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The following location is primarily featured in: Manga, Season 2, Anime, Hana Yori Dango (2005).

Tokyo (東京 (とうきょう) Tōkyō) is the capital of Japan and its most populous prefecture. Designated as a metropolis, Tokyo contains twenty three special wards and twenty-six cities, all of which have their own governing body. Tokyo is the home of several people, including Tsukushi Makino, Rui Hanazawa, Oto Edogawa, Haruto Kaguragi among others.



Manga and Season 2


Akasaka Princess Hotel


Amusement park


Chanel store






Greedy Moon






The Maple Hotel


The Rabbit Hutch


Ristorant Sabotini





  • Akasaka Princess Hotel (赤坂プリンセスホテル () ) — where Seinosuke Amakusa's birthday party was held. There he revealed to his father that he did not want to be a politician.[1]
  • Amazon — a night club with a jungle theme. The F4 went here together at least once. Tsukasa Domyoji called Tsukushi Makino to have her meet him at the club, which she did reluctantly.[2]
  • Amusement park — one of the locations visited by Tsukushi, Tsukasa, Yuki Matsuoka, and Nakatsuka on their double date. It has several attractions, including the Sky Hurricane, a haunted house, and Ferris wheel.[3]
  • Amusement park — a new park with a fairytale theme. It has also thrill rides such as the Scream Machine. While on a date, Tenma Hase and Oto Edogawa met Haruto Kaguragi and Megumi Nishidome.[4] Megumi suggested to have a "double date," which was agreed upon.[5] However, it ended up being a disaster.[6]
  • Bronx — a night club located in Aoyama. It was a frequent haunt of Nakatsuka. One night, Sojiro Nishikado brought Yuki to the club to get revenge on Nakatsuka.[7]
  • Cafe'de Kamiee — following their encounter with Amon Kunisawa, Tsukasa, Sojiro, and Akira Mimasaka met Shigeru Okawahara and Sakurako Sanjo here. Akira told the girls what happened with Amon.[8]
  • Cáfe Oráfiar — the location where Sakurako set up a group date for her, Shigeru, Tsukushi, and Yuki.[9] Amon Kunisawa, then going by Kiyonaga, showed up as one of the candidates.[10]
  • Chanel — a store that exclusively sells Chanel products. Tsukasa brought Tsukushi to the store to purchase clothes before going on a trip. Tsubaki Domyoji also purchased her wedding gown here.[11]
  • Chicamo — a used clothing store. Oto and Tenma went here while on a date and bought clothes to wear for the day.[12]
  • Cosplay Photography Studio — Airi Maya and Oto visited the studio one day. The two had fun dressing up in various costumes and taking photos.[13]
  • Cotteria — a fast food restaurant that sells hamburgers. Tsukasa brought Tsukushi to talk, but it went badly and he left without saying what he wanted to say.[14][15]
  • Crescent Hotel — while trying to "scare" Yuki, Sojiro brought her to this hotel. However, after seeing how serious she was about him, he gave up and told her about his first love.[16]
  • Department store — a high-end retail building owned by Airi's father. It was modeled after Harrods. Airi once locked Oto and Tenma in the basement of the store.[17] The pair were later released by Haruto.[18]
  • Dowson — a convenience store where Oto Edogawa and Arisa Konno work.[19]
  • Fast food restaurant — where Tsukushi Makino worked after being recommended by Seinosuke Amakusa to the manager.[20] She stopped working at the restaurant for unknown reasons.
  • Game center — an arcade Tsukushi and Tsukasa visited while on a date. They played several games before fleeing when Tsukasa broke one.[21]
  • Greedy Moon — an outdoor restaurant that serves hamburgers. Tsukushi and Tsukasa went here on their double date with Yuki and Nakatsuka. It was also the first time Tsukasa ate a hamburger.[22]
  • Hanazushi (花寿司 () )[23] — a sushi restaurant where Seinosuke works as an apprentice. Tsukasa, Tsukushi, and Ayano Kurimaki visited the restaurant on one occasion.[24]
  • Hanayashiki (花やしき () ) — an amusement park visited by Tsukushi and Seinosuke on their "date."[25]
  • HandHome — a store that sells various household objects. Oto and Kei Windsor were sent to this store to buy decorations for Dowson.[26]
  • Hotel — where Tsukushi Makino woke up the morning after meeting Thomas.[27] Unknown to her, she had been drugged and brought there by Thomas. Sakurako Sanjo then took a picture of them.[28]
  • H.Y.S — a travel agency where Tsukushi purchased her ticket to New York.[29]
  • Joliana — a well-known night club. It is particularly popular for its stage, which girls fight to dance on. Tsukushi visits the night club with Yuki Matsuoka and her sister, whom frequents the club.[30]
  • The Maple Hotel — the flagship store of the high-end hotel chain. It is owned and managed by Kaede Domyoji.[31] There Kaede introduced Tsukasa to his fiancée Shigeru in front of Tsukushi.[32] Later, the F4, Tsukushi, and Yuki visited the hotel.[33]
  • Monjayaki restaurant — a restaurant specializing in monjayaki. Konno and Mi-tan brought Haruto and Oto there after spending time at the batting cages.[34]
  • Night club — a ritzy, high-end club located in Roppongi. Tsukushi was invited to a party here and was embarrassed by Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara.[35]
  • Night club — where Amon works as a bartender. Tsukasa went there to confront him.[36]
  • Nishidome resort — a resort located near the beach. It has a hot springs bath for men and women.[37] The resort is owned by Megumi's father.[38]
  • The Rabbit Hutch — a popular café frequented mostly by women. Tsukasa Domyoji and Tsukushi went on a date there once.[39] It was also visited by Oto, Haruto Kaguragi, and Airi Maya.[40]
  • Restaurant — where the F4 brought Shizuka Todo when she returned to Japan. Located in Aoyama, the restaurant has a night club type atmosphere for dancing.[41]
  • Ristorant Sabotini — an Italian restaurant where Tsubaki Domyoji brought Tsukushi after meeting her by chance. Outside the restaurant, Tsukushi revealed to Tsubaki her true feelings for Tsukasa.[42]
  • Sengoku Sweets — a store that sells Japanese sweets. It is owned by the Proprietress, whom hired Tsukushi and Yuki to work part-time.[43]
  • Shuei Bookstore — where Yuriko Asai and another student purchased a copy of Treasures, which had Tsukushi on the cover.[44]
  • Supermarket (スーパー () ) — where Haruo and Chieko Makino worked at for a brief time. They lived in the apartment above the store, which was too small for the whole family.[45] After being fired, the Makinos moved into another apartment together.[46]
  • Supermarket Mommy — Yukie Edogawa obtained her first job at the supermarket. One day, Oto visited Yukie at her job.[47] She presumably turned in her notice when she left Tokyo.
  • Tamanoyu (玉の湯 () ) — a bath house near Tsukushi's and Susumu's apartment. It is separated by baths for men and women. When Tsukasa moved in next door, he visited the bath house with Tsukushi and her brother.[16]
  • Wells — a restaurant that has become popular for its pancakes, resulting in long lines. Haruto purchased the shop before taking Oto there since he did not want to wait in line.[48]



HD Planet




Shuei Bookstore



  • Amazon — a night club located in Nishi-Azabu. Tsukasa Domyoji called Tsukushi Makino to have her meet him there.[49]
  • HD Planet — a popular night club. It has a stage which girls vie for a chance to dance on. Tsukushi discovered Sakurako Sanjo dancing here.[50]
  • Hotel — where Thomas brought an unconscious Tsukushi. Sakurako then took photos of them together. Tsukushi woke up the next morning with no memory of the events.[51][52]
  • Kuchinashi — a café where Tsubaki Domyoji and Urara Aoi went to catch up after running into each other.[53]
  • The Maple Hotel — a hotel chain owned by Kaede Domyoji. She brought her son and Tsukushi to the Tokyo location to introduce his fiancée Shigeru Okawahara.[53]
  • Maximam — a club located in Roppongi. Yuriko Asai, Erika Ayuhara, and Minako Yamano invited Tsukushi here to humiliate her. She ultimately got revenge on them.[54]
  • Restaurant — when Shizuka Todo returned to Tokyo, the F4 brought her to this restaurant. They danced with her after eating.[55]
  • Sengoku-ya — a Japanese confectionary where Tsukushi and Yuki Matsuoka work part-time.[54]
  • Shuei Bookstore (集英書店 () ) — a multi-story bookstore. Yuriko and her friends obtained a copy of Treasures here and discovered Tsukushi on the cover.[56]
  • Toy Shop — a store that sells toys for children. It has a kiosk outside, from which Tsukushi saw a toy that caught her eye. Rui Hanazawa purchased it for her.[57]
  • WacDynald — a fast food restaurant where Tsukushi and Rui went on their date. He accidentally walked in on her while she was in the bathroom, which mortified her.[57]

Hana Yori Dango (2005-08) and Hana Nochi Hare (2018)


Amusement park






Good Town Doughnuts


Longboard Café


Pet store


Sunday's Sun


Virgin Toho Cinemas


Wagashi Sengoku

  • Amusement park — Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka were dragged here by Shigeru Okawahara, while the two were trying to get her to stop liking Tsukasa Domyoji.[58]
  • Amusement park — where Tenma Hase brought Oto Edogawa on a date. They ran into Haruto Kaguragi and Megumi Nishidome there. Megumi then suggested a "double date," which ended up being a disaster.[59]
  • FamilyMart — a convenience store where Oto works with Arisa Konno.[60] Maeno also worked here until Haruto forced him to quit.[61]
  • Galettoria — a pancake shop that Haruto bought in order to avoid long lines, before taking Oto there.[61]
  • Game center — an arcade that Tsukushi Makino and Yuki Matsuoka went to on their day off. Here Tsukushi suddenly thought of Tsukasa and left to meet him.[62]
  • Good Town Doughnuts — a restaurant where Oto went with Konno.[63]
  • Hakui — a used clothing store that Oto and Tenma went to on a date.[64]
  • Hotel — where Tsukushi woke up after being drugged. Tsukasa and Sakurako Sanjo later went here to look for evidence and she attempted to seduce him.[65]
  • Hotel — where Tsukasa's birthday party was held after he returned from New York City. His mother announced his engagement to Shigeru Okawahara here.[66]
  • Longboard Café — a restaurant frequently visited by Tsukushi and Yuki.[67] Sojiro and Akira later often joined them.[58]
  • Monjayaki restaurant — where Haruto and Oto went with Konno and Mi-tan after the batting cages.[68] Airi Maya then arrived suddenly and apologized to Oto.[69]
  • Night club — some classmates brought Tsukushi here. She met a man who drugged her under Sakurako's orders.[67][65]
  • Nishidome Resort — a luxury resort owned by the Nishidome family. Issa Narumiya held a flower arranging exhibit here and tried to impress Megumi.[69] The resort also has a hot spring bath, where Haruto met Megumi by accident.[64]
  • Pet store — where Tsukushi and Tsukasa went on a date. She teased him with a puppy since he seemed scared of it.[70]
  • Restaurant — where Airi brought Haruto and Oto while pretending to be her friend. She locked Oto in the basement freezer along with Tenma.[69]
  • Sunday's Sun — a restaurant where Tsukushi and Tsukasa went to talk. He bought out the place so they would be alone.[67]
  • Sushi restaurant — where Tsubaki Domyoji brought Tsukushi after saving her from Junpei Oribe.[66]
  • Virgin Toho Cinemas — a theater where Yuki confronted her ex-boyfriend with Sojiro Nishikado's help.[71]
  • Wagashi Sengoku — a Japanese confectionary owned by Sachiyo Sengoku. She often told stories to her part-timers, Tsukushi and Yuki.[72]
  • Womb — a night club where Sojiro, Akira, and Tsukasa met on one occasion.[72]


Manga and Season 2


Domyoji Mansion


Edogawas' apartment


Eibi home


Hanazawa Mansion


Hase home


Kaguragi Mansion


Konoes' condo


Makinos' second apartment


Maya home


Mimasaka Mansion


Narumiya home


Okawaharas' villa


Oto's apartment


Sanjo home


Todo home

  • Amon's apartment — a regular-sized apartment where Amon Kunisawa lives by himself.[73]
  • Aoike home — where Kazuya Aoike and his family live. It is located in Setagaya.[41]
  • Arisa's apartment — where Arisa Konno lives. It is cluttered and messy, leading Haruto Kaguragi to call it a "pigsty" when he visited with Oto Edogawa.[74]
  • Domyoji Mansion — a fifty-year-old home owned by the Domyoji family.[23] It is extremely large and maze-like.[75] Tsukasa Domyoji remained the primary resident until he left for New York City.
  • Edogawas' apartment — a modest apartment where Oto and her mother Yukie Edogawa lived when her father went away. Oto later moved into another apartment when her parents left for Kyushu.[76]
  • Eibi home — where Sugimaru Eibi lives with his family. It is a large Japanese style house with a pond and a bridge going over it.[77][78]
  • Hanawa home — where Amei Hanawa and her parents moved into upon returning to Tokyo. It is a Japanese style home.[79]
  • Hanazawa Mansion — the residence of Rui Hanazawa and presumably his parents. It is a traditional Japanese house, though Rui's room is noticeably modern with a minimalism flair.[80]
  • Hase home — a large mansion, rivalling the Kaguragis' in its grandness.[81]
  • Kaguragi Mansion — a grand home belonging to the Kaguragi family, though Haruto is usually the only family member there. The butler, Kobayashi, and the other servants are all fond of Haruto.
  • Kiyonaga's apartment — the modestly sized place where Kiyonaga Narumiya has lived since being abandoned by his parents. He was once visited by his cousins Tsukasa and Tsubaki Domyoji as well as Tama.[82]
  • Konoe home — a "ritzy" condominium located in Minato. Oto Edogawa went her to confront Hitoshi Konoe and found him paying off the guys whom attacked her previously.[83]
  • Makinos' first apartment — the Makinos first home was an apartment provided by Haruo Makino's company. They had to leave after the company restructured.[84]
  • Makinos' second apartment — an old, worn-down place where the Makinos' moved after being forced to leave their first apartment.[84] Haruo, Chieko, and Susumu Makino later left to move to a fishing village.[85] Tsukushi Makino stayed there by herself, but not for long due to the apartment floor collapsing.[86]
  • Makinos' third apartment — a small apartment without a bath. Tsukushi's parents selected it for her and Susumu live in, while they stayed at the supermarket they worked at.[45] Tsukasa bought the unit next door.[16] Tsukushi and Susumu left to move into another apartment with their parents.[46]
  • Makinos' fourth apartment — the current home of the Makino family. Rui often visits Tsukushi and her family here.[87]
  • Matsuoka home — a regular family home where Yuki Matsuoka resides with her mother, father, and older sister. Tsukushi is a frequent visitor.[88]
  • Maya home — an European influenced mansion with a large statement staircase. It it the home of Airi Maya and her parents.[77]
  • Mimasaka Mansion — the home of Akira Mimasaka, his parents, and younger sisters. It is a western style home with the inside decorated with lots of frills to suit Akira's mother. Akira and Sojiro Nishikado once locked Tsukushi and Tsukasa in the mansion's summer house.[89] They did the same thing to Oto and Haruto years later.[90]
  • Narumiya home — the residence of Issa Narumiya. When Amei returned to Tokyo, Issa had a welcome back party for her at his home.[91]
  • Nishikado Mansion — a traditional home belonging to the Nishikado family for one hundred and eighty years.[23] It is also the location of the family's tea school, where they hold lessons in tea ceremony.[92]
  • Okawahara villa — a traditional Japanese style villa located just outside of Tokyo. It also has a hot springs bath. Tsukasa, Tsukushi, and Rui visited the villa with Shigeru Okawahara.[93]
  • Oribe home — a normal house with an upstairs and likely at least three bedrooms. It is the home of Junpei and Shingo Oribe as well as their parents.[94]
  • Oto's apartment — a unit in an apartment building owned by Oto's aunt, Taeko.[95] Oto moved into the apartment after saying goodbye to her parents.[76]
  • Sanjo home — where Sakurako Sanjo lives with her grandparents. Thomas also stayed there for some time. Sakurako described it as "old," though Tsukushi was impressed by its size and style.[27]
  • Seinosuke's apartment — a small apartment where Seinosuke Amakusa has lived since leaving his family's home. One night, Seinosuke met Tsukushi and brought her to his apartment before calling someone to pick her up.[96]
  • Shigeru's condo — a building of condominiums bought by Shigeru's parents and put under her name for tax purposes. She let one of the condos to Tsukushi's family when they returned to Tokyo.[97] After a brief time, the Makinos' left the condo.[45]
  • Taira home — the home of Kaito Taira and his family. When he was kicked out of his house, Haruto tried to go to Kaito's but was barred.[98]
  • Todo home — the large mansion of the Todo family. Shizuka Todo's twentieth birthday was held there. She surprised her parents by revealing she was giving up her life and returning to France.[99]



Domyoji Mansion


Makinos' first apartment


Matsuoka home


Sanjo home

Hana Yori Dango (2005-08) and Hana Nochi Hare (2018)


Arisa Konno's apartment


Domyoji Mansion


Edogawas' apartment


Kaguragi Mansion


Makinos' first apartment


Nishikado Mansion


Manga and Season 2


Eitoku Academy


Metropolitan High School


Momonozono Academy



Eitoku Academy


Eitoku Academy


Momonozono Academy

  • Eirin Academy — another elite school attended by Ayano Kurimaki[116] and Shigeru Okawahara.[58]
  • Eitoku Academy — a school attended mostly by wealthy students. It was famous for being attended by the F4.[72] Currently, the school is governed by another clique, the C5.[60]
  • High school — a public school that Yuki Matsuoka attended.
  • Metropolitan Kitazawa High School (都立北沢高校 () ) — a high school that Susumu Makino took the entrance exam for and passed.[117]
  • Mitaka City West Junior High School (三鷹市立西中学校 () ) — a junior high from which Miyuki Furuta graduated from.[118]
  • Momonozono Academy — an up-and-coming school that has become a rival to Eitoku. Its popularity partly stems from the charisma of its student body president, Tenma Hase. The school also boasts several state of the art systems and various luxuries are offered to the students.[61]
  • Sankei Municipal Higashi Junior High School (三慶市立東中学校 () ) — the alma mater of Susumu.[118]


Manga and Season 2




Batting cages


Eishu General Hospital


Hanae Mori Building


Hospital where Tsukasa and Tsukushi stayed


Meiji Shrine


New Tokyo Airport






Shinoda Building


TOJ venue


Tokyo Zoo

  • Aquarium — Oto Edogawa and Tenma Hase went on a date here once. They met Megumi Nishidome by chance and she asked Oto if she could pursue Haruto Kaguragi.[12]
  • Baseball stadium — while on a date, Tsukushi and Tsukasa were given free tickets to a baseball game. She ended up catching a coveted baseball.[119]
  • Batting cages — a favorite hangout of Mi-tan and Arisa Konno. The couple once brought Oto and Haruto there.[34]
  • Eishu General Hospital (英集総合病院 () ) — where Tenma brought Oto to be treated after she was attacked by her classmates. She was also visited by Haruto.[120]
  • Galbo Station — Thomas asked Tsukushi Makino to meet him near here. She showed up with Kazuya Aoike.[30]
  • Hanae Mori Building — where Tsukasa Domyoji and Tsukushi met for their first "date."[121] The two later passed by the building and reminisced about that day.[122]
  • Harajuku Station — where Haruto and Oto met before heading to the pancake shop, Wells.[48]
  • Hospital — where Tsukushi and Tsukasa were treated after being hurt by Junpei Oribe and his accomplices.[123]
  • Hospital — where Tsukasa was treated after being stabbed.[124] After surgery, it was revealed that Tsukasa had amnesia and had forgotten Tsukushi.[125] There they both met another patient Umi Nakajima, whom soon ingratiated herself into their lives.[126]
  • Kita General Hospital — when Tsukushi was hurt at work, she was brought to the hospital. Rui was the first to rush to her side, followed by Tsukasa.[127]
  • Meiji Shrine — a few days after New Years', Tsukushi and Yuki Matsuoka visited the shrine together. They both filled out a prayer tablet.[113]
  • New Tokyo International Airport (新東京国際空港 () ) — also known as Narita Airport, it is a busy airport. Shizuka Todo and Rui Hanazawa took a flight to France here.[128] Tsukasa later traveled to New York via this airport.[129] Tenma departed Japan for Los Angeles years later.[130]
  • Ochanomizu Station — the nearest station to the Oribes' home. Junpei walked Tsukushi to the station.[131]
  • Park — where Haruto and Oto had a double date with Airi Maya and Kaito Taira. Amei Hanawa also tagged along. There is a pond where park goers are able to borrow swan boats and paddle boats to ride.[132]
  • Police Headquarters — while looking for Tsukushi, Tsukasa called the police for help. They released a warrant for her arrest, resulting in her being taken to jail. She was released when Tsukasa Tsukasa explained everything.[133]
  • Prom venue — Eitoku's prom was held at a ritzy location, likely a hotel. Tsukushi was nearly kicked out for not being properly attired.[46] She danced with Kazuya Aoike and all four members of the F4.[134]
  • River — while talking, Tsukasa and Tsukushi ended up on a bridge above a shallow river. She returned a necklace he had gifted her, which he then threw in the river. Tsukushi went to retrieve and was helped by Amon Kunisawa.[15]
  • Run-down factory — a former construction where Haruto and Airi Maya found themselves after running away from home.[17] Airi confessed her feelings to him there, but he did not realize for several years. When Airi went missing, Oto and Haruto found her at the factory amongst the rumble.[135] Airi later had her father put the factory up for sale.[37]
  • Senso-ji — a temple visited by Tsukushi and Seinosuke Amakusa. The two had their fortunes read there.[25]
  • Shibuya Station — for their double date, Tsukasa and Tsukushi met Yuki and Nakatsuka near the statue of Hachiko.[22]
  • Shinoda Building — where Sara Hinata asked Sojiro Nishikado to meet her, but he never showed up.[92] Later, Yuki Matsuoka found the building and brought Sojiro there. He cried, recognizing Sara's feelings for him.[136] Sojiro and Sara later returned to the building together. However, they realized that their opportunity had passed.[137]
  • Shuei General Hospital (集英総合病院 () ) — after being attacked, Oto was brought to this hospital by Hitoshi Konoe and other Momonozono students. Oto was treated and released the same night.[138]
  • Teen of Japan venue — a building that resembles the Budokan. The Teen of Japan contest was held here.[139]
  • Tokyo Dome — a baseball stadium where Tsukushi and Tsukasa went on a date. She caught a baseball hit by Mike Hall.[119]
  • Tokyo Tower — a prominent landmark in Tokyo. Sara was able to see it from the Shinoda Building.[92] It was also a favorite spot of Makoto Edogawa's.[6]
  • Tokyo Zoo — a zoo visited by Tsukushi, Tsukasa, and Ryusuke Hayama on Christmas. It is the home of several animals, including zebras and elephants.[140]






  • Airport — where Tsukushi Makino and the F4 saw off Shizuka Todo, who returned to France. Rui Hanazawa went after her on the following flight.[141] Tsukasa Domyoji later planned to travel to New York from this airport, but ended up in Vancouver.[100]
  • Docks — where Shigeru Okawahara and Tsukasa were supposed to depart Tokyo from a cruise ship after their wedding. Tsukushi eventually jumped aboard and Shigeru revealed her ruse.[142]
  • Galbo — where Thomas asked Tsukushi to meet him.[50]
  • Hanae Mori Building — Tsukushi and Tsukasa met here for their first "date."[143]
  • Hospital — where Tsukushi and Tsukasa were admitted after being attacked by Junpei Oribe and his goons.[144]

Hana Yori Dango (2005-08) and Hana Nochi Hare (2018)


Batting cages


Domyoji Group building


Keian General Hospital


Nippon Budokan


Nishidome Resort


Ueno Zoo


Yebisu Garden Place

  • Acquarium — where Oto Edogawa and Tenma Hase went on a date. There they also ran into Megumi Nishidome, whom revealed her crush on Haruto Kaguragi.[64]
  • Batting cages — Oto and Haruto met Arisa Konno and Mi-tan here to hang out.[68]
  • Bridge — where Tsukushi Makino rejected Tsukasa Domyoji and returned the necklace. She entered the stream when he threw the necklace.[106]
  • Cemetery — where Miyoko Hase was buried. Oto later visited her grave while she was in high school.[68]
  • Dojo — where Tenma and Jin Konoe practice kendo together.[145]
  • Domyoji Group building — presumably the headquarters of Domyoji Group in Japan. Kaede Domyoji has a special office here.[62]
  • Domyoji Private Airport — an airport owned by the Domyoji family.[146]
  • Keian General Hospital — a hospital where Oto was treated after being attacked by her classmates.[68] She was treated here again after someone sprayed something in her eyes.[63]
  • Mirage Yasuragi (ミラージュやすらぎ () ) — where Yuki Matsuoka went to learn about Japanese tea ceremony from Sara Hinata.[107]
  • Narita International Airport — where the F4 greeted Shizuka Todo when she returned.[147] Later, Shizuka left Japan and Rui Hanazawa went after her.[62] A year later, Rui greeted Shizuka here again.[105] Tsukushi and Tsukasa later said goodbye to Shigeru Okawahara when she departed Japan.[148]
  • Nippon Budokan — the venue of Eitoku Academy's prom in 2007.[149]
  • Okawahara Corporation building — the headquarters of Okawahara Corporation.[58]
  • Park — where Tsukasa Domyoji met Susumu Makino to help him with his first love.[117]
  • Park — where Tsukushi officially rejected Rui and decided to chose Tsukasa.[148]
  • Run-down factory — a special place for Airi Maya where she went with Haruto when they were younger. Airi returned to the factory as a teenager and was eventually found by Oto and then Haruto.[69]
  • Ueno Zoo — where Tsukushi and Tsukasa went on a double date with Yuki and her boyfriend. Tsukasa ended up punching Yuki's boyfriend, causing an abrupt end to the date.[150]
  • Venue — where the Teen of Japan competition was held in 2005.[151]
  • Yebisu Garden Place — where Tsukushi and Tsukasa met for their first "date."[62] The spot became a special place for the couple and they eventually were married here.[152] Years later, it became special to Oto and Haruto.[153]


Manga and Season 2


Behind the scenes[]



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Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

  • Hana Nochi Hare (2018), a spin-off of Hana Yori Dango (2005), is also set and filmed in Tokyo.


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