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Teng Tang Jing (Chinese: 滕堂靜; pinyin: Téngtáng Jìng) was the only daughter of Teng Corporation's president. She was the childhood friend of the F4. Jing was especially close to Hua Ze Lei. She studied at Ying De Academy and overseas in France. Jing later abandoned her family's fortune to settle permanently in France and complete her education.


Early life[]

Jing was born in 1977[3] as the only child of the CEO of Teng Corporation.[1] Hua Ze Lei, Dao Ming Si, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo were in kindergarten, when Jing met them and became an older sister figure to them. She became particularly close to Lei, whom had social issues at the time. Jing's intervention gradually helped Lei develop social skills.[4] One of the things Jing showed Lei was to hang upside in order to stop his tears.[1]

Young adulthood[]

Jing was a student at Ying De Academy, before going to study abroad in France. While there, she participated in a beauty contest and won the title of "Miss Teen France." Jing was later selected as a spokesmodel for Air France.[4]

Pursuing her dreams[]


Jing makes her announcement at her party

"Your business empire is not mine. I want to carve out my own career and fulfill my own dreams. From now on, I'll stop playing doll to Teng Corporation. Gorgeous dresses and beautiful hairstyles are not important to me. From now on, I want to be myself."
—Jing decides to pursue her dreams[src]

Upon arrival in Taiwan, Jing greeted the F4 at Ying De before going to a bar. Lei was quiet for a while and finally admitted that he was bothered by Jing's modelling photos. She was happy about his concern. The next day after lunch, Lei protected a girl, Dong Shan Cai, from some bullies which angered Si. Jing brought Shan Cai to the girls' room to help her clean her face. She speculated on whether Lei liked Shan Cai, who strongly denied it.[4] For spring break, Jing accompanied the F4 on a cruise. She helped Shan Cai get ready for the party held that night. The next night, Jing questioned Lei on whether he had feelings for Shan Cai. Lei accused her of "toying" with him, before kissing her. After a while, Lei asked "Why aren't you bothered at all?". She assured him that "some things just happen naturally."[5]

On her twenty-fourth birthday, Jing announced her plans to return to France to complete her doctorate in law. She wanted to "serve the poor for the rest of [her] life" and to no longer be the "doll" of her father's company. The next day, Shan Cai tried to convince Jing to stay for Lei's sake. Jing, however, had made up her mind and Shan Cai eventually understood her feelings. Shan Cai and the F4, excluding Lei, said goodbye to her at the airport.[1] Shortly after returning to France, Jing was joined by Lei. They lived in Paris together. Jing soon became busy with school and her part-time job at a law firm. Lei was often left alone and eventually decided to go back to Taiwan, despite still loving Jing. At the time, there were rumors about Jing's engagement to a Frenchman.[6] It was later reported that they broke up.[7]

Reunited in Barcelona[]

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Physical appearance[]

Being a model, Jing was generally considered beautiful by most people. She won a beauty contest while studying in France. Shan Cai described her as pretty, pointing out her "doll"-like eyebrows and good complexion.[4] Jing had long, dark brown hair. At her birthday party, Jing cut off most of hair to show her determination in abandoning her rich lifestyle. She subsequently styled it in a short bob.

Personality and traits[]

Jing was noted for being smart and talented, knowing how to play five kinds of instruments and holding a navigation license.[4] Additionally, she was known as a kind and generous person. She easily made friends due to her approachability. Unlike some of her wealthy peers, Jing made no distinction between people of different socioeconomic classes. In fact, her privileged status in life made her feel like a "doll." Jing gave up her wealthy lifestyle in favor of carving out her own path in life. A strong and determined person, she stood firm on her decisions after making up her mind.


Her surname, Teng Tang (滕堂), is made up of two characters. The first character (滕) is a Chinese surname; it is similar to the first character in her manga character's surname.[9] The second character (堂) means "room," "hall," etc. It is also the same as the second character in her counterpart's surname.[10] Her given name, Jing (靜), means "quiet" or "silent." It is an alternative form of the character used in her manga counterpart's given name.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

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