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"I don't want these things. And remember no matter how much money you spend, you can never buy me. If I had these beautiful things but no integrity, I'd rather take the bus and be proud of myself."
Gorya to Thyme

"The Second Impact" is the second episode of GMMTV's F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers based on the manga by Yoko Kamio. It first aired on December 25, 2021 on GMM 25. The episode was followed by "The Paper Plane" on January 8, 2022.

Thyme attempts to win over Gorya with luxury items, which ends in her rejecting him. Later, he lashes out by giving Gorya's friend, Hana, a red card. Ren, meanwhile, is anticipating the return of Mira from France.


After Gorya stands up to Thyme, Jane shouts "Thyme has been attacked!" while her friend begins recording. The video later begins circulating on social media. Kavin and Ren are not concerned about it unlike MJ, who points out comments supporting Gorya. Meanwhile, Gorya is leaving her home when a group of men grab her. She catches a glimpse of Thyme in his car before they cover her face. A short while later, Gorya wakes up in an unknown place, where she is given a full makeover. She is then escorted to another room, where Thyme suddenly appears. He reveals the cost of Gorya's new look. She is taken aback and asks "What do you want?" He states that he wants a video apology.

Perplexed, Gorya asks why Thyme has given her these things then. She realizes that he feels guilty, which makes her angry since he is "not fixing the problem the right way." Gorya declares that "[he] can never buy [her]." He tries again to get her to apologize, but she kicks him. Gorya becomes lost in the house. Just as Thyme finds her, his mother enters the room and orders her men to "handle it." Gorya is quickly escorted out of the house. Later, Gorya arrives at her classroom to find her classmates writing mean messages on the whiteboard. Frustrated, Gorya goes up to the rooftop to yell again. She then looks around for Ren, who appears behind her. He asks her about the time difference between Thailand and France.

At work, Gorya works out the time difference for Ren. She then talks with Kaning about him, which leads to them talking about first kisses with Gawao. Kaning points out Hana standing outside. Later that night, Gorya walks with Hana who explains her actions. After getting some milk, Gorya tells Hana that what she did was right and that she needs only to "support [her] quietly." Meanwhile, Kavin and MJ scold Thyme for kidnapping Gorya. He leaves to go find Ren. At the same time, Gorya sees Ren standing in front of an advertisement of Mira. She has Hana wait while she gives him her answer for his question. Ren leans in to wipe Gorya's upper lip. Noticing her reaction, he leans again to tease her which Thyme sees.

The next day, Hana receives a red card and is brought to the old stadium. Thyme promises to spare Hana if Gorya shaves her own head instead. She calls him a "spoiled brat" before Ren arrives just in time. He tells Gorya that she got the time difference wrong. Thyme leaves, ending the bullying session. The next day, the three girls apologize to Gorya and offer her their support. They invite her to Mira's welcome back party. Gorya reluctantly decides to go after Kaning agrees to go with her. Meanwhile, the F4 meet Mira at the airport. That night, the three girls make fun of Gorya's clothing at the party. She and Kaning are about to leave when the F4 arrive. Gorya slips away to the pool, where the three girls continue bullying her.

Seeing Gorya being bullied, Ren and Mira swoop in to help. Mira ends up tricking the girls into falling into the pool. She then brings Gorya upstairs. She says that Ren may have feelings for Gorya, which she refutes saying "[She's] not right for him" though Mira tells her not to say that. Meanwhile, Kaning is barred from going upstairs. Kavin takes her away and claims that they are "looking after" Gorya. Kaning points out the F4's hypocrisy. Gorya and Mira come downstairs. Ren compliments her smile. Thyme shoves Ren and asks why he is helping Gorya. Mira steps in, but Thyme pushes her too. Gorya shouts "Enough!" and pushes Thyme, resulting in her accidentally kissing him. He grins before running off.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Busaba Kik Mayurin
Gawao Pompam Niti
Glakao Fourth Nattawat
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Hana June Wanwimol
Jane Kapook Ploynira
Kaning Prim Chanikarn
Kavin Win Metawin
Mira Fah Yongwaree (Debut)
MJ Nani Hirunkit
Ren Dew Jirawat
Roselyn Cindy Bishop
Sanchai Jeab Wachara
Thyme Bright Vachirawit
Yupin Mee Pisamai


Guest roles


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Chapters covered:
Arc: Red Slip Troubles
3, 4, 5, 6, 7
8, 9, 10, 11

  • Mira's advertisement is for a perfume called "Meteor," which is a likely reference to Meteor Garden.

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