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"What you want to see is me giving up, right? That's enough. From now on, I'll fight whatever you do. I'll never give up, not to you!"
Gorya stands up to Thyme

"The Footprint of Meteor" is the premiere episode of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. It was broadcast on December 18, 2021 on GMM 25.[1] The episode introduces the principal cast and characters. Kanaphan Puitrakul also played a guest role. The second episode followed on December 25.

Gorya's dream was to get into Kocher High School. However, everything changes because of the F4, whom are the source of all the school's bullying. One day, Gorya stands up for her friend, resulting in her getting a red card.


At Kocher High School, Gorya is approached by a new student named Hana, who asks why she is alone. Gorya explains that she is attending Kocher on an athletic scholarship and that she has a hard time talking to the other rich students. She then tells Hana that she can go talk to someone else if she wants. Hana leaves and returns shortly with food, telling Gorya "I want to be your friend." She then asks for "tips." Gorya reveals that the bullying here is "severe." The other students' phones begin going off, announcing the latest victim, Phupha, of the school's red card game. Gorya explains how the students bully the victim, eventually bringing him to an old stadium, where the F4 make their entrance.

Gorya and Hana find their way to the stadium as Thyme is confronting Phupha, who has been planning on exposing the F4. However, they have erased all of his evidence. Phupha punches Thyme, who then proceeds to hit him several times. Eventually, Phupha pleads to his fellow students that they can all stop the game together. No one stands up because, as Thyme explains, these people "want a release." Afterwards, Gorya goes up to the rooftop and yells out her frustrations. She does not notice Ren there. At work, Gorya confides in her best friend Kaning and her boss Gawao. He does not believe the F4 are that bad and looks up their backgrounds. Gorya exposes all of their bad qualities, except for Ren.

At home, Gorya's father wants to celebrate her attending Kocher. He presents their meager meal, leading Gorya to say "All of you are suffering because of me going to that school." Her family members each insist that they are proud of her and her mother explains that they are "investing in her future." Later, Gorya watches Mira's speech which inspired her to attend Kocher. Hana walks up and thanks Gorya for warning her about the F4, just before standing up and bumping into Thyme. Hana offers to have his shoes cleaned or replaced, but Thyme's anger is not assuaged. He says that he may forgive her if she licks his shoes. Gorya stands up, saying "I think it's too much" and asks him to forgive Hana.

The next day, Gorya finds a red card in her locker. She hides in the infirmary first and manages to escape before being discovered. Gorya then meets Hana, whom she assures that she can "get through this." Frightened, Hana turns away. Three girls then pour a bucket of dirty water on Gorya. She returns to the rooftop to shout again. Ren talks to her this time, but she tries to avoid him. He quickly hides her before some students see her. Gorya stays there until nighttime. As she is leaving, three boys drag her into a storage room where they try to assault her. Ren, who was there sleeping, orders them to leave her alone. Since Gorya is still scared, Ren sets off the sprinklers to make sure that the boys have left.

Gorya's mother attempts to comfort her at home, but hurts her feelings when she jokes about "handsome rich boys." At Thyme's house, a servant reveals that his mother has arrived. Over an uneasy dinner, she tells Thyme that she does not care about his "game" but insists that he "runs a tight ship." Gorya's father, meanwhile, gives her a pair of shoes from her mother. He tells her that the shoes will "take [her] to a good place," cheering her up. The next day, Gorya briefly takes off one of her shoes. A student kicks it away and so on, forcing Gorya to go to the stadium. There Thyme cuts up her shoe and throws it away. Gorya puts it back on and kicks Thyme in the chest. She then declares that she will "never give up."

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Busaba Kik Mayurin (Debut)
Gawao Pompam Niti (Debut)
Glakao Fourth Nattawat (Debut)
Gorya Tu Tontawan (Debut)
Hana June Wanwimol (Debut)
Jane Kapook Ploynira (Debut)
Kaning Prim Chanikarn (Debut)
Kavin Win Metawin (Debut)
Mira Fah Yongwaree (Flashback only)
MJ Nani Hirunkit (Debut)
Phupha First Kanaphan (Debut)
Ren Dew Jirawat (Debut)
Roselyn Cindy Bishop (Debut)
Sanchai Jeab Wachara (Debut)
Thyme Bright Vachirawit (Debut)
Yupin Mee Pisamai (Debut)


Guest roles


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Chapters covered:
Arc: Red Slip Troubles
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Cast and director at the premiere

  • The episode had a theater premiere at SF World Cinema, airing simultaneously with the television broadcast.[5] The main five actors along with Prim Chanikarn and director Patha Thongpan were present for a pre-show interview conducted by presenter Leo Saussay.[6][7]
  • The drawing of Gorya was done by Thai artist Trid Lansai. He also contributed around twenty other drawings for the series.[8][9]
  • The scene where Gorya confronts Thyme was nominated for "Best Scene" at the 2022 Kazz Awards.[10]
  • Producer Watthana Rujirojsakul has a cameo in the episode as a teacher.

  • Mira is seen on the cover of Mint, which was the first magazine to promote F4 Thailand.

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