything the next day. She refused to believe it was a mistake. Tsukasa then tried to grab her as she went to leave. Tsukushi kicked him hard in the stomach. Later, Tsukasa told Sojiro and Akira about the engagement as they went looking for Tsukushi.[40]

Tsukasa was irritated when he found Shigeru with Tsukushi. She punched him, declared that she liked him, and said "Since we're getting married anyway, I suppose I can fall in love with you." Tsukasa's anger slowly mounted as he recovered from the shock of being punched. Akira and Sojiro held him back, telling him not to hit her. He claimed "You know I wouldn't hit a girl!," but both guys knew not to trust him. As he struggled against their hold, Tsukasa shouted at Shigeru "I have no attention of marrying, much less falling in love with you!" Smirking, she responded "You mean 'intention,' don't you?" Now embarrassed, Tsukasa struggled harder. Akira and Sojiro held tight, begging Tsukushi to take Shigeru away. She, however, snubbed them and walked away. Tsukasa then shouted after her "I need to talk to you!"[41]

Dating Shigeru[]


Tsukasa out on a date with Shigeru

Tsukushi: "I don't want to be involved with you anymore."
Tsukasa: "What are you saying? You're the girl I love."
Tsukushi: "I think Shigeru, someone like her, is a better match for you."
— Tsukushi breaks up with Tsukasa[src]

That night, Tsukasa waited for Tsukushi near her home. When she saw him, Tsukushi tried to avoid him. Tsukasa stopped her and asked her "Why do you keep avoiding me?" She reminded him about leaving her behind and running off with Shigeru. He told her that it was all a mistake, but she did not believe him. Tsukushi then said "I think Shigeru, someone like her, is a better match for you." Without thinking, Tsukasa slapped her. He walked off silently as it started to rain. Tsukasa was soaking wet when he arrived home, where his friends were waiting. He walked straight to his room without saying anything. There he stared at his hand, thinking "I did it again." He then curled up and wondered "Maybe I really should end it." The following night, Tsukasa asked Shigeru to go out with him and promised to "learn to love [her]."[42]

The following day, Tsukasa walked up to Sojiro, Akira, Tsukushi, and Kazuya during lunch. He was asked by Kazuya "Is it true you've got a girlfriend?" to which Tsukasa answered "Yes." Tsukushi congratulated him. He, however, told her "I don't want your congratulations." From then on, Tsukasa began meeting Shigeru two to three times a week for dates. On one occasion, she became frustrated with him for walking too fast. When he shouted back at her, Shigeru started to cry and said "This isn't a date!" Tsukasa felt sorry for his behavior and agreed to do as she asked. Shigeru held onto his arm and reminded him of his promise to love her, saying "I can believe it, can't I?" He answered "I said I would, didn't I?" leading her to to ask "When?" Tsukasa told her "Eventually" as they carried along on their date.[43]

Shigeru came to see Tsukasa at school the following day. She told him to kiss her, saying "Prove to me that you don't love Tsukushi anymore." Then she started to cry and chastised him for making her feel "insecure" in their relationship. After a couple moments of silence, Tsukasa told her to close her eyes and kissed her. He walked away promptly afterwards. Sometime later, Shigeru tried to take Tsukasa to a hotel for their next date. He refused to go inside, so they went to a café instead. There they coincidentally met Tsukushi and Rui. Joining their table, Tsukasa continually glared at Tsukushi. Shigeru mentioned the hotel, which made him embarrassed. Tsukushi said "The girl is more than willing. Why don't you just do it?" He did not reply. Shigeru shortly invited everyone to go and stay at her family's villa for the weekend.[44]

At Shigeru's villa[]


Tsukasa sits with Tsukushi at the villa

Tsukasa: "All I can think about is why those two were together today. And what they're doing now. How does Makino feel about Rui?"
Shigeru: "Enough! Stop it! Do you still love Tsukushi? Tsukushi smiled and congratulated me in the bath. She feels nothing for you!"
— Tsukasa admits he still has feelings for Tsukushi[src]

At Shigeru's village, Tsukasa continued glaring at Tsukushi over dinner. Rui eventually left to go take a bath. Shigeru suggested Tsukushi go with him, guessing that Rui was the guy she had liked. Tsukasa confirmed it, saying "You had a crush on him, didn't you?" Shigeru then asked him if he wanted to take a bath with her, which he refused. Shortly, Shigeru came shouting about Tsukushi passing out in the bath. Tsukasa pushed pass her to go save her. However, he then found Rui carrying her. After returning to their room, Shigeru started talking about her mother's plans for their future. Tsukasa asked her "Is that what you want? Or are you just walking the path laid down by your parents?" Shigeru then said "You mean, you want to choose the girl you love?" Tsukasa remained silent as she seemingly became more distressed.[45]

Shigeru took off her robe, baring her naked body to Tsukasa. He told her "Put on your clothes." Upset, she tried to explain to him that she was serious and eventually shouted "Don't you feel anything?" He responded "No, I don't." Putting her robe back on, Shigeru attempted to ignore Tsukasa until he apologized. Angry, she yelled "Say what you mean!" to which he answered "You're not the one." Shigeru then threw a chair through the window. Tsukasa explained to her that he had been thinking of Tsukushi all day. Shigeru began shaking him and pushed him down. Tsukushi happened to open the door at that moment and quickly left. Tsukasa then told Shigeru to hit him if she needed to. Instead, she cried. The next morning, Tsukasa found Tsukushi near the pond. He asked her to tell Rui that he was leaving.[46]

The following school day, Tsukasa walked through the courtyard with Sojiro and Akira. They came upon Tsukushi, who was attempting to hide from Tsukasa. Sojiro mentioned everything that happened at Shigeru's villa, which made Tsukushi embarrassed. She called Tsukasa a "blabbermouth," accusing him of telling the guys. He said "I didn't tell them anything." Sojiro explained that Rui told them. He and Akira then asked Tsukasa "So how did it go with the monkey girl?" to which he answered "There's nothing to talk about." The guys continued teasing him, saying "You don't have to be shy." Tsukasa shook off Sojiro's arm from his shoulder and stalked off. Akira and Sojiro followed after him. That night, Tsubaki told him that he did not have to do what their mother wanted. He thanked her though he still seemed downhearted.[47]

Shigeru transfers[]


Tsukasa talks to Tsukushi before the exam

Tsukasa: "Stop clinging to me!"
Shigeru: "Can't I stay near you? I won't cause any trouble."
Tsukasa: "Are you crazy?"
Shigeru: "I know... But I still love you."
— Shigeru transfers to Eitoku to be near Tsukasa[src]

Tsukasa was still feeling listless at school the next day. Sojiro and Akira tried talking to him about a new club opening and invited him to come with them, though he was not really listening. Once they explained it again, he firmly said "Not interested." Tsukasa then stood up and left, apparently not listening to anything else they said either. After school, he walked up to Tsukushi while she was talking to a friend, who then quickly left. Tsukasa told Tsukushi "I have to talk to you." She responded "There's nothing I want to hear from you" and tried to leave. Tsukasa grabbed her arm. They stayed in that position for several moments until Tsukushi shook him off and ran. That night, he laid outside watching the stars. He then stared at the toy that he once gave Tsukushi. It still spelled "I love you" on it.[48]

The following day, Tsukasa was in the cafeteria with Sojiro and Akira when someone came and clung to his neck. He realized it was Shigeru when she bit his ear. She then announced that she had transferred to Eitoku. Sojiro and Akira were both amazed that she was able to transfer so easily, commenting "That's a rich young lady for you.." Tsukasa then exclaimed "This monkey girl's no lady!" Sojiro teased him about spending the night with her. Tsukasa immediately started shouting about what actually happened, though rather poorly leaving him open to misinterpretations. Once he finished ranting, Shigeru leaned on his shoulder. He told her to stop until seeing the hurt look in her eyes. She then asked him if she could stay near him, confessing "I still love you." Tsukasa looked up and saw Tsukushi watching them.[49]

Later that day, Tsukasa ran into Tsukushi and Shigeru in the hallway. Shigeru excitedly told him about seeing Shizuka with Rui. Tsukasa looked pointedly at Tsukushi. He then went to leave, but Tsukushi accused him of going to "interrupt them." Shigeru had to stop them from bickering. They then stormed off. Sometime later, Shigeru ran up to Tsukasa and informed him about Tsukushi deciding to study abroad. She begged him to stop her. He refused, believing that she would not listen to him. Tsukasa then said he would "do a lap around campus on [his] hands" if she passed. Overhearing him, Tsukushi told him "Don't forget what you just promised." On the morning of the test, Tsukasa came to give Tsukushi coffee. He asked her "Will you really go, if you pass?" to which she answered "Of course."[50]

Choosing Tsukushi[]


Tsukasa and Tsukushi are reunited

Tsukushi: "I don't have the confidence to live in your world. Even if I did love you..."
Tsukasa: "I told you once. I'll follow you to the ends of the earth. If you won't come, I'll leap into your world. Besides, your mom's stewed potatoes are pretty good."
— Tsukasa shows his love for Tsukushi[src]

After learning that Tsukushi had passed the test, Tsukasa was able to talk to her like they used to. She was playfully going to hit him, but he used the momentum to embrace her. After a few moments, Tsukushi pushed him away and said goodbye. That night, Tsukasa overheard his mother speaking to her secretary. He learned that she had orchestrated Tsukushi passing. Tsukasa confronted her, shouting things like "I don't consider you my mother!" He then rushed to Tsukushi's place. There he revealed what he just heard and asked her not to go. When she said "You have Shigeru!," Tsukasa finally explained what really happened at the villa. Tsukushi then told him that she was unsure about living in his world. Tsukasa replied that he would "leap" into hers. He then kissed her, signifying the start of their relationship.[51]

The following morning, Tsukasa was locked in his room by his mother when he returned home. Tsukasa later sensed that Tsukushi was there. He jumped out of his second floor window and then jumped through another window into the room where Tsukushi was. She then explained to him "If things like this continue, neither you nor I, will last" and ended their relationship.[52] Tsukasa was later pulled from school and became a "puppet," doing whatever his mother wanted. After the wedding, he and Shigeru were suppose to leave on a world cruise. The whole school was there to see them off including Tsukushi, who surprised Tsukasa by scaling the ship. She then kicked him, before Shigeru explained her whole scheme. After Shigeru jumped off the ship, Tsukasa and Tsukushi were finally left alone to be together.[3]

Physical appearance[]

His one noticeable trait was his hair, described as "very curly and stubborn." A hairstylist was able to straighten his hair, though it only remained so for about five hours.[12] Despite his hair, Tsukasa was considered good-looking which earned him and his friends the name "Flower 4," or F4 for short.

Personality and traits[]

Tsukasa was incredibly privileged person, being from an extremely rich and well-known family. As such, he was known for using his family name to get whatever he wanted. He became attracted to Tsukushi because she stood up to him and was not swayed by his wealth. Tsukasa was also noted for his temper, often bickering with Tsukushi. He sometimes flew into blind rages, during which he was uncontrollable. In his pursuit of Tsukushi, Tsukasa gradually developed into a more compassionate person.

Behind the scenes[]

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Tsukasa in the film

  • In Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997), Miyashita also voices him.[55] Set in New York, Tsukasa is the top dancer at his studio, giving him an arrogant attitude that annoys Tsukushi. After Sakurako is injured, Tsukasa declares he will pick his next partner. He gives Tsukushi several tries before finally choosing her in the end.

Character notes



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