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Taku: "Let me explain!"
Haruto: "This school has no need for peasants."
— Taku is forced to leave Eitoku[src]

Taku Komatsubara (小松原 折 (こまつばら たく) Komatsubara Taku) was a former student at Eitoku Academy. The Correct 5 forced him to quit, after he failed to pay his tuition for two semesters. Taku transferred to Eitoku's rival, Momonozono Academy.


Early life[]

Taku was born on September 1, 2001.[1]

High school[]

At Eitoku Academy, he was in class 2-D with Oto Edogawa, Kyoko Hattori, and Asami Kanda. Around 2017, his father's company was not faring well, which left Taku unable to pay his tuition. The C5 eventually found this out and handed him a withdrawal form, despite Taku's pleadings that he would pay in six months. He tried to plead his case one more time, but Sugimaru Eibi stopped him. Taku was devastated.[1] Later, he transferred to Momonozono Academy, Eitoku's rival. One day, Taku saw Haruto at Momonozono and announced loudly "C5 is here". As a crowd of students to gathered, Taku stood next to Jin Konoe. The students looked ready to fight the C5, until Tenma Hase stopped them.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Taku was a young adult with above-average looks. His black was short and his bangs were swept away from his face. He was first seen wearing his Eitoku uniform and later his Momonozono uniform.

Personality and traits[]

During his early high school years, he was secretive due to his father's company failing. He was able to keep it a secret for a long time, before being found out. After he transferred to Momonozono, Taku held a grudge against Haruto who forced him to leave Eitoku.

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