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"Thinking about it, life is funny. Sometimes it takes you to face so many things when you're not ready. But because of that, you meet new people. You fight, make mistakes, try to understand, learn, and grow. A group of people has helped me grow the most. It's them."

"The Meteor Shower" is the sixteenth and final episode of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. It was broadcast on April 9, 2022 on GMM 25. The episode was preceded by "The Neverland" on April 2.

When Thyme suffers from memory loss, Roselyn takes the opportunity to erase Gorya from his life. Not only does Gorya help Thyme, she also influences Roselyn to change. A year later, the F4 prepare a surprise for Gorya's prom.


Thyme is wheeled into the emergency room after being stabbed by Parama Group's disgruntled supplier. Roselyn refuses to cancel her next business meeting. Tia criticizes her mother for not "prioritizing people." Thyme remains in a coma for twelve days. Kavin learns that has woken up, but Gorya and the F3 are all barred from seeing him. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Roselyn that Thyme has no memory of the last four years. Though upset at first, she gets an idea from Tia's words about a "restart." Later, Thyme is wheeled out of his room. Gorya breaks through the bodyguards to see him, but he says "Who are you?" before being taken away. Tia then informs Gorya of Roselyn's plan to cut Gorya out of Thyme's life.

Roselyn brings Thyme home after scrubbing away every trace of Gorya. Ready to fight, the F3 help her formulate a plan. One afternoon, while Roselyn is away, Gorya sneaks into Thyme's bedroom. She attempts to convince him of their relationship with pictures and objects, but he does not believe her. Thyme ends up pushing and insulting Gorya. In response, she kicks him in the stomach and then grabs his collar while shouting. Thyme's head starts to hurt as he remembers something. Roselyn, having returned, has the bodyguards drag Gorya outside. She confronts Gorya who accuses her of not loving Thyme. Roselyn slaps her. Gorya continues standing there for hours, even when it starts to rain.

Outside, Roselyn speaks with Gorya, who has realized after being slapped that Roselyn really does love Thyme but has never considered his happiness. She says that all Thyme wants is love. Gorya then tells a story that makes Roselyn realize that Thyme never smiles around her. An angry Thyme interrupts. He scares Gorya, who leaves after saying "I love you" one last time. On the ground, Thyme finds Gorya's necklace which triggers a memory. Seeing this, Roselyn says "Do you believe in miracles?" to Pruek and has the gate opened. Thyme then runs to Gorya. They argue before she notices that he has a fever. She forces him to take medicine and lays his head on her lap. Finally, he remembers everything.

Thyme announces his relationship with Gorya on social media, eliciting happiness from their loved ones. Some months later, Gorya's life has returned to normal with her attending Kocher and her family back in Bangkok. She feels a "bit lonely" without Thyme, who is in the United States. Kavin and MJ come to take Gorya to school, though she insists on going by herself since it is the last day. Later, Ren meets Gorya on the rooftop to deliver Thyme's gift. He also reveals that Mira is getting married. At home, Gorya opens Thyme's gift, a prom dress. Her father, who has borrowed a truck, then reveals that they have to move out immediately. They run into some trouble while moving, resulting in Gorya's dress being ruined.

Being too late for prom, Gorya comes across a red card which eventually leads her to the old stadium. The F3 escort her inside, where Thyme appears on a giant screen. The others soon appear on screen, leading Gorya to realize Thyme is actually there in person. Now in front of Gorya, Thyme snaps his fingers and the lights turn on to reveal an after prom party. Thyme then reveals that he has finished his work in the United States and bends down on his knee, only to tie his shoe. MJ then starts the party, calling everyone to dance. One by one Gorya dances with the F4. She reflects on the past and how the F4 have "helped [her] grow the most." MJ turns out the lights for "ten seconds in heaven." Gorya happily kisses Thyme.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Busaba Kik Mayurin
Gawao Pompam Niti
Glakao Fourth Nattawat
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Jane Kapook Ploynira
Kaning Prim Chanikarn
Kavin Win Metawin
MJ Nani Hirunkit
Ren Dew Jirawat
Roselyn Cindy Bishop
Sanchai Jeab Wachara
Thyme Bright Vachirawit
Tia Maria Poonlertlarp
Yupin Mee Pisamai
"The Secret Story of Iris"
Character Actor Notes
Aum Jan Ployshompoo
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Kavin Win Metawin
MJ Nani Hirunkit
MJ's rival Mike Chinnarat
Ren Dew Jirawat
Thyme Bright Vachirawit


Guest roles


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  • The opening credits are completely changed for the finale, including the visuals and music.
  • The dance scene was choreographed by Waratchaya Boonyalongkorn and Sadawit Settachai. The dancers were played by Honey Simson, Victor Siharath, Porpremika, Ponthisak Bowornpakdee, Title Phubet, Asiah and Toon.[3]

  • Kaning has a doll version of Kavin, which was produced by GMMTV as merchandise for the series.
  • When Gorya gets in the truck, she plays "Best Life" from the series soundtrack.

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