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"I found myself in a completely different world at Eitoku. Domyoji and I did nothing but fight. But in the end, he always came to my rescue. And yet, I did my best not to accept him because he was not of my world. Last night, he told me that the stewed potatoes my mother made were delicious."
Tsukushi Makino

"Time to Call It Quits" (もうおしまいにしよ () Mō Oshimai ni Shiyo) is an installment of the anime, Boys Over Flowers, based on the manga of the same name. The episode aired on August 24, 1997. It was followed by the final episode of the series, titled "Neverending," on August 31.

Tsukushi Makino heads to school, looking forward to seeing Tsukasa Domyoji. However, after finding him nowhere, she and their friends head to his house. There they find Tsukasa under house arrest by his mother Kaede Domyoji.


Before heading to school, Tsukushi Makino plays hopscotch while happily thinking "It's starting. My new relationship with Domyoji." She starts walking again and throws her school bag into the air, declaring "I want to see him!" Once at school, Tsukushi looks for him everywhere and wonders how their "new relationship will be like." She is standing on the bridge, when she spots Sojiro Nishikado, Akira Mimasaka, and Rui Hanazawa walking below. Tsukushi stops them to ask if they have seen Tsukasa anywhere. All three reveal that have not seen him all day. Sojiro asks "You need him for something?" Tsukushi responds that "[She] just wanted to have a look at his silly face." She then runs off after saying goodbye.

Tsukushi heads to the principal's office to drop out of the exchange program. He informs her that she will probably not get another opportunity. She insists "I've made my decision." On her way out, Tsukushi says "Oh and tell Domyoji's mom that I'm no longer a concern." She walks pass Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara, who all say "If it isn't our special exchange student." She shocks them by saying "I gave that up." As the day wears on, Tsukushi continues waiting for Tsukasa to show up. The F3 later tell her that they have still not seen him, though they do not seem worried. Shigeru Okawahara then runs up to Tsukushi to reveal that she went to pick Tsukasa up that morning, but Nishida turned her away.

Tsukushi declares "I want to see him. I've got to see him," leading to her decision to go to his house. She is joined by Rui, Sojiro, and Akira. Shigeru is the last to join their party. Along the way, the group enjoys themselves by playing leapfrog and such. Tsubaki Domyoji, meanwhile, accusingly tells her mother "How can you be so composed after what you did to Tsukasa?" She simply explains "If I didn't do this, he'd never understand his place." Tsubaki tells her mother that she cannot control Tsukasa now that he has changed. Kaede then says that Tsukushi has "ruined" Tsukasa and believes that this will lead to the destruction of everything. Tsukasa sits in his wrecked room surrounded by guards.

Finally, Tsukushi and the others arrive at the gate to Tsukasa's house. She walks in calmly once the gate is open, but the F3 and Shigeru all rush in. Upon entering the home, Tsukushi and Tsukasa both sense the other's presence. Nishida then ushers the group to a room where Kaede is waiting to speak to them. She asks what they are doing there. Shigeru is the first to speak, saying "We heard that Tsukasa wasn't coming to school so we decided to come here and find out why." Kaede assures her that Tsukasa is fine and asks everyone to leave. Tsukushi then starts talking, questioning "Are you afraid to see Tsukasa changing?" Kaede scoffs, but Tsukushi starts to explaining just how Tsukasa has changed.

Tsukushi says to Kaede "You're probably afraid that the day will come, when he will no longer need your world or you." She counters by claiming that Tsukasa's feelings for Tsukushi are "temporary" and that he will think her "unworthy" one day. Tsukushi thinks that that should be up to him to determine. She then tells Kaede that she pities her for being nothing without the "Domyoji brand." Kaede slaps her and Tsukushi hits her back. Tsukasa then jumps through his window and breaks a second one to reach Tsukushi. She sits down and explains "If things like this continue, neither you nor I, will last" and ends their relationship, before leaving. Shigeru shouts at Tsukasa to go after her, but he remains frozen.

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Akira Mimasaka Yuta Mochizuki
Erika Ayuhara Sahori Kajikawa
Kaede Domyoji Mika Doi
Minako Yamano Nami Sato
Nishida Hitoshi Honma
Rui Hanazawa Koji Yamamoto
Shigeru Okawahara Emika Sato
Sojiro Nishikado Yoshihiko Akaida
Tsubaki Domyoji Chiho Okawa
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida
Yuriko Asai Yoshiko Shimizu

Additional voices



  • This episode as well as the preceding four and the next one are an original story line to the anime.[2]
  • "Time to Call It Quits" and "Neverending" may have partially inspired the final two episodes of Meteor Garden (2001), which also ended before the manga's conclusion.


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