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Tsukushi: "Please! I'll do anything. Just don't tell anyone."
Thomas: "Anything? Really? Will you see me again? Then I won't tell a soul. That's a promise"
— Thomas blackmails Tsukushi[src]

Thomas (トーマス (とーます) Tōmasu) was Sakurako Sanjo's loyal childhood friend. He was biracial, being half-German and half-Japanese. Thomas borrowed money from Sakurako and boarded with her family, while he was living in Japan. Due to his dependency on her, he always went along with her schemes, including one involving Tsukushi Makino.


Early life[]

Thomas' father was Japanese and his mother was German, making him biracial. He became friends with Sakurako Sanjo, while attending the same Japanese school in Germany.[1]

Life in Japan[]


Tsukushi confronts Thomas about the photos

Thomas: "Tsukushi, I'm happy to see you again. I'm sorry for leaving you alone at the hotel this morning. You were so wild and wonderful last night. I couldn't believe it was your first time."
Tsukushi: "Please! Forget about it all!"
— Thomas lies to Tsukushi and she begs him to forget it[src]

In Japan, Thomas lived with Sakurako and her grandparents. He was given pocket money from her, which was why he choose not to work or attend school.[1] Thomas later helped Sakurako with her scheme to disparage Tsukushi Makino. First, he approached her at a night club. He gave her a drink which caused her to pass out. Thomas then took her to a hotel room.[2] There he undressed her and posed next to her for photos, which were taken by Sakurako.[3] The next day, Thomas saw Tsukushi again when she visited Sakurako's house. He alluded that they slept together. She asked him to forget it, which he agreed to if she went out with him again. The next day, Sakurako gave Tsukushi a note from Thomas saying where to meet him. She brought Kazuya Aoike along, much to Thomas' annoyance.[1]

A couple days later, Tsukushi confronted Thomas at Sakurako's house. She slapped him and accused him of leaking a photo of them together at her school. Thomas was unable to come up with an answer, giving her time to realize someone else had taken it. He told her "Believe me, it wasn't my idea. But Sakurako…," just as she walked into the room. Once Sakurako and Tsukushi's confrontation was over, he told her "You went too far on this."[3] A couple days later, Thomas went to Tsukushi's house to talk to her. She refused until he said that it was about Sakurako. They went to a park, where Thomas showed her Sakurako's photo album revealing her old face. He told her about an event from Sakurako's childhood that traumatized her. Thomas revealed that Tsukushi was the first person Sakurako brought home.[4]

Physical appearance[]

Thomas' looks favored German side rather than his Japanese half. He had long, blonde hair and striking, blue eyes. Thomas was sought after by women, whom were attracted by his handsomeness. Tsukushi was reminded of Rui Hanazawa when she first saw Thomas. However, the resemblance later faded away.

Personality and traits[]

He had horrible manners, particularly in the way he ate food. Thomas would shovel food into his mouth, while making loud noises. He also farted and burped in front of others, exhibiting no shame. Tsukushi was shocked his manners, especially in contrast to his looks. Thomas was a faithful friend to Sakurako, perhaps because she helped him with pocket money. Due to his financial dependence on her, he went along with her schemes despite their hurtful nature towards both her and others. He did know when she went too far, but was often unable to stop her.


Thomas is a common male given name of Aramaic origins that means "twin" or "alike-looking man." It is popular in Europe and the United States.[5] As a foreign name, Thomas is written as トーマス (Tōmasu) in Japanese using katakana.

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