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"I have been the head of housekeeping in this mansion for 60 years. You remember the final words of your father-in-law, don't you? You were to take care of me until the day I breathe my last breath."
—Tama stands up to Kaede Domyoji[src]

Tama (タマ () ) was the head housekeeper at the Domyoji family's residence in Tokyo, Japan, though she had authority in their other homes as well. She was extremely loyal to the family, which later extended to Tsukushi Makino. Tama fully supported her relationship with Tsukasa Domyoji, despite his mother's fierce opposition to it.


Early life

Young Tama with her husband

As a young woman, Tama married her husband who worked at city hall. He died in war when Tama was nineteen. Sometime after his death, her house burned down and the rest of her family died. Tama began "wandering aimlessly" until she was found by Domyoji. He brought her to work at his home. Feeling grateful, Tama decided to dedicate her life to working for the Domyoji family. Domyoji's dying words were for his family to take care of Tama until her death.[1]

Old age

Tama watched the Domyoji family grow as the current head was born and eventually married Kaede. The house became more lively when Tsubaki and Tsukasa were born.[1] When Tsukasa was a child, Tama took special care of him as his parents were usually away. One day, while he was sick, Tsukasa asked if his parents cared about him. Though she insisted they did, Tsukasa pointed out that she was the only one there for him. To comfort him, Tama presented him with a stuffed rabbit bought by Kaede.[2] Gradually, Tama felt that the home "lost all its warmth." Tsukasa became violent and was unable to be stopped. His parents simply hushed up the incidents.[1]

Meeting Tsukushi

Tama stands up to Kaede for Tsukushi

"This house has changed completely since I retired a year ago. Mrs. Domyoji has become much more irritable. The biggest change, though, is in Master Tsukasa. When I worked here, he never smiled when he was at home. It's the first time I've seen him so happy since he was in elementary school. It's because of you, isn't it?"
—Tama to Tsukushi[src]

Tama had retired from her duties as head maid for nearly a year when Kaede made a request for her to return. Her reasons being that "discipline was poor." Tama dutifully returned to her old job and was as strict as ever, firing five servants in a single month. Tsukushi Makino was invited to stay at the house by Tsubaki. She only wanted to stay if she could work for her keep. Overhearing this, Tama declared "I think that's a fine idea, Miss" and agreed to train her. She later decided to make Tsukushi Tsukasa's personal maid.[3] Tsukushi was not happy with the appointment and asked to do "anything else." Tama refused to change her mind and declared "I am the law here." In the morning, Tama stopped three servants from waking Tsukasa up and ordered Tsukushi to do it instead.[4]

That afternoon, she supervised Tsukushi doing her job and became cross with her for being distracted. For dinner, Tama picked out a dress for Tsukushi to wear since she was going to eat with Tsukasa. Afterwards, she asked Tama to play cards with her but she declined.[5] The next morning, Tama thought that Tsukushi was sleeping in and went to go wake her. She was surprised to find her awake and finished with her work. Tama said "Has she finally decided to put her mind to it?"[6] A couple days later, Tsukushi did not show up for work after school. In the morning, Tama went to her room to check on her though she did not voice her worries. Tsukushi apologized to her, to which Tama responded "So long as you know." She then asked Tama to wake up Tsukasa instead of her, earning a glare in response.[7]

Sometime later, Kaede returned home and discovered Tsukushi there. Tama revealed that Tsukushi was Tsukasa's personal maid.[8] Kaede became angry, demanding to know why Tama allowed Tsukushi to live there. She stopped Kaede from forcing Tsukushi to leave by reminding her of her promise to her father-in-law. Afterwards, she brought Tsukushi to her room. Tama talked about the past and credited her with changing Tsukasa. She then told her of her plan for Tsukushi to have Tsukasa's baby.[1] The next night, she noticed that Tsukushi had not come home and learned that Kaede had left. Tama then discovered a goodbye note in Tsukushi's room. Outside, she watched her break up with Tsukasa. When Tama saw Tsukushi crying, she said "Such a lie you told the young master" as she also shed tears.[9]

After Tsukushi leaves

Tama offered to accompany Tsukushi, but she refused. Crying, she scolded Tsukushi for "decid[ing] everything by [her]self," despite her and Tsukasa promising to protect her.[10] Tama then tried to give her her salary. Tsukushi refused it as well, saying "You took care of me and fed me. I can't take money on top of that."[11] A few days later, Tama served tea to Tsubaki who had just returned home. They both were thinking of Tsukushi. Tsubaki asked about her brother and if he had returned to "his wild ways." Tama confirmed it, stating "Things have heated up again."[12] Sometime later, Tsukasa asked Tama about his cousin. She was surprised that he knew of him.[13] Tama then told Tsukasa about his cousin being essentially abandoned by his parents. She had no idea of his current circumstances.[14]

A few days later, Tsukasa pestered Tama to tell him where his cousin lived. She agreed to take him after forcing him to try and ask nicely. Tsubaki told her "You're much too soft on Tsukasa," but Tama felt that "[they] should be there for him." At Tsukasa's insistence, they traveled on the train.[15] Tama was overjoyed to see Kiyonaga Narumiya again. She confessed that she had "always worried" about him and was relieved to see him doing fine. Tsukasa then suddenly began pulling Kiyonaga's cheeks. Tama and Tsubaki yelled at him to stop. Tsukasa had evidently thought he was someone else.[16] A couple days later, Tsubaki asked Tama if she knew that Tsukushi loved Tsukasa. They mutually decided not to tell him. He walked in a moment later. When Tsubaki called him a "fool," Tama was surprised by his remaining calm.[17]

Several days later, Tsubaki stormed into the house after being away for some time. She demanded to see Tama, who revealed that the secret police were there to prevent Tsukasa from leaving at night. Tama then showed Tsubaki the room Tsukasa had been staying in lately. However, it was empty since he had snuck out.[18]

Physical appearance

When she was a young woman, Tama was considered pretty. She had short, dark brown hair. Tama's hair turned into a grey, brown color as she got older. She developed wrinkles on her face and was often stooped over, likely meaning she had a bad back.

Personality and traits

As the head housekeeper, Tama was generally strict with her subordinates. For example, she fired five servants for not being up to her standards. Tama showed kindness mostly towards Tsukasa and Tsubaki, whom she taken care of since they were children. She became fond of Tsukushi when she worked under her as a maid.

Behind the scenes

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Character notes


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  • In Meteor Garden (2001), Angie Tang plays a version of Tama, called Ms. Yu. Her background is identical to her manga counterpart. She supports Si (Tsukasa) and Shan Cai (Tsukushi) being together.

Sumie Sasaki as Tama



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