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Kaning: "I understand you two were very close friends and that made it so hard to tell her how you felt. But you know, Mona felt it was very difficult too."
Kavin: "How would you know?"
Kaning: "I do."
Kaning shows Kavin Mona's message

"The Rooftop of Tomorrow" is the thirteenth episode of GMMTV's F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. It was first broadcast on March 19, 2022 on GMM 25. The episode features Neen Suwanamas in a guest role. It was followed by episode fourteen on March 26.

Kavin reveals to Kaning what happened with his first love, Mona. She becomes determined to find the thing Mona wanted him to see. Gorya becomes worried about Kaning, but Thyme reminds her to support her instead of interfering.


Thyme tells his friends about not having any romantic moments with Gorya. MJ suggests giving her "something special." Ren proposes a surprise party, which Thyme immediately decides to go with. Interestingly, Thyme has Gorya and the other maids set up the pool party. A noticeably distracted Kavin heads home, where he imagines Mona sitting on his table like in the past. Later, Gorya visits the flowers shop. Kaning recounts her encounter with Kavin the other day, but stops when she gets to the part about Mona. That night, Gorya is so worried about Kaning that she does not hear Thyme telling MJ and Ren about the surprise party. He ends up telling her about Mona, who was Kavin's only female friend.

In a flashback, Kavin uses Mona to convince another girl about wanting to breakup. The girl does not buy it, leading Kavin to convincingly pretend to kiss Mona. Thyme interrupts to say to Gorya that Kavin and Mona would have made a "perfect couple," but he never wanted to "cross the line." Kavin's jealousy over another guy eventually gets the better of him, causing an explosive fight. Mona confronts him at a night club and tells him to say whatever he has been wanting to say. He refuses at first, but when he finally says it, Mona disappears. Later, Mona asks him to meet her at a certain building. Kavin does not go, convinced that it is "bad news." Present-day Kavin feels that he someone undeserving of love.

Feeling worried about Kaning, Gorya messages her after work the next day. MJ the grabs her and brings her to her surprise party. Gorya is distracted and ends up missing all of the romantic moments Thyme has planned. Finally, when Kaning calls, Gorya rushes off as soon as she hears the word "detained." In her haste, she knocks Thyme into the pool. Gorya meets Kaning at a hotel, which turns out to be owned by Thyme's family. He allows her to go to the rooftop, but stops Gorya from going with her. Thyme tells Gorya that they need to talk and takes her upstairs. He calls her out for interfering with Kaning's business. Thyme helps her understand the situation better and she agrees to support Kaning "from a distance."

Mona visits Kavin, revealing security footage of Kaning on her company's rooftop. Mona realizes what Kaning is looking for. Kavin becomes irritated and promises to handle it. As Mona leaves, Kavin spots an engagement ring on her finger and sees her with a guy outside. Kavin sends Kaning an angry message, but she continues her search until she finally finds the building. However, Kavin ignores her messages and instead goes to a night club that night. Thyme talks some sense into him, saying "Find out what's important to you." Thinking of Kaning, Kavin decides to go after all. There on the rooftop Kaning reveals that Mona felt the same way as the sunrise uncovers a message, "♥ Kavin."

The F4 and the girls meet up at Thyme's house, but four of them are too tired for a party. In his car, Kavin thanks Kaning. When she says that she thought he would not come, he tells her "I didn't come because of Mona." He then jokingly refuses to tell her the real reason. Before leaving, Ren notices several cars arriving. Meanwhile, Gorya praises Thyme for his good behavior and surprises him with a kiss. He asks for another kiss, which Gorya nervously agrees to. Later, Gorya calls her mother while walking home. She hangs up when she sees Ren, who tries to stop her. Gorya pushes him away and sees her home taken over by a construction crew. Roselyn, back in Thailand, confirms that her order is being taken care of.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Gawao Pompam Niti
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Kaning Prim Chanikarn
Kavin Win Metawin
MJ Nani Hirunkit
Ren Dew Jirawat
Roselyn Cindy Bishop
Thyme Bright Vachirawit
Yupin Mee Pisamai (No lines)
"The Secret Story of Iris"
Character Actor Notes
Aum Jan Ployshompoo
MJ Nani Hirunkit
MJ's rival Mike Chinnarat


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Arc: Couple
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  • Mona jokes "I think you and Thyme would make such a cute couple," a reference to Opas-iamkajorn and Vachirawit Chivaaree playing a couple in 2gether: The Series.

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