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"The two of us have been fighting the tide. Can't we just admit that even though we get through this, it will not be the end? How long will I have to stay and be patient? I'm exhausted, Thyme. I just want to stay in my world. And you should be with someone who's right for you."
Gorya gives up on her relationship with Thyme

"The Incident of 1%" is the ninth installment of the GMMTV drama, F4 Thailand. It originally aired on February 19, 2022 on GMM 25. The episode was followed by the tenth episode, "The Time Machine," on February 26.

Thyme's new fiancée Lita befriends Gorya. Later, the death of a leading businessman sends Thailand's upper-crust into an upheaval. As the differences between her and Thyme's worlds become clearer, Gorya comes to a decision.


Lita knocks over Gorya just as Roselyn announces her as Thyme's fiancée. Roselyn's guards attempt to restrain Thyme, but MJ and Kavin facilitate his escape. However, he realizes too late that he has grabbed Lita instead of Gorya. The next day, Thyme's and Lita's engagement is the talk of Thailand. Feeling annoyed, Gorya goes to yell on the rooftop where she runs into Talay. She sees Lita hopping the fence and races downstairs to save her from the guards. Gorya brings Lita to empty classroom. Lita gives her a dress to apologize for ripping her other dress. That night, Thyme comes over to Gorya's for dinner. The two make up when she finally gives him his birthday present. Meanwhile, Roselyn returns to Singapore.

The next morning, Thyme wakes up Ren to show off the cookies Gorya made. Ren asks him about Lita. Thyme assures him that he has a plan. At work, Gorya and Kaning are surprised by MJ and Kavin. They reveal that Thyme asked them to "deal with" Lita, who has kept them busy the whole morning. She then arrives at the shop and purchases everything so that Gorya can hang out with her. After shopping, Gorya brings Lita to her home. There they agree to become friends. Thyme and Glakao enter the room. Kavin and Kaning finish Lita's order and call Gorya afterwards. Thyme and Lita fight loudly in the background. In the morning, Gorya says goodbye to Lita. Thyme hugs Gorya and asks her to wait for him, before also leaving.

The death of the billionaire Pakorn causes a stir among Thailand's one percent. Kavin brings Gorya and Kaning to the funeral to help with the flowers. He reveals that big changes are coming for Thailand. As the ceremony starts, the F4 each enter with their families. Watching the proceedings, Gorya feels further and further away from Thyme's world. She sneaks outside, where Ren finds her. They discuss Thyme's and Lita's engagement. Ren wonders about Lita's feelings for Thyme. Meanwhile, Thyme treats Lita with care after noticing her feet are hurting. He tells Lita that he does not want to go through with the engagement since they are not in love. She asks "Is love so grand?" He replies that "love matters the most" to him.

After the funeral, Gorya hangs around trying to understand everything. Lita then arrives with snacks and drinks. Back in the hall, Lita asks about what Gorya was looking at. She reveals that she was trying to understand her world better. Lita confesses that she does not get it either. When Gorya asks "Don't you want to understand?," Lita replies that "knowing it's important is enough." Lita then talks about her father wanting to enter into politics, which is the reason for her and Thyme's engagement. Gorya interjects "But it's your life." Lita first asks "For you, is love so important?," before revealing that she really disliked Thyme but her opinion has since changed. She now believes that she could love Thyme.

Later that night, Gorya helps Talay at his part-time job. In the morning, Gorya finds Thyme waiting outside. Thyme comes inside to make breakfast for Glakao, who will be leaving to join his parents. The meal becomes tense when Gorya mentions that Thyme and Lita would be great together. Thyme brings Gorya out to talk. She tells him that he will not "have to struggle" with Lita. Thyme still feels sure that they just have to "get through this." Gorya, however, feels that have been "fighting the tide." His mother's people arrive and take him away. At the train station, Glakao wishes aloud that Thyme could be there. He and Gorya then hold each other while crying. That night, Thyme waits for Lita at her house.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Busaba Kik Mayurin (Voice only)
Glakao Fourth Nattawat
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Kaning Prim Chanikarn
Kavin Win Metawin
Lita Milk Pansa
MJ Nani Hirunkit
Roselyn Cindy Bishop
Ren Dew Jirawat
Talay Kay Lertsittichai
Thyme Bright Vachirawit
"The Secret Story of Iris"
Character Actor Notes
Aum Jan Ployshompoo (Debut)
Gorya Tu Tontawan
MJ Nani Hirunkit


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