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Yu Bing Xian (Chinese: 余炳賢; pinyin: Yú Bǐngxián, May 5, 1975 – July 20, 2012), also known as Tony Fish and Da Bing (Chinese: 大炳; pinyin: Dàbǐng), was a Taiwanese actor, comedian, and television host. He entered show business in 2000 and became well known for hosting variety shows. Fish played Ah Lun in the 2002 drama, Meteor Garden II. In 2012, he passed away due to organ failure.


Early life[]

Fish was born on May 5, 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan. He had two younger brothers. Fish attended National Yunlin Institute of Technology (now National Formosa University), before transferring to Hwa Kang Arts School.[1]


In 1999, Fish rose to prominence in Taiwan as one of the cohosts of the variety show, Shao Nian Bing Tuan Qi Kai De Sheng (少年兵團 旗開得勝).[2] He went on to appear in countless variety shows, including Wo Xiu Wo Xiu Wo Xiu Xiu Xiu (我秀我秀我秀秀秀) and Shang Wei Da Zuo Zhan (賞味大作戰).[3] Fish became a well known for his impersonations of politicians and female celebrities, such as Frank Hsieh and Whitney Houston.[4] He also began acting and appeared in several television dramas, including Meteor Garden II (2002) and Fated to Love You (2008).[5] In 2005, Fish had a small role in the American film Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.[6]

Fish's career was hurt due to several consecutive drug scandals, starting in 2007. He ultimately decided to step back from show business.[5] In 2011, he moved to China to continue his career there. He worked behind the scenes for Hebei Television.[7]

Substance issues and death[]

In February 2007, police officers were investigating a motel for drug trafficking when they discovered Fish with amphetamines. He and a friend were arrested. His bail was set at 30,000 yuan.[8] Fish was arrested for a second time in 2009 after being caught with amphetamines again.[9] A judge sentenced him to four months in prison and he was fined 120,000 yuan. In 2010, Fish was caught at his home with heroin and amphetamines.[10] In March 2011, while raiding a suspected drug dealer, the police found Fish present at the scene. He denied taking any drugs at the time.[11] However, his urine test was positive.[12] In August 2011, Fish was sentenced to six months in prison.[7]


Barbie and Dee Hsu at Fish's funeral

On June 25, 2012, Fish caught fungal pneumonia while in Beijing.[13] He was admitted to Peking Union Medical College Hospital.[14] His condition improved and he planned to return to Taiwan for further treatment.[15] However, on July 20, Fish passed away due to multiple organ failure. His remains were cremated the next day and brought back to Taiwan by his younger brother.[16] A memorial service was held on July 30 in Taipei.[17][18] It was attended by many of his industry friends, including Dee Hsu, Barbie Hsu, and Blackie Chen.[19] The Hsu sisters and Aya Liu gave a speech and honored Fish by performing his signature move, swallowing their fists.[20]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Spicy Teacher Zai Zai
2002 Meteor Garden II Ah Lun
2003 The Pawnshop No. 8 Xiao Sheng Xian
2008 The Amazing Strategist Liu Bowen He Li
Fated to Love You Lawyer Chen
Huai Yu Chuan Qi Qian Jin Mazu Xiao Huo Zi
Woody Sambo Ah Xiang
2009 Yi Dai Shen Xiang Lai Bu Yi Wei Zhi
My Queen Romeo
2011 Material Queen Reporter Cameo


Year Title Role Notes
1999 Cop
2005 Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Lil Kim


  • He was a friend of Dee and Barbie Hsu, whom also attended Hwa Kang Arts School.[21] Barbie is also the godmother of Fish's niece.[22]


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