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"Wake up. We're closing. Where are your friends? Shall I get a cab for you?"
—Thomas helps a drunk Shan Cai[src]

Thomas (Chinese: 湯瑪斯; pinyin: Tāngmǎsī) was a DJ originally from Germany. At some point, he moved to Taipei, Taiwan, where he began working as a DJ at a night club. He appeared to be popular. One night, Thomas helped a drunk patron, Dong Shan Cai, safely to a hotel room. He met her again the next day in order to return her ID.


Thomas moved to Taipei, Taiwan from Germany and began working as a DJ at a night club. One night, after performing a set, he went out on the dance floor to perform a handstand. He was approached by Dong Shan Cai afterwards to ask why he did the handstand. Thomas replied that it was a "treatment for gastroptosis." He later joined some patrons, including Shan Cai, in a game of truth and dare. At the end of the night, Thomas found Shan Cai passed out on one of couches. He was unable to wake her and brought her to a hotel. The following day, he gave Chen Qing He a note for Shan Cai, saying that he wanted to see her. He explained the situation and returned her ID. Dao Ming Si then walked up and became angry upon seeing them together. Shan Cai distracted him, allowing Thomas to slip away.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Thomas was a tall, white male of German heritage. He had dark brown hair and eyes as well as thick eyebrows that framed his face. Thomas was shown to dress in simple clothes, such as black button-down shirt.

Personality and traits[]

Thomas appeared to be a fun-loving and friendly person who seemed to really enjoy his job. Thomas was also shown to be nice and considerate. Despite not knowing her, he took care of Shan Cai in her drunken state. Since she had thrown up, he had a maid undress and clean her so he would not see her naked. He later went out of his way to return her ID to her.


Thomas is a male given name of Aramaic origins, which means "twin" or "alike-looking man." The name is popular in Europe and the United States.[2] In Chinese, Thomas' name is spelled using the characters 湯瑪斯 (Tāngmǎsī). It is one of several ways to transliterate Thomas in Chinese.[3]

Behind the scenes[]


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