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"Gorya, you know what? I love that smile on Ren's face too. But what I'm about to do will make a lot of people smile. I know my decision will hurt many people, including Ren. But I believe he's strong enough. The important thing is a lot of people are waiting for me to make them smile."
Mira remains firm in her decision

"The Paper Plane" is the third installment of the Thai drama, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. It aired on January 8, 2022 on GMM 25. The episode marks the first appearance of Maria Poonlertlarp as Tia. It was followed by the fourth episode, "The Broken Door," on January 15.

Mira decides to return to France, which devastates Ren. Despite having a crush on Ren, Gorya begs Mira to stay in Thailand for his sake. Ultimately, Ren follows Mira to France. Meanwhile, Thyme's sister encourages him to pursue Gorya.


Gorya and her family are watching a lakorn, in which the actress accidentally kisses her love interest. Gorya's mother claims it was "intentional." Remembering her own kiss with Thyme, Gorya suddenly shouts "It's not intentional!" and runs off. Meanwhile at his home, Thyme says "That girl intended to kiss me." Kavin and MJ tease him about having his "first kiss," which he protests. They switch the conversation to Thyme apologizing to Ren, but he refuses. Mira also talks to Ren about it. Ren remains stubborn on the subject and instead begins talking about Mira's future after graduation. She tells him "What if everything I have is not the future I want?" At school, Gorya goes to the rooftop but does not see Ren.

Gorya walks back down the stairs and MJ playfully scares her. He and Kavin then inform her about Ren being at Mira's house. Gorya decides to go there and stands outside the gate. As it begins raining, Mira and Ren come outside arguing. She has decided to return to France. He is upset that Mira is leaving everything behind, including their possible future together. At work, Gorya and Kaning watch a video of Mira being interviewed. Gawao suggests that this is a "good opportunity" for Gorya to pursue Ren. On her way to school, Gorya boards an empty bus. She soon notices Thyme who has bought the bus. Gorya begins arguing with Thyme and tries to get the bus to stop. Another car pulls in front of it.

Gorya quickly gets off the bus and Thyme chases after her. His sister, Tia, appears and kicks him in the chest. She scolds Thyme, before putting Gorya in her car and asking her driver to take her to school. On the bus, Tia lectures Thyme before revealing that she has come back to help their mother with "something big." She then tells Thyme "It's time for you to grow up." He agrees that his "teenage days are running out." The next day, Gorya goes to the rooftop again and finally sees Ren. She asks him about Mira. He reveals a bit of their childhood and says "If she makes up her mind about something, there's nothing you can say to change it." Ren then folds his sketch of Mira into a paper plane and throws it.

After school, Ren takes Gorya over to Mira's house to see her. Mira gives Gorya a pair of shoes, reminding her of her wish for her to go to "good places." After seeing a photo of Ren smiling next to Mira, Gorya suddenly begs Mira not to go to France. She asks not to because she "[does not] want Ren's smile to disappear." Mira explains to her that she believes Ren is "strong" and that there are other people "waiting for [her] to make them smile." Having overheard, Ren confronts Gorya outside for not considering others' feelings and pushes her. She pushes back, saying "How about your own feelings?" Gorya accuses him of avoiding his problems with Mira. He, however, feels that he cannot do anything about Mira.

Ren appears after the others say goodbye to Mira. Gorya shouts "Aren't you going to do something?" He then pulls out his ticket, revealing his plans to follow her. Ren then kisses Gorya on the forehead. Upset, Thyme tells Ren that he has not had the chance to apologize yet. Ren replies "You don't need to" and hugs him. Later, Tia tells Thyme that she and their mother will be away on business and encourages him to pursue Gorya. The next day, Thyme makes a video announcement ordering Gorya to meet him this Saturday. Hana wonders if it is a date, but Gorya denies it. That Saturday, Gorya spends the day with Kaning. When it begins raining, she thinks about Thyme and races to meet him.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Busaba Kik Mayurin
Gawao Pompam Niti
Glakao Fourth Nattawat
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Hana June Wanwimol
Jane Kapook Ploynira
Kaning Prim Chanikarn
Kavin Win Metawin
Mira Fah Yongwaree
MJ Nani Hirunkit
Ren Dew Jirawat
Roselyn Cindy Bishop (Flashback only)
Sanchai Jeab Wachara
Tia Maria Poonlertlarp (Debut)
Thyme Bright Vachirawit


Guest roles


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Chapters covered:
Arc: Atami
14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

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  • This episode did not air on January 1, because of New Years' celebrations.[3]
  • Thyme's cat is named Dango, a nod to the original manga. He is played by Dominik, a cat trained by Sweeties Kids Cattery.[4][5]

  • Gorya's family watches a lakorn titled, Flower Over Boy, which becomes a regular segment. It is a parody of the original manga and Thai lakorns in general.
  • Jane and her friends play with plush versions of the F4, which were produced by GMMTV as merchandise for the drama.

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