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"You don't have to do mother's bidding too, you know. I don't want you to have to go through what I did."
—Tsubaki to Tsukasa[src]

Tsubaki Domyoji (道明寺 椿 (どうみょうじ つばき) Dōmyōji Tsubaki) was the older sister of Tsukasa and daughter of Kaede Domyoji. She moved to Beverly Hills after marrying her husband, though she returned home periodically. Tsubaki supported her brother being with Tsukushi Makino and opposed her mother arranging his marriage to Shigeru Okawahara.


Early life[]

Tsubaki was the first child born to her father, head of Domyoji Group, and Kaede Domyoji.[2] She had a younger brother named Tsukasa, whom she was close to.[3] Tsubaki began attending Eitoku Academy from elementary school. She made friends with Urara Aoi, who was a couple years older. The two later lost contact.[4] During high school, Tsubaki worked as a model even walking the runway in a Paris fashion show.[1] She also entered an exchange student program after passing a rigorous test.[5]

Young adulthood[]

Tsubaki married her husband, an heir to a hotel empire, while still in college.[1] They later settled permanently in Beverly Hills, California when Tsukasa was still in high school.[6]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Tsubaki flips a coin during the match

"I wish you wouldn't give up on Tsukasa. You seem to know Tsukasa and there's some problem, but... I think I can trust Tsukasa to someone like you. His feathers get ruffled easily, but he's not a bad guy. So you see, try to understand him."
—Tsubaki to Tsukushi[src]

After a three year absence, Tsubaki decided to visit Tsukasa while her husband went on a business trip to Europe. On her way to the house, she came across a guy bothering Tsukushi Makino. Tsubaki forced him to leave her alone by scratching his car with her heel. She then noticed that Tsukushi appeared pale and insisted on her coming to her house. There she greeted Tsukasa and met Sakurako Sanjo and forgot about Tsukushi. Tsubaki assumed she had left until she later found her with Tsukasa. She beat up Tsukasa and invited Tsukushi to dinner. Tsukasa refused to join them, so Tsubaki went to talk to him but he was in the shower. She learned that Tsukushi knew Tsukasa after hearing her talk in her sleep. Guessing what had happened, Tsubaki told her "I wish you wouldn't give up on Tsukasa."[7]

The following night, Tsubaki overheard Tsukasa yelling at Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro Nishikado. She asked what was wrong but Tsukasa refused to tell her. On their way out, Tsubaki grabbed Kazuya Aoike and threatened him. The next day, she stormed over to Eitoku and caught Tsukasa trying to blackmail the principal. Tsukushi promised to leave the school as well as Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro, and Akira. Tsubaki cut through the arguing and suggested they settled the matter with sports. Tsukasa, Akira, and Sojiro were opposed to it because it sounded "uncool." However, a three-on-three match of basketball was decided upon.[1] The next day, Tsubaki served as the referee. She told everyone the rules before the match started. With tens second left, Tsukasa surprised everyone by calling off the game.[8]

After the match, Tsubaki invited everyone back to her house to celebrate. She became drunk from having too much wine. Tsubaki learned that Tsukushi and Rui had not yet slept together. She accused them of "dragging [their] feet" and ordered Sojiro and Akira tolock them in a room together. Once Tsukasa came home, Tsubaki calmly told them what was happening and he took it well.[9] The next day, Tsukasa told his sister that he was going to New York. She questioned if he really wanted to live there with their parents. He then told her a story about him and Rui, ending with "I've got to make up for what I did." Tsubaki asked if this was because of Tsukushi. He responded "I'd made up my mind, even before the basketball game." A couple days later, Tsubaki went with the others to see him off at the airport.[10]

Supporting Tsukasa[]


Tsubaki confronts her mother about her plans

Urara: "I must say your brother is certainly interesting. I look forward to seeing how he grows up."
Tsubaki: "So do I. He's a silly kid, but he... He may have reached a dead end. I didn't want to see him suffer like I did."
— Tsubaki breaks down about the situation to her friend[src]

Tsubaki returned to Japan for Tsukasa's eighteenth birthday party. Akira asked her to lend Tsukushi a different dress, reminding her that her mother was there. Tsukushi asked "Why do I have to dress up like this?" Tsubaki attempted to explain about her mother but hesitated. Sojiro informed her "She'll appraise you as a potential fiancée." During the party, Kaede approached Tsukushi after seeing her with Tsukasa.[11] Kaede tested her by having her play the piano. Tsubaki tried to stand up for Tsukushi. Her mother replied "Any woman who marries into the Domyoji family will eventually have to go out into society." Tsukushi was unable to play. This lead to an argument between Tsukasa and his mother. Tsubaki eventually told him to leave. She said to Tsukushi "I'm on your side," just before Tsukasa grabbed her to go.[12]

The following morning, Tsubaki asked a maid if Tsukasa had come home yet. When Kaede entered the room, she confronted her about her plans, yelling "Don't tell me you'll be as cruel as you were to me!" Kaede felt that she should be grateful for life, leading Tsubaki to say "There were things that I lost." Her mother, however, called them "not important." Tsubaki later cried, saying "You'll never understand."[13] Later that afternoon, Tsubaki asked Nishida about her mother's plans. He told her that he could not say. Tsubaki went for a walk and came across some gardenias, which reminded her of Urara. Her old friend then suddenly appeared before her. They went to a café together. Their conversation turned to Tsukasa. Tsubaki seemed distress as she said "I didn't want him to suffer like I did."[4]

Several days later, Tsubaki told Tsukasa "You don't have to do mother's bidding too, you know." He understood what she meant and thanked her as well, but still seemed sad.[14] Some days later, Kaede had Tsukasa locked away in his room. Tsubaki asked her "How can you be so composed after what you did to Tsukasa?" She then told her that she could not control Tsukasa anymore. Nishida escorted Tsukushi and her friends into the room. After a confrontation between Tsukushi and Kaede, she ended her relationship with Tsukasa.[15] Three months later, Tsubaki went to the pier to say goodbye to Tsukasa after his wedding. She then watched in shock as Tsukushi made her way onto the ship. Tsubaki begged her mother to "let them go." She was happy when Kaede called the captain to ask him to look after the couple.[16]

Physical appearance[]

Tsukushi described her as "beautiful," comparing her to Shizuka Todo.[7] Her beauty allowed how to work as a model for a time. She had long, dark brown hair which she usually left down, except for special occasions. Her wardrobe consisted of elegant outfits, being made up of mostly dresses and skirts.

Personality and traits[]

Tsubaki was noted for being a bright, intelligent woman who spoke multiple languages. She became a "legend" at Eitoku.[1] She served as a mother figure to Tsukasa since they rarely saw their parents, who lived on a different continent. At times, she could be volatile with him in order to keep his arrogance in check. Tsubaki cared deeply for her brother and wished to see him happy. She became a big supporter for him being with Tsukushi. Tsubaki continued to support him when their mother opposed it.


Tsubaki (椿; つばき) means "camellia,"[17] possibly referring to the Japanese camellia in particular. She and Tsukasa share the first syllable (つ) of their given names. She kept her surname, Domyoji (道明寺; どうみょうじ), after marriage. It is made up of three kanji. The first kanji means "street," "journey," "course," and "teachings" (道),[18] the second "bright" and "light" (明),[19] and the third "temple" (寺).[20]

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