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Thitara Jundee (Thai: ธิธรา จั่นดี), also known as Gorya (Thai: กอหญ้า), was the only daughter of Busaba and Sanchai, and the older sister of Glakao. She attended Kocher High School for her upper-secondary education. There her life became entangled with the F4. Gorya began dating Thyme after several bumps in the road.


Early life[]


Gorya with Kaning in lower-secondary

Gorya was born on September 15[2] to Busaba and Sanchai Jundee. She had a younger brother named, Glakao. Gorya attended the same lower-secondary school as her best friend, Kaning Kanittha Na Bangpleang.[5]

High school[]

For upper-secondary, Gorya decided to enter Kocher High School after hearing a speech made by alumni Mira Renita Asavarattanakul. She was able to attend on an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately, Gorya became disillusioned with the school due to the rampant bullying spearheaded by the F4.[5]

Meeting the F4[]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]


Her nickname, Gorya (กอหญ้า), translates to "clump of grass."[7] Specifically, Go (กอ) means "clump"[8] and rya (หญ้า) "grass."[9] Her name is a reference to her manga counterpart, Tsukushi whose name means "weed." Gorya's full name is Thitara Jundee (ธิธรา จั่นดี).[10] Thi (ธิ) means "wisdom"[11] and tara (ธรา) "earth."[12] Jun (จั่น) means "trap"[13] and dee (ดี) "nice" or "good."[14] Phonetically, Jundee is a reference to her Korean counterpart, Jan-di.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Tantivejakul wished Gorya a happy birthday on September 15, 2022.[16]



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