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Tsukushi: "You lied to me! You said they wouldn't see print! What am I doing on the cover?!"
Junpei: "I don't know... I guess the editor liked the shot! You look cute, don't you think?"
Tsukushi is upset about being the cover[src]

Treasures (トレジャーズ () Torejāzu) was a magazine sold in Japan. It was popular among teenagers, including students from Eitoku Academy. Junpei Oribe modeled for the magazine and once appeared on the cover with Tsukushi Makino.


Junpei Oribe, under the name "Jun," was hired to model for the February issue of Treasures. He brought Tsukushi Makino to the shoot. After introducing her to the photographer, Junpei convinced him to take some photos of him and Tsukushi together. Tsukushi was quickly dressed in men's wear and had her hair and makeup done. She was not thrilled, so Junpei assured her that the shots would not make it to the magazine. The editor, however, ending up choosing one of the pictures for the cover. Tsukushi was annoyed upon seeing Treasures and nearly ended her friendship with Junpei. He then cried, leading her to shout "I was just mad!"[1] Tsukasa Domyoji approached the two while holding the magazine. He was angry about her appearing on the cover with Junpei. A fight then occurred between him and Junpei.[2]

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Treasures in the anime


Magazine in Meteor Garden

  • A magazine, titled Hot, appears in episode eight of Meteor Garden (2001). Dong Shan Cai (Tsukushi) and Xiao Shun (Junpei) pose for the magazine as his friend is the photographer. Their photos only appear in an article, not on the cover. Shan Cai is embarrassed to see the title of the article, "How to Arouse Your Partner," and becomes slightly annoyed with Xiao Shun. Dao Ming Si (Tsukasa) also sees the article and confronts Shan Cai about it.

Treasures in Returns

  • It appears in the first episode of Hana Yori Dango Returns (2007). Junpei promises that the photos will not appear in the magazine. When Tsukushi sees them on the cover, she tells him that they might not be able to be friends. Treasures is also a popular internationally as Tsukasa sees it while living in New York. Sojiro and Akira mistakenly think Tsukushi took the photo to get Tsukasa's attention.



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