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"My parents are both very busy. So, we're like a family of strangers. I don't recall ever living together."
Tsukasa Domyoji[src]

Domyoji (道明寺 (どうみょうじ) Dōmyōji) was the father of Tsubaki and Tsukasa, and the husband of Kaede Domyoji. Being the head of Domyoji Group, he was kept busy with its operations and lived permanently in New York City. He did not see either of his children for months or years at a time.


Early life[]

Domyoji was born into the illustrious Domyoji family and grew up in his family's mansion.[2]

Adult life[]

As an adult, he married Kaede, with whom he had Tsubaki and Tsukasa. He and his wife both lived in New York City, where they were kept busy operating Domyoji Group. Kaede primarily focused on running The Maple Hotel, a chain of hotels named for her. Since they lived in New York, they rarely saw their children.[3] When his father died, he requested for his family to take care of Tama, their head maid, for the rest of her life. Domyoji and his wife honored the request. As Tsukasa grew older, he became "wild" and took to fighting. Instead of any real action, his parents used their money to "keep things quiet."[2] Meanwhile, Domyoji's business continued to do well, often landing him on "Japan's Richest" list.[4] Though some rivals were not a fan of his business practices, calling it bad for the country's economy.[5]

By Tsukasa's third year of high school, he had not seen either of his parents in nearly two years.[1] Nonetheless, Domyoji continued his nagging for Tsukasa to come to New York for school. He was always against it, but eventually agreed.[6][7] However, Tsukasa unceremoniously left New York within a couple of days and did not even meet his parents while he was there.[8] His father and mother became worried that he had been kidnapped. Domyoji sent Tsubaki back to Japan to look after her "incompetent" brother.[9] The following January, his wife and daughter went to Japan for Tsukasa's birthday party. Domyoji himself was unable to go due to his work.[10] A couple months later, Domyoji suddenly collapsed. Tsukasa decided to head to New York earlier than he had planned to help with the company.[11]

Personality and traits[]

He was a successful businessman, keeping Domyoji Group afloat and thriving during a bad economy. On the other hand, he was criticized by a rival for thinking "everything's fine as long as his firm isn't hit."[5] He and his wife were largely absent from their children's lives. They chose to live in New York for the business, instead of Japan with Tsukasa and Tsubaki. Tsukasa felt that he had "received no love from them as parents." However, Tsukasa ultimately felt grateful to his parents for facilitating his lifestyle and decided to give back to them by helping Domyoji Group.


Domyoji (道明寺; どうみょうじ) contains three kanji. The first kanji means "street," "journey," "course," and "teachings."[12] The second means "bright" and "light"[13] and the third "temple".[14]

Behind the scenes[]

Character notes

  • Despite numerous mentions in Boys Over Flowers, he has never made an appearance.
  • Unlike Kaede, he has does not seem to visit Japan at all even for business.
  • In the anime, Domyoji is first mentioned in episode eleven. He lives in New York where he operates Domyoji Group with his wife. His mentions in the anime are similar to those in the manga. For example, a rival views his way of thinking bad for the economy or Junpei saying he covered up Tsukasa injuring his brother.
  • In Meteor Garden (2001), he is named Dao Ming Cheng, though he never actually appears.
  • He is named Gu Bon-hyeong in the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers (2009).[15]
  • Tsukasa's father is briefly mentioned in Hana Yori Dango: The Musical (2016), when he tells Tsukushi his parents live abroad.
  • Dao Ming Si (Tsukasa) mentions in Meteor Garden (2018) that his father died while he was in middle school.
  • In Hana Yori Dango (2019), Domyoji sends a letter to Tsukasa, requesting him to come to New York to begin learning how to run a business. Tsukasa honors his father's request, flying to New York at the end of the musical.
  • Thyme's (Tsukasa) father is not mentioned at all in F4 Thailand (2021). It is strongly implied that Roselyn (Kaede) is a single parent and controlling the company all on her own.



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