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Tsukasa: "Have you heard of The Maple Hotels?"
Tsukushi: "Duh! Even if I can never afford to stay there, of course I've heard of them!"
— The Maple Hotel is a famous brand[src]

The Maple Hotel (ザ・メープルホテル () Za Mēpuru Hoteru) is a chain of high-end hotels run by Domyoji Group president Kaede Domyoji. They are extremely well known, especially for being expensive.[1] There are locations all around the world, including Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California.[2]


The hotels are managed by and named after Kaede Domyoji, whose first name means "maple" in Japanese. Additionally, a maple leaf is its symbol similar to the Canadian flag. The Maple Hotel became a well known luxury brand of hotels located all over the world, including a flagship location in Tokyo.[1] During his third year of high school, Kaede brought her son Tsukasa Domyoji to the hotel to introduce him to his then fiancée Shigeru Okawahara. She had also invited Tsukushi Makino there, explaining to her "Do you understand now, how matters stand?" Tsukushi replied "Yes." Then suddenly Tsukasa darted out of the room and grabbed Shigeru's hand, though he had actually meant to grab Tsukushi.[3]

Several days later, Tsukushi followed Sojiro Nishikado and Yuki Matsuoka into the hotel, not recognizing it at the time. She attempted to get a room next to theirs, but was barred by the concierge. Tsukushi was escorted to the front door by two employees. There Tsukasa reminded them of who he was. He and Tsukushi then obtained the room, where Tsukasa immediately took a shower having fallen into the sea earlier. Afterwards, he reminded Tsukushi of her plan. On their way to the other room, they had glimpse of Kaede walking by.[4] Now in the other room, it was revealed that Sojiro and Yuki's date was a ruse. Tsukushi, however, was completely fixated on Kaede's reappearance. Feeling she could not depend on the F4, she and Yuki quickly left the hotel without the guys noticing their disappearance for a while.[5]

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Maple Hotel in the anime


Hotel in Meteor Garden

  • In Meteor Garden (2001), the hotel makes its first appearance in episode ten. Similar to the manga, Si (Tsukasa) mentions that the hotel is a chain named after his mother Feng (Kaede). Feng introduces Si to his one-time fiancée, Xiao Zi (Shigeru), at the hotel. Later, the hotel reappears when Xi Men (Sojiro) brings Xiao You (Yuki) as a part of his plan to trick Shan Cai (Tsukushi) and Si into going on a date.



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