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"Well, I'm happy to see you again. Sorry for leaving you alone at the hotel this morning. You were so good last night. I can't believe it was your first time."
—Thomas lies to Tsukushi[src]

Thomas (トーマス (とーます) Tōmasu) was a childhood friend of Sakurako Sanjo. He was of mixed Japanese and German heritage. In Japan, Thomas boarded with the Sanjo family and was also given pocket money by Sakurako. He helped Sakurako with her scheme to hurt Tsukushi Makino. Thomas later moved to New York City.


Early life

Thomas was born to a Japanese father and German mother. He met Sakurako Sanjo while attending a Japanese school in Germany during their childhood.[2][3]

Young adulthood

As a young adult, Thomas went to Japan where he boarded with Sakurako's family.[3] He choose to not go to school or obtain a job since he was provided pocket money by Sakurako.[2]

Life in Japan

Thomas dancing at the club where he meets Tsukushi

Tsukushi: "There was something in my drink. Wasn't there?! We really didn't do anything--did we?! Tell me!"
Thomas: "No, I didn't want to, but...But she made me, Sakurako."
Tsukushi confronts Thomas[src]

While still in Tokyo, Thomas went along with Sakurako's scheme to hurt Tsukushi Makino. Thomas first approached Tsukushi at a club, where he danced with her.[1] He then slipped a substance into her drink, which caused her to pass out. Thomas brought her to a hotel. There he posed for a photo with the unconscious Tsukushi which were taken by Sakurako.[4] Thomas saw Tsukushi again the next day at Sakurako's house. When Sakurako left the room, Tsukushi pleaded with him to forget everything about the previous night. He only agreed when she promised to "go out with [him] again." Likely under Sakurako's orders, he met Tsukushi at school the next day. He hugged her and told her "I couldn't wait to see you." She attempted to push him away, eventually scratching his face.[5]

They were soon met with an angry Tsukasa Domyoji. She distracted him, which allowed Thomas to slip away. Before leaving, he told her where to meet him. Thomas was annoyed when she arrived with Kazuya Aoike. On his way out, he told her to "Leave the kid behind next time."[2] After photos of them were posted around school, Tsukushi confronted him. He confessed "I didn't want to, but she made me." Sakurako then entered the room.[4] Once Tsukushi left, Thomas told Sakurako "You went too far with this."[6] Worried, he later visited Tsukushi's house to show her Sakurako's photo album and told her about her childhood.[7] A few days later, Thomas accompanied Sakurako to Tsukasa's private island on Kazuya's boat.[8] Everyone was forced to return to Tokyo on said boat, when Tsukasa left unannounced on his jet.[9]

Life in New York

Physical appearance

He was multiracial, specifically Japanese and German. His looks favored his German side, so much so that many did not realize he was mixed. He had eyes "like blue marbles" and long, blonde hair. Thomas was generally considered good-looking, attracting the attention of many girls. Upon meeting him, Tsukushi thought he resembled Rui Hanazawa.

Personality and traits

Though a loyal friend, Thomas was also an enabler. He followed Sakurako's scheme, despite knowing how it would hurt Tsukushi. Thomas was known for his incredibly made table manners, such as shoveling food loudly down his throat. He also belched and farted in public, believing it "not healthy to hold it in."

Behind the scenes

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