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"It may not be the same. But that feeling of dislike and love, I get that too. I didn't know what it was at first. But I am sure now that no matter how much pain I feel or whatever people say, in the end, deep down, I believe in her. In the end, the girl I choose is Gorya."
Thyme to Hana

"The Glass Mask" is the fifth episode of the Thai drama, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. The episode was broadcast on January 22, 2022 on GMM 25. It was followed by the sixth episode, "The Tulip Mania," on January 29.

Photos of Gorya at a bar are spread around school and Thyme does not trust her. Hana takes advantage of his state and attempts to seduce him. Meanwhile, Gorya's red card is reinstituted causing her to be attacked by her classmates.


Thyme is infuriated when he sees photos of Gorya at a night club. She tries to tell him that she has not done anything wrong, but he does not believe her. Afterwards, Gorya calls Kaning saying that she feels that "someone is messing with [her]." Kavin and MJ also find the timing of the photos suspicious. That night, Gorya and Kaning go to the same night club but are barred because of their school uniforms. Kavin arrives and gets in easily. He begins asking a bar girl about the CCTV. His questions alert security, but he swiftly beats all of them up. The bar manager comes into the room to talk with Kavin. He is hesitant to answer his questions until Kavin threatens him with his family's power.

At another bar, Thyme drinks away his problems under MJ's watchful eye. Hana enters and approaches Thyme, giving him a spiked drink. Momentarily distracted, MJ does not see them leave. Meanwhile, Gorya spends the night at Kaning's house. She sees a post of Hana and Thyme on her phone. Kaning asks "What's the story between you and him?" Gorya confesses that feels mad at him, but also hurt. Hana, meanwhile, takes Thyme to a hotel. The next day at school, Jane destroys Gorya's desk. Jane's friend reminds her that Thyme has canceled the red card, but she remains angry at Gorya. To put the others at ease, Jane texts Thyme for permission to reinstate the red card. Posing at Thyme, Hana replies "Do it."

Wasting no time, two girls hold Gorya while Jane dumps out her things. She finds Kaning's motorbike key and throws it to her friend. The key is passed to different students, while some others find the bike and bring it to a field. Gorya tries to stop them and pushes a male student, who decides to up the ante. Meanwhile, Kavin reports his findings to MJ who tells him about Hana. They look up her student record and quickly put two and two together when Kavin remembers a girl with the same last name from their past. In the hotel room, Thyme wakes up disoriented. He ignores Hana as he opens the window and sees a Ferris wheel, reminding him of Gorya. Hana hugs him and says "Be with me," but Thyme pushes her away.

Hana reveals her past with Thyme, recounting the time he called her "ugly." From that moment on, Hana became obsessed with Thyme and eventually got plastic surgery give herself a new face. She also reveals that she was behind Gorya's problems. Thyme questions Hana, leading her to proclaim her love and hate for him. Thyme can relate to Hana's feelings, but tells her "I choose Gorya." Now desperate, she points a shard of glass at Thyme. When he refuses to choose her, Hana threatens to hurt herself. He grabs the shard and says "I'm sorry." She finally gives up his phone. At school, Kaning's motorbike is set aflame. Thyme arrives and protects Gorya from being hit by another student. He holds her and apologizes.

Thyme takes Gorya to his home to apply first aid. He reveals that he has fallen for her and continues talking, before noticing that Gorya has fallen asleep. He then rests her head on his leg. The next morning, Gorya wakes up alone. A servant gives her a new uniform and shows her a row of motorbikes. Gorya is hesitant to accept, but Thyme calls and insists since it is for her friend. Kavin then takes the phone to inform her about Hana's transfer. She races to school to say goodbye. Once Hana leaves, Gorya finds a note saying sorry. At lunch, Thyme announces that he and Gorya are now dating. She protests, but he claims that she had already agreed. As the two are fighting, Ren makes a sudden appearance.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Gorya Tu Tontawan
Hana June Wanwimol
Jane Kapook Ploynira
Kaning Prim Chanikarn
Kavin Win Metawin
MJ Nani Hirunkit
Ren Dew Jirawat
Thyme Bright Vachirawit


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Arc: Sakurako Story
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