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"Have you ever seen me as just a guy? Forget my family or mother. Everything. Have you even once looked at me as just a man?"
—Tsukasa to Tsukushi[src]

Tsukasa Domyoji (道明寺 司 (どうみょうじ つかさ) Dōmyōji Tsukasa) was the de facto leader of the F4 and the heir of Domyoji Group. His best friends were Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka, whom he had known since childhood. In high school, Tsukasa met and fell in love with Tsukushi Makino, one of the few people to stand up to him.


Early childhood[]


Tsukasa eating okonomiyaki


Tsukasa holding his rabbit

Tsukasa: "Mother and father... Why don't they care about me?"
Tama: "What are you saying?! Of course that isn't true."
Tsukasa: "But it is true. Then why isn't there anybody else here? Why is it only an old lady like you?"
— Tsukasa asks Tama about his parents[src]

Tsukasa was born on January 31 into the Domyoji family as the future heir of the mega conglomerate, Domyoji Group.[2] From a young age, Tsukasa hardly saw his mother and father, who both lived in New York City for business.[7][8] He deeply hurt by his parents, asking Tama "Why don't they care about me?" To cheer him up when he had a cold, Tama presented him with a stuffed rabbit from his mother.[9] Tsukasa became close to his older sister, Tsubaki. Like him, she had a temper and often kept him in line by hitting or kicking him.[10] On the other hand, Tsubaki went to great lengths to make Tsukasa happy, such as learning how to cook okonomiyaki for him.[11]

Due to background, Tsukasa had a hard time making friends until he met Rui Hanazawa, Akira Mimasaka, and Sojiro Nishikado in kindergarten at Eitoku Academy. They later befriended Shizuka Todo.[12][13] The following year, a younger student, Sakurako Sanjo, had a crush on him. When Sojiro teased Tsukasa about it, he harshly rejected her by calling her "ugly" several times.[14] The same year, Rui had a bear that Tsukasa wanted but refused to give to him. When Tsukasa accidentally tore it, he blamed it on Rui. Without bringing it up, he forgave Tsukasa the next day. The incident stuck out in Tsukasa's mind, making him realize "I knew I'd never be as good as he was."[15]

Later childhood[]


Tsukasa during middle school

"I guess it started when he was in upper elementary. He would come home all bloodied every night. I was afraid he might have been injured, but this was not the case. The blood was always his opponents'. His parents used money to keep things quiet, but he'd do it all again. It was a vicious circle."
—Tama describes Tsukasa's troubled childhood[src]

As he grew older, Tsukasa became more and more out of control. Towards the end of elementary school, he began getting into fights with other students. His parents paid off the victims to "keep things quiet," which inadvertently allowed him to continue fighting.[16] In middle school, a student stood up to him and his friends. Tsukasa proceeded to beat him up.[17] He kicked the student in the stomach, which ruptured his intestines. Tsukasa's parents once again paid off the student's family.[18] Around the same time, Tsukasa began going out at night with Sojiro and Akira. They occasionally met girls and Tsukasa would let them kiss him. He started feeling "silly" for kissing girls he did not know and stopped.[19] Also during middle school, Tsukasa was nearly kidnapped but protected himself by hitting the kidnapper.[20]

High school[]

After middle school, Tsukasa moved onto Eitoku Senior High with his friends. By that time, they became more well known as the F4. They used their fathers' names to do whatever they want, threatening to pull their fathers' donations at times. Tsukasa and the others were allowed to wear street clothes and often skipped class. At some point, Tsukasa decided to give out red cards to those who defied them, including Kimoto. It was a signal for the other students to start bullying the individual, usually resulting in them dropping out of Eitoku.[21][22]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Tsukushi kicks Tsukasa in retaliation

Tsukasa: "You don't mean that! Just who do you think you are, pauper?! I'm name-brand from head to toe! What about you?"
Tsukushi: "I'm no name brand. I'm just me. That's all"
Tsukushi rejects Tsukasa[src]

Tsukasa first met Tsukushi Makino during his third year at Eitoku. One day, her friend fell down the stairs and landed on him, accidentally kicking him in the face. He was livid and told her "You know what to expect, don't you?," despite her apologizing profusely. Tsukushi defended her friend, to which Tsukasa said "The middle-class trash sticks together." She then yelled "You've never had to work for anything you've got! So shut your beaks!" Instead of leaving school, Tsukushi declared war on the F4.[21] At first, Tsukasa did not bully her himself, allowing the other students to do so instead. Later, Sojiro commented that Tsukushi was similar to Tsukasa's sister, which made him mad. He then announced that he had an idea to force her to quit, saying "We'll make her suffer slowly." Tsukasa hired four Eitoku students to attack Tsukushi.[10]

The students reported to Tsukasa that they failed because Rui interfered. The next day, Tsukushi ran up to Tsukasa and kicked him in the face. Before passing out, Tsukasa mumbled something about his sister. He remained in a stupor until some students informed him of Tsukushi's growing popularity. That afternoon, he ordered his men to kidnap her on her way home.[23] Tsukasa brought her to his mansion, where she was given a makeover. Tsukasa offered to allow her to hang out with him, though he added "When no one's around." She rejected him, saying "Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not for sale." Tsukasa yelled "I'm name brand from head to toe, what about you?!," to which she said "I'm no name brand. I'm just me." He blushed at the last statement, before declaring "Starting tomorrow, it all gets worse!"[24]

Tsukasa became convinced that Tsukushi was in love with him, which was made worse when she later yelled "I'm still a virgin" at him.[25] A day later, Tsukasa saw Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara bullying Tsukushi. He yelled at them "The only one allowed to bully this girl is me!" They quickly ran away once he threatened to give them red cards.[26] Tsukasa told Tsukushi "Don't cry. It's not like you" and offered her his hand. She pushed him away, telling him that it was his fault in the first place. He asked "What's wrong with me?!" Tsukushi then listed everything she hated about him, including his hair, before running off. The following morning, Tsukasa spent five hours straightening his hair. His efforts were rewarded, when Tsukushi said "It suits you." To his frustration, his hair quickly curled back.[12]

Atami trip[]


Tsukasa arrives in Atami

"Don't tell me you've never been kissed before? You should feel honored that your first kiss came from me. You sure were blunt about it though. Couldn't it be a little more romantic?"
—Tsukasa shortly after Tsukushi accidentally kisses him[src]

The same day, Shizuka returned from France. The F4 took her out to a restaurant that night. There Sojiro noticed Rui's sullen mood. Tsukasa commented "He always gets into a bad mood when he's happy," which Rui denied. The next day, Tsukasa tried to tease Tsukushi about her braids, but she ignored him. He later saw her talking happily with Kazuya Aoike, which made him jealous. Tsukasa gave him a red card. When Tsukushi confronted Tsukasa, he yelled "You just don't get it!"[27] The argument grew intense, culminating in Tsukasa slapping her after she declared "I like him better than anyone could ever like you!" She then punched him, which knocked Tsukasa out. Later, the F4 and Shizuka were having lunch in the university's cafeteria, when Tsukushi and Kazuya were chased in by a group of bullies.[28]

Tsukasa became angry at Rui for protecting Tsukushi and tried to pry her out of his arms until they both dropped her. He stormed off, shouting "We're through." The next day, Tsukasa visited a sick Tsukushi at her home. Her parents invited him to stay for dinner and Tsukushi's mother had her walk Tsukasa to his car. He offered to pay for Tsukushi to go on the school's summer trip. She refused, having decided to go to Atami with Kazuya instead.[29] Several days later, Tsukasa and the others arrived in Atami on his yacht, surprising Tsukushi and Kazuya, whom were on the beach. He pretended that it was a coincidence. That night, Tsukasa had his hair straightened before the party. Shortly after Tsukushi entered the room, someone turned off the lights. She stumbled in the dark and accidentally kissed Tsukasa.[30]

When Tsukushi ran out of the room, Tsukasa followed and said "Don't tell me you've never been kissed before?" She then ran away again. The next morning, the two were teased by Akira and Sojiro. Later that night, Kazuya confronted him about kissing Tsukushi. He then challenged Tsukasa to a fishing contest.[31] Tsukasa had no luck with fishing, only catching octopuses. Kazuya laughed at him, earning a swift kick from Tsukasa. They then talked about Tsukushi with Tsukasa confidently saying "She's in love with me!" The two returned to his yacht, where they found Tsukushi. Deciding to have a cook-out, Tsukasa woke up everyone to eat. Akira and Sojiro were exasperated by him, the latter stating "No wonder you're a virgin." Tsukasa then asked one of them to give some fish to Rui, but they refused and told him to do it himself.[32]

Start of fall term[]


Tsukasa forces a kiss on Tsukushi

Tsukushi: "Is that what being in love is like? Holding back your feelings, without a word... Is it okay for things to end that way?"
Tsukasa: "Of course not. How stupid. That's like saying there was nothing to begin with. That's just common sense. What if you died tomorrow? You'd have regrets, right?"
— Tsukasa's simple answer surprises Tsukushi[src]

At the start of the fall term, a happy Tsukasa went to school early to play a prank on Tsukushi. He stole her school slippers and wore them over his shoes. When she saw him, Tsukushi called him a "moron.". Tsukasa later searched for Rui and found him talking to Tsukushi at an emergency exit. When he asked Akira and Sojiro about it, Yuriko and her friends approached him with a video and said "Tsukushi's in love with Rui." [33] After seeing the video, Tsukasa was furious and even hit Yuriko when she tried to touch him. Akira and Sojiro tried to make light of the situation though they soon realized he was serious. Tsukasa went into a rage, assaulting several students for small offenses. After classes were over, Tsukasa went back to the emergency exit where he saw Tsukushi's notes. He then waited for her to come back.[34]

When Tsukushi showed up, Tsukasa pinned her to the wall. She asked for him to take his hands away, before yelling "What have I done for God's sake?!" Tsukasa then punched a window. He said "You know, don't you?" Tsukushi threw her books at him and ran away, but tripped in the hallway. Tsukasa pinned her to the floor, kissing her on the mouth and neck. When he attempted to go further, Tsukushi began to cry and asked him to stop. Coming out of a stupor, Tsukasa patted her head and promised "I won't do anything." He skipped school for several days.[35] The next time they saw one another was at Shizuka's birthday party. They caught each other's eyes several times, but did not speak until the end of the night when Sojiro called them both "violent." They both yelled simultaneously "I'm not like her/him!"[36]

Later that night, a businessman spoke to Tsukasa about talking to his father for him. Tsukasa brushed him off and then noticed Tsukushi watching. She apologized for the other day, telling him she would "think of it as being bitten by a dog." Irritated, Tsukasa refused to apologize. She then laid her head on his chest, before throwing up on his suit. Tsukasa escorted her home afterwards.[37] The following day, Tsukasa hinted that she became drunk "because [she was] so happy that Shizuka was going away."[38] At the airport, Tsukushi and the F4, minus Rui, said goodbye to Shizuka. Shortly, Rui showed up and revealed he was going after her. Sojiro and Akira were surprised that Tsukushi persuaded Rui to go as they thought she had a crush on him. Tsukasa boasted "Didn't I tell you it couldn't be true?"[39]

Sakurako incident[]


Tsukasa holds Tsukushi after saving her

"Stop sticking your nose in my life. What's with this chick anyway? Why's she always here? Sojiro, Akira! She's got you drooling over her. What are the other guys gonna think of that?"
—Tsukasa is annoyed by Sakurako's continual presence[src]

While watching Rui's plane take off, Tsukasa asked Tsukushi on a date. He refused to repeat himself when she said she did not hear him. The next day, he gave her the time and place. He ended up waiting for four hours in the snow. When she asked why he waited, he answered "I thought maybe you were in an accident!" Tsukushi then offered to treat him to tea. While looking for a place, the two accidentally got stuck in an elevator.[40] Tsukasa approached Tsukushi, who preceded to pummel him before noticing his fever. Tsukushi then wrapped a leek around his throat and covered him with her jacket to make his fever go down. She promised to "make it up to [him]," to which Tsukasa responded by leaning in to kiss her. A construction crew interrupted them by opening the elevator. Outside, Tsukushi helped him into a taxi.[7]

Tsukasa arrived at school late that afternoon. Akira and Sojiro had heard about his date and excitedly asked him about it. Tsukushi and her classmates then walked by. Blushing, Tsukasa only managed to say "How are you?"[41] The following day, Tsukushi was late. Tsukasa waited for her by the gate though he refused to admit to it when she arrived.[42] The next day, she introduced the F4 to Sakurako during lunch. When Tsukushi hurried off, Tsukasa became paranoid and followed her.[43] Tsukasa found her talking to a foreigner. He told Tsukasa he was asking for directions and Tsukasa replied to him in German. Tsukushi was impressed, which made Tsukasa happy until he noticed the guy was gone. He then accused Tsukushi of being "boy crazy." She reminded him that they were not dating, making Tsukasa sad.[44]

The next day, Tsukasa was still sad which Sakurako asked about. He yelled at her and accused Sojiro and Akira of "drooling over her." Defending her friend, Tsukushi called him "trash" but Sakurako shouted at her for insulting Tsukasa.[45] A couple days later, Tsukasa arrived at school to find the other students had tied Tsukushi to a car and were dragging her.[46] After he shouted at them to stop, Sakurako showed him a photo of Tsukushi with the foreigner. Tsukushi begged him to believe her, but he was unable to process the situation and walked away. He spent the day drinking at bar, before Sakurako brought him to a hotel. When he woke up, she confessed that she loved him and attempted to seduce him. He could only think of Tsukushi and went back to school to save her. After apologizing, he held her and said "I believe you."[47]

Rui's return[]


Tsukasa hurt after seeing Tsukushi with Rui

"Listen, don't get me wrong. I said I loved you, but you still haven't told me how you feel. I don't want to sleep with any girl who doesn't love me. Of course, I'm a man, so it would be a lie to say that I don't want you. Tsukushi... Hurry up and decide, will you?"
—Tsukasa to Tsukushi[src]

Tsukasa took Tsukushi to his house, where he took care of her wounds. He then apologized for what happened. When he asked about the "blonde," Tsukushi said "You're acting almost jealous." He said he was, before confessing "I love you." Tsukasa then kissed her. Before she left his room, he told her "Don't blow this off." The next morning, Tsukasa got revenge on the students whom hurt Tsukushi. He only stopped when she told him to.[48] Rui made a surprise return a few seconds later. Noticing Tsukushi staring at Rui, Tsukasa declared that they were dating. The F4 then decided to skip school.[14] The next day, Tsukasa gave Tsukushi a pager and told her to come whenever he messaged her. He did so later that night, telling her to meet him at a club. She left quickly after telling him to take back the furniture he had sent.[49]

The next day, Tsukasa brought Tsukushi to Chanel before whisking her onto a plane. Once it took off, he told her they were going to his family's island along with the other F4 members. While showing her where she would be staying, Tsukasa hugged her from behind and said "This is our room."[50] Later that night, Tsukushi went to bed early. Tsukasa followed her soon after. He told her he was sleeping on the couch, saying "I said I loved you, but you still haven't told me how you feel."[51] Tsukasa woke up in the middle of the night and saw that Tsukushi was gone. He woke up Akira and Sojiro "in a panic," before paging her. She returned to the villa and he asked "Where were you?" She answered "I went for a walk alone." The next morning, Rui gave Tsukasa Tsukushi's pager, telling him she had left it at the beach the previous night.[52]

Tsukasa later asked Tsukushi about her pager. She said "It might be in my room." They were then interrupted by the arrival of Kazuya, Sakurako, and Thomas via Kazuya's boat. Tsukasa became irritated, but Sojiro said "Hell, since they're already here." After Kazuya told everyone about Shizuka's engagement, Tsukasa caught Tsukushi staring intently at Rui. That night, he heard her leave their room.[53] Tsukasa followed her to the beach, where he found her in the arms of Rui. He punched Rui. When he turned to leave, Tsukushi stopped him. He told her "I opened myself up to you, but you took my heart and sliced it into ribbons." Tsukasa then yelled at her when she attempted to touch him. After saying "Don't ever talk to me again," he walked away. He left without warning the following morning on his jet.[54]

F4 Showdown[]


Tsukasa reveals his plans to have Tsukushi and Rui expelled

"You hate me that much? You'd rather kill yourself. Do you love Rui that much? Why, Rui? Why my best friend? Feh. This is ridiculous. Why'd I fall for a girl like you?"
—Tsukasa resigns himself when Tsukushi rejects him again[src]

When Akira and Sojiro came home, Tsukasa told them about Rui's betrayal. They confronted him at school. Tsukasa called him a "traitor" and told him "You're not one of us." He then walked pass Tsukushi without looking at her.[55] That weekend, Sakurako followed him around town. He snapped at her when she mentioned Tsukushi's name. Nevertheless, she continued following him and told him about her past as well as her feelings for him. Tsukasa laughed, realizing that they were similar in their "warped way of expressing affection." He then invited her to his house.[56] Tsubaki arrived not to long after and elbowed him since he said "What are you doing home?!" After Sakurako left, Tsukasa found Tsukushi in the house. He was shocked at first, but became angry when she mentioned coming from Rui's house.[57]

Livid, Tsukasa said some harsh words to Tsukushi and then grabbed her arm. Tsubaki kicked him, causing him to pass out. Later that night, he refused to come to dinner though Tsubaki forced him to carry an asleep Tsukushi to a guest room.[13] The next morning, Tsubaki asked him about school and his friends. He snapped when she said Rui's name and told her "I'll make it impossible for him to stay [at Eitoku]." At school, he declared that Kazuya was replacing Rui. When Kazuya spoke to Tsukushi, Tsukasa told him never to speak to her or Rui again. He then announced that he was going to have them expelled.[58] Tsukushi questioned him. He looked at her before walking away. That night, Akira and Sojiro tried to talk him out of expelling Rui. He refused, saying "Rui's just using Tsukushi to try to forget everything."[22]

The next day, Tsukasa set out to blackmail the principal but was thwarted by Tsubaki. She proposed they settle the expulsions through sports. A basketball match was decided upon. That night, Tsukasa waited for Tsukushi near her house. He hugged her and said "If you'd only say that you loved me, I'd cancel the showdown tomorrow."[59] Tsukasa attempted to kiss her, but was met with resistance. He eventually gave up, asking "You hate me that much?" Tsukasa then left, promising not to "pull any punches."[60] The following day, the match was held at Eitoku. Tsukasa, Sojiro, and Akira were able to quickly rack up points. At three minutes left, Rui scored a point after agitating Tsukasa by mentioning Tsukushi to him. Rui scored several more points in a similar fashion, despite Sojiro telling Tsukasa to ignore him.[61]

Leaving Japan[]


Tsukasa decides to stop fighting over Tsukushi

Tsubaki: "But, Tsukasa... You were always so against it. You're not just being a drama queen again, are you?"
Tsukasa: "I changed my mind. Even before that basketball game I changed it. Win or lose, I planned to go to school in New York."
— Tsukasa reveals his plan to Tsubaki[src]

At eight points to seven with seconds left in the game, Tsukasa declared he was done. Sojiro and Akira were exasperated with his sudden decision to quit. Tsukasa left after telling Tsukushi "Do what you want."[62] He wandered around town still in a daze. A group of three guys approached Tsukasa and took his wallet. He snapped out of his daze, when he heard them say something similar to "Rui." Tsukasa then proceeded to beat them up, saying "How dare you say 'Rui' in front of me!" Afterwards, he walked home feeling better.[63] There he overheard Tsubaki, Sojiro, and Akira talking about locking Tsukushi and Rui into a room together. Tsubaki explained the circumstances to Tsukasa calmly, saying "If you're a man, I want you to take it like a man." He took it well, not going into a rage per usual, and said "Good for Rui."[64]

In the morning, Tsukasa spoke to Sojiro about the time he accidentally tore Rui's teddy bear. Likening it to their current situation, he stated "We can't tear [Tsukushi] apart the same way." Tsukasa made up his mind to stop fighting over her. Later that day, he was able to speak normally to Tsukushi when he returned her jacket. Sojiro and Akira teased him, saying "All that practice paid off."[15] The three were hanging out later, when Rui arrived. Tsukasa was not quite ready to speak to him, tensing up and promptly leaving. At home, Tsukasa informed his sister about his decision to go to New York.[65] Tsubaki was perplexed since he had always refused to join their parents there before. He revealed that he had come to the decision before the basketball game. Tsukasa then asked her to book the flight for as soon as possible.[66]

Tsukasa informed his friends the following morning. He was confronted by Tsukushi, who asked why he had not told her. His reply was "Why do I have to let you know?" Tsukushi became upset and eventually slapped him. That afternoon, Tsukasa visited Tsukushi at work to say a proper goodbye. His offhand comments offended her coworker, leading to an argument. Tsukasa stormed off, when she protected her coworker.[67] That night, his friends held a going-away party. Still angry, he was unable to enjoy it. They said goodbye to him and his sister at the airport the next day. Just before he boarded the plane, Rui told Tsukasa "I think [Tsukushi] really loves you" and added that he did not tell him sooner because of his teddy bear. By the time he realized what Rui said, Tsukasa could not get off the plane.[68]

Returning home[]


Tsukasa returns to Japan to expose Seinosuke

Tsukasa: "We've got to make Tsukushi look like she deserves me!"
Rui: "But how do you plan to accomplish this?"
Tsukasa: "There's a contest held every three years at Christmas. Do you get me?"
— Tsukasa makes plans to enter Tsukushi in Teen of Japan[src]

In New York, Tsukasa complained about everything which annoyed his sister. Tsubaki eventually left him on his own to go shopping. Tsukasa roamed around until some street performers roped him into dancing with them. He then saw a magazine with Tsukushi's coworker on the cover.[69] He flew back to Japan as quick as possible. Tsukasa headed to Tsukushi's house, finding her outside. Her coworker then walked up. Tsukasa threw the magazine at him, exposing him as Seinosuke Amakusa, a parliament member's son.[70] Tsukushi thought he was mistaken at first, but realized he was telling the truth. While yelling at Seinosuke, Tsukasa became dizzy. Tsukushi's mother then walked by and dragged him back to their house. Her parents allowed them to sleep alone together, while they were with her brother in another room.[71]

The following morning, Tsukasa refused to wear the same clothes from the previous day to school. He had Tsukushi go shopping with him and had her choose his outfit. At school, he was greeted by his friends. Tsukasa pulled Rui aside to talk. The two made up, despite Tsukasa's inability to apologize.[72] The F4 decided to cut class and found Tsukushi by the gate. Tsukasa thought she was acting suspiciously. That night, Tsukasa represented Domyoji Group at Seinosuke's party. He ran into Tsukushi there.[73] On stage, Seinosuke named Tsukushi as the girl he wanted to marry. He then approached her. Tsukasa quickly punched him, saying "I'll kill him!" After the resulting brawl, Tsukushi's home was shown on television. Tsukasa told his friends "Tsukushi's too poor," leading him to decide to enter her in Teen of Japan.[74]

After school, Tsukasa began filling out his recommendation letter for Tsukushi. He went to her job to ask her some questions. Tsukasa refused to tell her what it was for, promising she would find out the next day.[75] That night, Tsubaki returned home and yelled at Tsukasa for "vanishing" from New York. He told her "I remembered something I had to do," before she punched him. Tsukushi showed up shortly and told him about her family's money troubles. Tsukasa agreed to lend her one million yen as long as she paid him back by entering Teen of Japan. Tsukushi accepted his terms. After walking her to the gate, he asked her for a kiss as "interest." She quickly kissed him on the cheek.[76] The next day, the F4 were discussing Tsukushi's chances of winning. The others were skeptical, but Tsukasa was confident.[11]

Teen of Japan[]


Tsukasa wishes Tsukushi good luck backstage

"That's more like it. That's the Tsukushi Makino I know. Who cares about that other chick? Just be yourself. Got it?"
—Tsukasa encourages Tsukushi[src]

A few days later, Tsukasa asked his sister about Tsukushi's training. She showed some concern about Tsukushi's chances of winning, leading him to yell "Show some faith." Later that night, Tsukasa caught Tsukushi trying to run away. He goaded her by saying "Just like a dog with its tail between its legs." She tried to slap him, but he caught her hand and said "That's the Tsukushi Makino I know." Tsukasa then told her to just be herself.[77] After comforting her, he invited her to his room where they played cards for the rest of the night. The two ended up falling asleep next to each other.[78] On Christmas Eve, the F4, Tsubaki, and Kazuya went to watch Tsukushi compete in the contest. She froze during the first round. Tsukasa quickly put together a sign and yelled at Tsukushi to "Quit fooling around and just do it!"[79]

After that round, Tsukasa boasted to his friends "The girl whose name is linked to mine has to be number one in Japan." The F4 then went backstage to see her. She thanked him for his encouragement, but then turned away. Tsukasa became irritated at her avoiding his eyes. As the others dragged him out, he wished her good luck.[80] In the second round, Tsukasa was impressed by Tsukushi's low-level English which caused Akira and Sojiro to fall over in surprise. The others seemed content with Tsukushi ending there, while Tsukasa stayed silent. She ended up going on the next round.[81] Before the finals, the crowd became unruly about Tsukushi passing. Tsukasa punched a particularly loud guy and threatened "If you say anything to shake her confidence, I'll kill you." Akira and Sojiro backed up what he said.[82]

During the third round, Tsukasa was asked "Why are you staring like that?" He answered "Seeing her with those kids, she looks like a goddess!," which caused Sojiro and Akira to fall over again.[83] Tsukushi ended up losing the contest, but was granted a special cash prize. The F4 each congratulated her in turn. Later, Tsukasa asked her to spend Christmas with him in exchanged for the rest of the loan.[84] After the contest, the F4 took Tsukushi out to celebrate. While she was in the bathroom, Sojiro and Akira noticed Tsukasa being quiet. After figuring out he had a date with Tsukushi, the two gave him advice. Tsukasa became irritated, leading him to yell "That's enough!!" The next day, Tsukushi showed up late and with a child named Ryusuke Hayama. Tsukasa's personality immediately clashed with Ryusuke's.[85]

Canada trip[]


Tsukasa carries Tsukushi to a ranger's cabin

Tsukushi: "You're a good guy, aren't you?"
Tsukasa: "A good guy? I don't know if I like being called a "good guy." Why don't you call me a "cool guy?""
Tsukushi: "Because you're not, but you are a good person."
Tsukasa: "This girl drives me crazy."
— Tsukasa and Tsukushi while trying to warm during the blizzard[src]

Despite being annoyed, Tsukasa went to a café with Tsukushi and Ryusuke. He asked Tsukasa and Tsukushi if they were "lovers" and felt he had a "chance" based on their reactions. Tsukasa and Ryusuke then began bickering until Tsukushi stopped them. She told him about Ryusuke's parents, whom had left him alone during Christmas. Tsukasa began being nicer, even carrying Ryusuke on his shoulders at the zoo.[86] While Ryusuke was asleep, Tsukushi asked Tsukasa "Why do you bother with me?" Frustrated, he yelled "Because you're such an idiot!" Ryusuke then peed while Tsukasa was holding him. He threw him in the air and Tsukushi caught him. They left in a huff. Tsukasa was still angry when he found Sojiro, Akira, and Rui at his house. He kicked them out after they criticized him for arguing with Tsukushi.[87]

A couple days later, Sojiro and Akira had organized a trip to Canada. Tsukasa called Tsukushi to say "If you go, I'm not going!" She countered saying she was going. To his friends, Tsukasa continued to insist he would not go. Nevertheless, he took his private plane to Canada at the same time as the others.[88] Tsukasa arrived at his family's mansion much earlier. Tsukushi called him "wishy-washy" for coming on the trip after all. Akira and Sojiro stopped them from arguing further. The next day, Tsukasa nearly ran into Tsukushi while snowboarding. She surprised him by saying "That was cool." He then started to show how to snowboard.[89] That night, Tsukushi went outside during a blizzard. Tsukasa took a snowmobile to search for her, though it broke down. Once he found her, he carried her to a ranger's cabin.[90]

In the cabin, Tsukasa told Tsukushi to take off her clothes to prevent frostbite. She refused, insinuating that he would try something. He yelled "Is this any time to think about that?!" For the rest of the night, they laid by the fire. He carried her back to the house in the morning.[91] Tsukasa wanted to punish Yuriko and her friends for tricking Tsukushi into going out during a blizzard. She, however, said "Forget it." Later that night, Tsukasa assisted her in playing a prank on the girls.[92] It was interrupted by Shizuka, whom Tsukasa mistook her for a burglar. When she woke up, he apologized. Tsukasa then asked Tsukushi for a walk, giving Shizuka and Rui some space. He told her "I think it's time we settled things," but Tsukushi thought he was talking about her debt. He tried to say his feelings but she did not hear him.[93]

Junpei incident[]


Tsukasa gets beat up in order to protect Tsukushi

Tsukasa: "I love you. I love you so much it drives me insane. You're the only one I want."
Junpei: "You're being stubborn, Tsukasa."
Tsukasa: "Tsukushi, I am stubborn. If you run from me, I'll follow you. To hell or to the ends of the earth, I'll follow you!"
— Tsukasa confesses his feelings to Tsukushi again[src]

In the new year, Tsukasa was more hopeful about his relationship with Tsukushi, feeling she was "more interested in [him]." Later, he was out with Sojiro and Akira when he saw her at a restaurant. He overheard someone saying a guy had a crush on Tsukushi. Tsukasa attacked him by dislocating his neck. He then kicked over a table, sending everyone fleeing.[94] Tsukushi slapped him and yelled at him. He reminded her how he saved her in Canada, before pushing her against a wall. She then shouted "I detest you!" and ran off.[95] The next day, Sojiro was coaching him on how to apologize. He refused to do so at first, leading Akira to tell him "This one's not going to blow over." Tsukasa tried to put up a front, though he felt uneasy. He noticed Tsukushi nearby and tried to get her attention. She ignored him and kept on walking.[96]

Tsukasa was in shock after Tsukushi ignored him. However, when Sojiro pointed it out, Tsukasa told him to shut up and said "She's just trash compared to me!"[97] Sometime later, Tsukasa saw Tsukushi on a magazine cover with a guy, Junpei Oribe. He went to confront her and found her with Junpei, though he did not recognize him. Junpei quickly got on his nerves. Tsukasa punched him after Junpei asked "Do you love this guy?" She shouted "I don't like anybody!" Tsukasa then confessed his feelings again, saying "You're the only one I want."[98] After Tsukushi did not respond, Tsukasa stayed several days at his family's villa. When he returned, his friends asked him about Tsukushi getting a red card which he had no idea about. A maid then ran up with a lock of hair and a message for him to go to the old gym alone.[18]

At the old gym, Tsukasa told Tsukushi to look away, before her kidnappers started beating him up. He did not fight back. When Junpei tried to hit Tsukasa with a chair, Tsukushi protected him. After Junpei left, she asked Tsukasa why he did not fight back. He said "This was the only way to protect you," before passing out.[99] Tsukasa was treated at the hospital. His friends played a trick on Tsukushi by faking his death. She was mad at first, but later cried and admitted how frightened she was for him. Tsukasa then comforted her.[100] They were briefly visited by Junpei, who revealed the reason for his grudge on Tsukasa. The next day, his friends said several nice things about him to Tsukushi, suggesting that she start dating him already. She eventually said "Tsukasa's sort of like a dog." He passed out from shock.[17]

His birthday[]


Tsukasa kisses Tsukushi after receiving his birthday present

Tsukasa: "She's not the daughter of a company president, but that's not important."
Kaede: "Not im-- Don't be a fool! You are your father's heir! How will you explain to him that you're infatuated with that little worm?!"
Tsukasa: "Shut up, will you?! What can I do?! I love her! I can't think about any other girl! I love her!"
— Tsukasa admits his feelings for Tsukushi to his mother[src]

After being released from the hospital, Tsukasa was still annoyed about the dog comment. He told his friends "You guys can't possibly understand how it feels." The next day, he found Tsukushi and Rui at the emergency exit. He was slightly suspicious. Tsukasa then invited Tsukushi to his birthday party.[2] On January 31 at his party, he tried to introduce Tsukushi to his mother, but she resisted. She then fell into the buffet, catching his mother's attention. She wanted her to leave, but Tsukasa said "This girl is precious to me."[101] The other F4 guys made up a lie to cover Tsukushi, but Tsukasa only stood back looking confident. When his mother confronted him, he told her "What can I do?! I love her!" She then slapped him. Tsubaki gave him some car keys. Tsukasa grabbed Tsukushi and fled.[102]

Tsukushi yelled at Tsukasa while he was driving, which nearly led him to hit someone. He assured her that he had been driving since middle school, just before she passed out. Tsukasa drove to his family's yacht and carried Tsukushi aboard. He talked to her about his family situation and told her "Don't worry about my mother. I run my own life."[8] Hungry, Tsukasa decided to try fishing. While they were sitting together, she asked him "What exactly makes you think that I love you?!" He answered "I can tell," but then asked "How do you feel about me?" Tsukushi just said "I don't know." She asked him why he loved her. Tsukasa did not have an answer, saying "Love can't be figured out." He ended up not catching anything, leading Tsukushi to give him his present, homemade cookies. Tsukasa was so happy that he kissed her.[103]

The next morning, Tsukasa dropped off Tsukushi at her house. He then headed over to Rui's place and woke him up to show off the cookies. Rui took a bite of one, angering Tsukasa who kicked him off his bed.[104] At Sojiro's house, Sojiro and Akira asked Tsukasa if he slept with Tsukushi and criticized him for being a virgin when he said "nope." Annoyed, he declared "I don't want to force her into anything!" That night, his mother's bodyguards brought him to her hotel, where Tsukushi also was.[105] His mother introduced his fiancée, Shigeru Okawahara. Tsukasa stormed off after grabbing what he thought was Tsukushi's hand. When he realized he grabbed Shigeru instead, he tried to lose her with no luck. She ended up jumping onto his back and biting his ear. He threw her off and walked away.[106]

Dating Shigeru[]


Tsukasa kisses Shigeru

Shigeru: "Why are you apologizing? This isn't funny! You make me so mad! Say what you mean!"
Tsukasa: "You're not the one. The thought that's been on my mind is: Why were they together today? What are they doing now? How does Tsukushi feel about Rui?"
— Tsukasa reveals to Shigeru that he cannot forget Tsukushi[src]

The next day at school, Tsukushi angrily confronted Tsukasa. He tried to explain everything, but Tsukushi refused to listen. Several minutes later, Tsukasa found Tsukushi with Shigeru. She mentioned biting his ear which embarrassed him. As he went in to hit her, she punched him and shouted "As your fiancée, it's my job to train you well!"[107] Tsukasa became further annoyed when she voiced her intention to fall in love with him if she wanted. Akira and Sojiro were forced to hold him back. Tsukushi then walked away as he shouted for her to come back.[108] That night, Tsukasa waited for Tsukushi near her house. He tried again to explain. However, Tsukushi was acting strangely and began saying nice things about Shigeru. She told him "I think someone like her is what you need." Tsukasa then slapped her.[109]

Tsukasa returned home in a daze, hardly noticing that his friends were there. He sat on his bed and gazed at his hand, saying "I did it again." He then wondered whether it was "time to give it all up." The following night, Tsukasa asked Shigeru to be his girlfriend, promising to "learn to love [her]."[110] Later at school, Tsukasa and Tsukushi tried to act normal around each other. She even congratulated him on his relationship, though he told her "I don't want to hear that from you." Meanwhile, Tsukasa began meeting Shigeru for dates regularly. He had a time doing things, such as small talk and matching her stride when they walked. Shigeru later came to his school, which irritated Tsukasa. She told him to kiss her, saying "Prove to me that you don't love Tsukushi anymore." He had her close her eyes and did as she asked.[111]

That night, Tsukasa was on another date with Shigeru, when they ran into Tsukushi and Rui. Tsukasa was annoyed about seeing them together, but did not say anything. Shigeru ended up dragging everyone to her family's villa to spend the night.[112] Tsukasa's frosty attitude continued past dinner. Later, Shigeru came running when Tsukushi passed out in the bath. Tsukasa pushed pass her, but then Rui appeared carrying Tsukushi. In their room, Tsukasa asked Shigeru "Are you happy walking the path laid down by your parents?" She quickly became upset.[113] Tsukasa told Shigeru "You're not the one," revealing that he still loved Tsukushi. Shigeru threw a chair and then pushed him down. Tsukushi walked in at this point and then rushed out. Tsukasa told Shigeru to hit him if she needed to, but she cried instead.[114]

Living with Tsukushi[]


Tsukasa tells Tsukushi that they should start dating

"Let's try to make a go of it, you and me. I'll protect you. All your worries, and my old lady, I'll take care of them for you."
—Tsukasa asks Tsukushi to date him[src]

The next morning, Tsukasa sat next to Tsukushi near the koi pond. When she stood up to go inside, he asked her to tell Rui that he was heading home.[115] Tsukasa later requested for his mother to have the engagement canceled.[116] He did not return for several days until Akira informed him about his mother going to Tsukushi's place. Tsukasa went home to confront his mother, but discovered that she had left for a business trip. As Tsubaki explained this, Tsukushi appeared before them in a maid's uniform.[117] Tsukushi agreed to stay if she could work, which Tama agreed with. Later, she delivered tea to Tsukasa's room. He started talking about his mother. Tsukasa was touched because he believed that Tsukushi stood up to her for "[their] sake." They were interrupted by Tama, who decided to make Tsukushi his "personal maid."[118]

In the morning, Tsukasa grabbed Tsukushi in his sleep, leading her to start hitting him. He went to school by himself since she refused to go with him. At the end of the day, Tsukasa went to Tsukushi's classroom to pick her up. In the car, he told her "I'm not going to hold back anymore."[119] Tsukasa then said that he wanted her to come to his room around midnight, warning her "If you don't come to me, I'm coming to you." That night, the two had dinner together. He watched her eat and called her "cute."[120] At midnight, Tsukasa called several times but Tsukushi did not answer. He came to her room and set up a telescope to show her Saturn, before gifting her the necklace he had special ordered. Tsukasa then hugged her from behind and said "What's wrong with my giving the girl I love a present?"[121]

Tsukasa proceeded to kiss Tsukushi, which she reciprocated. He attempted to take it further, but Tsukushi stopped him. Tsukasa asked her "How did you feel when Shigeru and I were going out?," to which she answered "I was a little shocked." Happy by her response, Tsukasa asked her to "make a go of it." When she expressed hesitation, Tsukasa suggested a two month time limit to see if the relationship works out. They were then interrupted by Sojiro, Akira, and Rui eavesdropping.[122] In the morning, Tsukushi agreed to date Tsukasa, making him so happy he yelled "Yes!" That afternoon over lunch, Tsukasa noticed something was off with Tsukushi. She admitted that she "nervous" about all the attention from their classmates. He told her that he understood, but added "Don't let that be your excuse two months from now."[123]

Dating Tsukushi[]


Tsukushi hugs Tsukasa

Tsukasa: "To tell you the truth, I'm getting nervous. I feel like maybe it's not going to work out. Damn, this is embarrassing."
Tsukushi: "Actually, I wanted to thank you for today."
— Tsukasa voices his insecurities to Tsukushi[src]

That night, Tsukushi asked Tsukasa out on a date. He was happy until she revealed it was a double date with her friend, Yuki Matsuoka. Despite refusing, Tsukasa showed up. During the date, Yuki's boyfriend Nakatsuka made several rude comments to Tsukasa. He managed to keep to his cool.[124] Nakatsuka suggested that they go to an amusement park, where they temporarily separated. Tsukasa was finally able to enjoy himself, but his bad mood returned after meeting up with the others again. Nakatsuka eventually made a comment about Tsukushi, which caused Tsukasa to punch him.[125] He stormed off and returned home by himself. Tsukushi later confronted him, but he refused to say what happened. She ended up slapping him, saying "No matter what the reason is, using violence is not right."[126]

The next day, Tsukasa was hanging out with Rui at his house when Tsukushi called. She was worried about Yuki. Tsukasa asked Tsukushi where she was and said "I'm on my way. Stay there." Along the way, Tsukasa met Sojiro. He first picked up Tsukushi, before heading to the night club Sojiro was at. They arrived in time to witness Yuki getting back at Nakatsuka.[127] Sojiro then threatened Nakatsuka and Tsukasa knocked him out with a sleeper hold. Afterwards, Tsukasa learned that Tsukushi punched Nakatsuka, which irritated him due to the hypocrisy. Sojiro and Yuki slipped away while they were arguing. Tsukasa questioned if Tsukushi was "seriously" thinking about their relationship. He then admitted "I feel like maybe it's not going to work out." Tsukushi suddenly hugged him and thanked him for his help.[128]

Tsukasa went to school early the next morning. When he walked up to Tsukushi later, he was blushing and flubbed his attempts to talk to her. Eventually, Tsukushi, who had been ignoring him, asked "Would you go with me?"[129] The following day, an annoyed Tsukasa found out that Tsukushi actually wanted to follow Sojiro and Yuki on their date. He was unable to refuse Tsukushi when she asked him to stay. After a nice dinner, Tsukasa nearly convinced her to leave them alone. Tsukushi then accidentally pushed him into the sea upon seeing Sojiro and Yuki going into a hotel.[130] Soaking wet, Tsukasa made his way to the hotel where he found Tsukushi. They got a room and he took a shower immediately. After getting out, Tsukasa reminded her about Yuki. On the way to the other room, they caught a glimpse of Tsukasa's mother.[131]



Tsukasa heartbroken when Tsukushi leaves him

Tsukasa: "Have you ever seen me as just a guy? Forget my family or mother. Everything. Have you even once looked at me as just a man?"
Tsukushi: "If I loved you, I wouldn't be leaving like this. Goodbye."
— Tsukushi beaks up with Tsukasa[src]

Now in the same room as the F3 and Yuki, Tsukasa revealed his mother was in the hotel. Sojiro and Akira asked him what he was going to do. Tsukasa had no idea, but declared "I'm sure it'll be okay." The guys failed to notice the girls leaving.[132] The next morning, Tsukasa confronted Tsukushi at school about her disappearance. She told him she slept in Tama's room, but did not explain why. He then took her to the café she mentioned the day before. There Tsukasa declared his intention to leave home. Tsukushi was against it, but he felt it was the only way he could protect her.[133] After leaving the café, they spent some time at an arcade. Tsukasa eventually asked "Am I so unreliable?" Tsukushi explained that she was against him leaving because she did not want to be protected. She then told him that he made her happy and kissed him.[134]

Later, Tsukasa had Sojiro and Akira meet him. He told them to "quit fooling around with so many girls" and fall in love instead. The guys asked if something had happened. He said "I might be the happiest I've ever been." That night, Tsukasa was arriving home when he noticed Tsukushi standing in the rain. She told him "I can't see you anymore."[135] Tsukasa was confused and asked "Did you tell me that you didn't want me to protect you in order to cut off our relationship?" When she answered "Of course not!," Tsukasa demanded an explanation. Finally, she admitted that his mother had targeted her friends and that she was to have nothing to do with his family again. Devastated, Tsukasa asked "Have you ever seen me as just a guy?" She answered "If I loved you, I wouldn't be leaving like this" and then walked away."[136]

The day after Tsukushi left him, the F3 and Kazuya came to Tsukasa's house to confront him about Tsukushi submitting a leave of absence. Tsukasa ignored them until Akira said "This might really be the end." He told them to shut up and leave. Kazuya tried to convince him to look for her, but Tsukasa threw him to the floor and threatened to kill everyone.[137] His uncaring, violent attitude continued over the next two or three days. For example, a student gave him a cake and confessed her feelings. He smashed it in her face.[138] A few days later, he was invited out by Sojiro. Tsukasa realized it was a party. He went on to call it "irritating" and told his friends that he did not want to be a part of their "stupid friendship drama." Sojiro said "You're the one who's irritating!" Tsukasa then punched him, leading to full-blown fight.[139]

Tsukushi's return[]


Tsukasa arrives at the fishing village

"I loved her very much. So much that I didn't care what happened to the Domyoji family. I thought there was nothing in the world that wouldn't go as I wanted it to. I learned that there are things in this world that even I can't do anything about. Well, it's all said and done."
—Tsukasa to Tsukushi's mother and father[src]

A couple days later, Tsukasa was visited by Rui who revealed that Tsukushi was living in a fishing village. He encouraged him to "bring her back." Tsukasa refused saying "She ran out on me." Nevertheless, he was relieved to learn she was okay. The following morning, Tsukasa arrived in the village shortly after Rui.[140] One of the villagers asked Tsukasa to pay off the Makinos' debt of 300,000 yen. He paid it, though he was 50,000 yen short which he borrowed from Rui. That evening, Tsukasa and Rui met Tsukushi's friend Matsutaro Yoshimatsu whom proposed a farewell party. On the beach, Tsukushi thanked Tsukasa and promised to repay him, though he called it her salary. He then asked about her coming back, but she was unsure. Tsukasa yelled at Tsukushi for disappearing and then admitted softly "I was worried, idiot."[141]

The four stayed on the beach until the following morning. Matsutaro eventually asked Tsukasa to take care of Tsukushi. However, they both confirmed that their relationship was over. Shortly, Tsukasa talked to Tsukushi's parents who apologized for everything. He admitted to them that he had loved Tsukushi so much that he "did [not] care what happened to the Domyoji family."[142] Tsukasa took Tsukushi and her brother back to Tokyo. He was irritated when she feel asleep on the way. After arriving, Shigeru invited Tsukasa up to her apartment which she was lending Tsukushi's family. He declined and left with the other guys.[143] The next day at school, Tsukasa became irritated when Tsukushi avoided him. Rui told him "There's no hope so why don't you give up on her and choose someone else?"[144]

That night, Tsukasa happened to see Tsukushi while walking around. She started to ramble and Tsukasa had no idea what she was saying. He invited her to get tea, telling her "I need to talk to you." At a nearby café, they made small talk for a little bit.[145] Just as Tsukasa was about to say something, Tsukushi told him to look behind him. She claimed that she saw his "cousin." Tsukasa believed Tsukushi was making up a "story" to avoid talking. He got up and left when she revealed that she met this person on a group date. She chased after him to the bridge, where he revealed that he was hurt about her seemingly moving on so quickly. Eventually, he told her that she did not have to avoid him anymore like earlier. As he went to leave, Tsukushi returned the necklace he gave her. He promptly tossed it into the river.[146]

Meeting his cousin[]


Tsukasa comes face to face with his imposter

"Sneaking behind my back and he says he doesn't want to see me?! I'll make him see me!"
—Tsukasa becomes determined to meet his so-called cousin[src]

A couple days later, Tsukasa was visited by Akira. He described meeting a person who could be Tsukasa's "twin," before mentioning Tsukushi was missing. Later, he asked Tama whether he had a cousin.[147] Tama confirmed his cousin the existence of Kiyonaga and his tough childhood. Next, Tsukasa and Akira met with Sakurako and Shigeru to talk about the guy from the group date. The girls also revealed that they had planned the date. Tsukasa felt bad for his harsh words to Tsukushi before, but refused to admit it.[148] The others dragged Tsukasa over to Tsukushi's place where they found her home. After bickering for a bit, Tsukasa apologized for not believing her. Joining the others, Tsukushi revealed that his cousin had left a few moments earlier and apparently hated him. Tsukasa became irritated and declared "I'll make him see me!"[149]

Returning home, Tsukasa demanded to see Tama but she had gone out. He then asked his sister about their cousin though she had no information besides childhood memories. Tsubaki told him that Tsukushi choosing Kiyonaga would be the "right choice" instead of Tsukasa who was acting like "spoiled little rich boy." She then used an analogy that went over Tsukasa's head.[150] When Tama returned, he demanded to be taken to Kiyonaga's place. She agreed once he asked nicely. Tsukasa insisted on taking the train there. On the train, he asked Akira whether he was "not very different" from the guys there. He answered that "the difference is like night and day."[151] Upon meeting Kiyonaga, Tsukasa started pulling on his cheeks to take off his "mask." Akira then realized that he was not the same person Tsukushi was seeing.[152]

The next day, Tsukasa and the F3 were speaking to Tsukushi when the imposter walked up. He revealed that he had been hired by Kaede to keep Tsukasa and Tsukushi apart. Enraged, Tsukasa tried to leave to confront his mother. The imposter slapped him to stop him and went on to call him a "kid." Tsukasa was further angered when the guy said that he liked Tsukushi. She eventually snapped at everyone and left with the imposter. Tsukasa yelled after her "Don't tell me you won't have me, but you'll take that guy?!" Tsukushi called him an "idiot" in response.[153] Afterwards, Akira and Sojiro explained the situation to Sakurako and Shigeru as Tsukasa sat stewing. He quickly became irritated with their chatter and broke his glass by squeezing it too tight. Having had enough, he left after saying "I'm going home to sleep."[154]

Pursuing Tsukushi again[]


Tsukushi returns to Tsukasa

Shigeru: "Your double's making a move on her, and there's the problem of Kazuya's and Yuki's families. Boy, you sure have a lot of obstacles."
Tsukasa: "I don't care about them. I'm not going to worry about that stuff. I don't give a damn what happens to who. It doesn't matter who she loves. I'll make her mine."
— Tsukasa decides to pursue Tsukushi again[src]

Tsukasa was followed from the café by Shigeru, who he told to leave several times. He eventually asked "What's the difference between me and that guy?" She did not have a real answer to him, leaving Tsukasa frustrated that girls were not "simple." A little while later, Shigeru offered him coffee and told him "There's no reason for you to blame yourself for this." Seeing his sad face, she then hugged him.[155] Shigeru quickly let go and Tsukasa attempted to say something to her. She, however, made up an excuse and ran off.[156] The next day, Tsukasa met Akira and Sojiro at school. He was then greeted by Tsukushi. After she left, the other two guys asked what he was going to do about the "fake Kiyonaga." Tsukasa responded "There's nothing to do." He slammed his fist into the wall, saying "If she liked me even a little, I'd do anything."[157]

That night, Tsukasa went over to Rui's house. There Rui told him "I don't think that forcing yourself on a person is love." Tsukasa disagreed and left after saying "I've made up my mind." The next morning, Tsukasa met with Shigeru and told her to find a "nice guy." He explained that Tsukushi was the "only one on [his] mind."[158] Tsukasa went home briefly and was called a "fool" by Tsubaki, but he was unfazed. He then met Amon Kunisawa at his job. He asked him if he loved Tsukushi, which Amon laughed at. Tsukasa stated "She's mine" and left to begin searching for her.[159] The next morning, Tsukasa discovered that Tsukushi was absent from school. He asked the F3 if they had seen her. Desperate, he reached out to the police for help. Tsukasa then went to Yuki's house, before finally finding her at a bus stop with Amon.[160]

Tsukasa begged Tsukushi not to go with Amon, who chastised him for not considering her happiness. He promised to "make [her] happy." She boarded a bus without saying anything. He chased after the bus and shouted her name, before collapsing from exhaustion in the middle of the street. Tsukushi came back to him. She, however, was arrested by the police just before they were reunited. Tsukasa attempted to protest, but was held back by officers. Tsukushi shouted at him to "come and get [her]."[161] At the station, Tsukasa shouted at the officers for issuing a warrant when he had just wanted to find Tsukushi. After being released, she was a little perturbed until he admitted "I was desperate." They then went over to Amon's place. He was opposed to her going alone, but softened when she said "I swear I'll come back."[162]

Dating Tsukushi again[]


Tsukasa kisses Tsukushi while trapped at Akira's house

Tsukushi: "I'm that untrustworthy?"
Tsukasa: "It's not a matter of trust. You've never told me you love me, have you? I can't help but feel you're covering up your shaky feelings for me."
— Tsukasa feels insecure in their relationship[src]

When Tsukushi returned, Tsukasa hugged her tightly and leaned in to kiss her. However, the mood was ruined by their stomachs and the two began acting awkwardly. After eating at a restaurant, Tsukasa walked Tsukushi home and proposed that they go to New York. She seemed against it which confused Tsukasa, whom asked "Why did you get off [the bus]?" She answered "I just thought I would." Annoyed, Tsukasa went home.[163] The next day at school, Tsukushi brought Tsukasa to the roof to talk. She offered him a boxed lunch and surprised him by asking "Will you go out with me?" However, she wanted to keep their relationship a "secret" which made Tsukasa angry. Tsukushi admitted that she did not want them to be forced apart again. Understanding, Tsukasa said "I'd do anything for you" and agreed to keep the secret.[164]

The next day, Sojiro and Akira tied Tsukasa up and locked him in Akira's summer house. They later trapped Tsukushi with him. After being untied, he complained that they should have just told him.[165] Tsukasa kissed Tsukushi, before they began exploring. At one point, he became annoyed with Tsukushi who seemed uncomfortable around him. He realized "We just can't seem to switch gears that easily." They settled down by the fire.[166] Tsukushi tried to tell Tsukasa something, but he refused to listen. She eventually asked him about his kissing skills, leading him to reveal the girls he kissed in middle school. Tsukushi became jealous and he teased her. She then suddenly shouted that she met Amon and they were followed the Domyoji Secret Police. Tsukasa became angry about her relying on someone else.[19]

Tsukasa and Tsukushi were nearly discovered by the secret police. He managed to help her escape through a window in the bathroom. Tsukasa then turned on the shower, alerting the men. He urged one of them to come closer and headbutted him, before declaring "You're nothing but my old lady's dogs."[167] The next day, Tsukasa met up with Tsukushi after she got off of work. In the park, she apologized about their fight. He then voiced his frustrations about her not saying her feelings yet. They were interrupted by a phone call from Akira, whom invited Tsukasa to his party.[168] During the party, Tsukasa and Tsukushi overheard Yuki confessing her feelings to Sojiro. Afterwards, Tsukasa asked Tsukushi about the secret relationship again. She told him that he did not understand, which frustrated him.[169]

Living next door[]


Tsukasa begins living next door to Tsukushi

Tsukasa: "As for me, I wasn't trying to rush you or anything."
Tsukushi: "I know."
Tsukasa: "Oh, well. I can't think of making love with anyone but you. So I'll wait."
— Tsukasa agrees to wait for Tsukushi[src]

Inside, Tsukushi declared to everyone that she loved Tsukasa. He embraced her and then she fainted. In the morning, Tsukasa teased her by asking if she remembered what she said. Sakurako interrupted just as they were about to kiss. Shortly, Tsukushi left to go see Yuki. Tsukasa said "Tell her not to worry about her family."[170] The following day, Tsukushi called Tsukasa "in a panic" while he was sleeping. He became worried and went over to her new apartment. She and her brother threw pots at him before recognizing him. When the situation was cleared up, Tsukasa and Tsukushi revealed that they were dating to Susumu. As Tsukushi saw him off, Tsukasa asked about the apartment next door which she revealed was vacant. The next day, Tsukasa began renting that apartment.[171]

Tsukushi was worried about Tsukasa's family finding out about the apartment. He was confident since he agreed to pay 200,000 yen a month. Tsukasa then went to the bath house with Tsukushi and Susumu. Afterwards, Tsukushi lent Tsukasa a set of bedding before saying goodnight.[172] He was unable to fall asleep and left before morning. At school, Tsukasa described how uncomfortable the apartment was to Akira and Sojiro.[173] He began sneaking into his apartment during the times thieves were most like to come out. Tsukushi discovered him going into his apartment one night. She caught him off guard by offering to "keep [him] company," though she quickly ended up falling asleep. He was unable to sleep all night. In the morning, Tsukasa had breakfast with Tsukushi and her brother.[174]

The following day, Tsukasa's taxi was stopped by Tsukushi whom revealed that the secret police were outside their apartments. He decided that his house was the safest place to hide and helped Tsukushi sneak in. After she took a shower, Tsukasa asked "Are you tired of our relationship?" She admitted, that despite the difficulties of that night, she was "not upset at all."[175] Tsukasa kissed Tsukushi and gradually began taking it further. She said that she had "reached [her] limit," at which point Tsukasa noticed her crying. Tsubaki burst into the room and promptly started to beat up Tsukasa. The couple eventually revealed that they were dating. Tsubaki was overjoyed, but realized that Tsukushi was not ready for sex and ordered Tsukasa to be "more understanding" towards her. He agreed to wait for her.[176]

New York[]

At school the next day, Tsukushi asked Tsukasa and Rui if they had heard from Sojiro. Tsukasa agreed to help search. Around early morning, Sojiro finally just happened to walk by. After Sojiro and Yuki left, Tsukasa showed Tsukushi two tickets to New York.[177] She was against going. Later, the two went on a date to a restaurant. When he tried to pay, all of Tsukasa's credit cards were rejected. Tsukushi ended up paying. Tsukasa felt uneasy, saying "My mother's made her move."[20] Tsukushi distracted Tsukasa by suggesting "Let's go on a poor man's date!" They went to a pet store, where Tsukasa was scared of a small dog. The owner offered them baseball tickets. Tsukasa was uninterested, though Tsukushi insisted on going since it was free. There Tsukushi caught the homerun ball.[178]

After the game, the two stopped for hotdogs. Tsukasa noticed people following them, but chose not to say anything to Tsukushi. He dropped her off at her apartment, saying "See you tomorrow." He then told the men to "Come on and show [them]selves." They revealed that they had order from Kaede to take him. Tsukasa promised to "kill" them if they "[laid] a hand on Tsukushi."[179] He was brought to his family's home in New York. When Tsukushi turned up, Tsukasa was forced to act callously towards her. He told her that he quit school of his own accord and said "Go on home." Afterwards, he said to his mother "Does this make you happy?"[180]


Meeting Haruto[]


Tsukasa and Tsukushi are reunited with Haruto's help

Haruto: "You came to my rescue when I was in middle school. A-And then, you entrusted Eitoku Academy to me."
Tsukasa: "I rescued you? Was it off campus? Ohh, that kid who was being robbed. That was you?"
Tsukushi: "You remember, Domyoji?"
Tsukasa: "Yeah. Other than you, I've rarely come to someone's rescue. I probably just said that in the heat of the moment. You looked like a weakling who needed a little bit of encouragement."
— Tsukasa does not remember Haruto at first[src]

While still in high school, Tsukasa beat up two guys whom were bullying a younger Eitoku student, Haruto Kaguragi. He asked him "Are you just gonna take it without putting up a fight?" Around two years later, Tsukasa was about to leave for America. The same student approached him and voiced his admiration for him, before saying "Even if the F4 are no longer her, I'll give it my all." Tsukasa then told him "I leave it in your hands," referring to Eitoku.[181] Over two years later, Tsukasa was busy going between New York and Abu Dhabi. He managed to arrange a partnership between Domyoji Group and an Abu Dhabi oil tycoon. Tsukasa was even put on the cover of a magazine, labeling him "trailblazing." Akira and Sojiro were impressed, even saying "No one ever imagined Tsukasa would turn out like this."[182]

The following winter, Rui asked Tsukasa to come to Japan to see Tsukushi. He flew right over, but was caught traffic. The F4 decided to go on foot. Haruto suddenly appeared and called someone to stop the plane. Tsukasa asked "Who is this guy?," but Sojiro cut him off. They then ran the rest of the way.[183] Tsukasa hugged Tsukushi tightly before the two started to bicker. She told him "I just want to understand what [your life's] like," but admitted to feeling lonely once she started. Tsukasa then held her and promised to come whenever she called. Tsukushi introduced him to Haruto, whom he did not remember at first. He noticed Haruto's girlfriend and told him to "take good care of her." Tsukasa then walked off with the F3 and Tsukushi to talk before he had to return to his attaché job in Germany.[5]

Physical appearance[]

Tsukasa's most notable trait was his extremely curly hair. His hair could be straightened for brief periods of time, though it would curl again in the blink of an eye. The only other time his hair was straight was when it was wet. Despite his odd hairstyle, Tsukasa was still considered good-looking by his peers. F4, shortened from Flower 4, was a reference to his and his friends handsome faces.

His wardrobe was full of high end name brand clothing, reflecting his family's rich status. He bought expensive clothing without a second thought. Tsukasa usual style was solid-colored shirts which he paired with pants and a jacket, depending on the weather. He sometimes wore sweaters or vests. Tsukasa also had both of his ears pierced.

Personality and traits[]

"He's an idiot, rowdy, and self-centered. Always saying the opposite of what he feels... But, in a way, he's very genuine. He has trouble expressing himself, but he's gentle in so many ways."
—Tsukushi describes Tsukasa[src]

Tsukasa was known for his hot-temper which sometimes turned violent. He acted out due to his extreme loneliness because of his parents being largely absent from his life. Tsubaki, an influential figure in his life, credited herself with raising him though she admitted it was not "normal" since she usually hurt him physically to keep in line. Tsukasa used his privilege to do whatever he wanted for most of his life. He became jaded as he started to believe money could buy anything, including people. Tsukushi was the first person to stand up to him as well as the first that he could not buy. Tsukasa was naturally attracted to her and was able to show her his gentle side. Through her influence, he gained control of his temper though they occasionally still bickered.

His was also known for being a good fighter. As a child, he was trained in karate, judo, and aikido to avoid kidnappers.[20] Furthermore, Tsukasa was characterized as not being very bright, though he was later shown to be a capable person. A running gag was him being quite weak at Japanese, despite it being his native language. His friends often pointed out his various mistakes, which were usually confusing kanji readings with others. In contrast, Tsukasa was able to speak German, French, and Italian well,[44] though his English was weak.[66] Tsukasa was also talented at basketball. He and his friends were scouted in junior high.[59]

Financial strength


Tsukasa is a common birth name in Japan. The kanji, 司, can variously mean "director," "official," "administer," or "boss."[186][187] This may be a reference to Tsukasa's future role as head of Domyoji Group. His name is written as つかさ in hiragana. Tsukasa's last name, Domyoji (道明寺), contains three kanji. Separately, 道 can mean "street," "journey," "course," and "teachings",[188] 明 means "bright," or "light,"[189] while 寺 generally means "temple."[190] In hiragana, Domyoji is written as どうみょうじ.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Tsukasa is a main character of the manga, Boys Over Flowers, and first appears in chapter one.
  • He has the highest allowance of the F4, ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 yen.[184]
  • In Boys Over Flowers Season 2, Tsukasa is frequently referenced, especially by Haruto Kaguragi, before appearing in the series' final arc.
  • Tsukasa regularly appears in the web comic Cafe de Hanadan, which focuses on him and Tsukushi during their early days as an official couple.
  • Yoko Kamio originally based Tsukasa's image off of Christian Slater, an American actor whose "malevolent expressions" Kamio was a fan of. She also wanted Tsukasa's hair to be dreadlocks, though it ended up looking more like tight curls.[191]


See also: Category:Tsukasa Domyoji portrayals
  • He is voiced by Takumi Nishio in the 1993 audio drama. Yoko Kamio was happy with his performance and felt "he caught that slightly dopey drawl." Upon telling Nishio and Takuya Kimura (Rui) that they fit the character's images, Kimura jokingly told him that he was as stupid as Tsukasa.[192]

Shosuke Tanihara as Tsukasa

  • Tsukasa is played by Shosuke Tanihara in the film, Hana Yori Dango (1995).[193] Tanihara, who was a newcomer at the time, has since became a successful actor. The film follows Tsukasa's personality and actions well. He bullies Tsukushi after she insults him, but falls for her when she kicks him in the chest. The action reminds him of his older sister. Tsukushi eventually agrees to date him. Tsukasa feels betrayed when he sees her kissing Rui. Tsukushi ends up choosing Tsukasa.

Tsukasa in the anime


Yuya Matsushita as Tsukasa



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